ATK Package Security Windows Update for ASUS Notebook PCs

ATK Package

ATK Package

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    ATK Package 1.0.0061 LATEST

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    Marian Marinescu

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    Windows 10 (64-bit)

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    Asus / External Link

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ATK Package is a driver utility intended for users of ASUS  notebooks, laptops, and desktop PCs who want to take full advantage of unique hardware capabilities that are shipped in PC configurations of this famous manufacturer. Among other drivers and software utilities, this package can be used to enable basic functionalities such as FN keys and other hotkeys and shortcuts that are commonly used by laptop users.

Other internal hardware components that can be enabled by installing this driver package are keyboard lights, built-in touchpad, on-screen displays and overlays, ambient sensors, microphones, webcams, and more. In addition to internal built-in hardware, drivers present in this package can also enable propper detection, communication, and usage of various external accessories, power management presets, optimization for GPU usage in games, creative and productivity apps, and so much more. For advanced users, this package also introduces a comprehensive overclocking utility that can extract more power from your existing hardware.

To ensure that users are satisfied with this system utility, developers from ASUS have ensured that all services present inside this app is running silently in the background, using a minimal amount of resources. However be aware, ATK package does not feature a unified application that will manage all your devices and provide an easy way to access software services. Instead, this utility comes as a packed archive that will install on your system-wide variety of drivers and mini-applications that users have to install or activate manually.

Drivers come in their archives that can be installed or manually infused into OS via Device Manager “Driver Update” tool, while apps come as standalone Exe files that can be used at will.

ATK Package is 100% FREE and is optimized for use on modern versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7 and newer. If some of the drivers and apps found in this package cause error message, uninstall them and install newer versions that are offered by ASUS.