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Download Bootstrap Studio 5.5.1

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What's new in this version:

Bootstrap Studio 5.1.1
- Bootstrap was updated to 4.5.0
- Google Fonts can now be limited to specific pages. Just right click the font in the Design panel and choose "Visibility.."

- Minor bugfixes

Bootstrap Studio 5.1.0
- Bootstrap Studio now has a Command Palette! Press Ctrl+P (Cmd+P) and access commands, create files, switch between pages and insert components with an emmet-like syntax
- Include CSS and JS files only on specific pages. Just right click the css/js file and choose Visibility.
- The HTML5 Picture element was added as a component

- Component Copy and Paste options were organized in a convenient menu
- The color picker now understands hex alpha colors
- Table cells can be forced to th with a new sidebar option

- Lots of bugfixes

Bootstrap Studio 5.0.3
- A new "Find in Design Panel" option was added to Image context menus

- "On" event attributes can now be added in the attributes panel

- Fixed a bug which caused the Preview to load slowly for some designs.
- Auto suggestions for CSS class names now show up correctly.
- Addressed a problem with incorrect carousel slides being displayed in some cases.
- Fixed an issue with the Page Properties dialog being inaccessible in some designs.

Bootstrap Studio 5.0.2
- Restored missing ionicons
- Selections now work correctly in the class name and attribute fields
- Resolved an issue which prevented the app from running on some Linux distros

Bootstrap Studio 5.0.1
- Fixed a bug which prevented SASS from compiling on Windows
- Resolved an issue which caused import/browse dialogs to not open in some cases
- Text navigation shortcuts for moving to the start/end of words work correctly
- CSS is now selectable

Bootstrap Studio 5.0.0
- You can now edit JS, CSS, SASS and Custom Code in external editors like Visual Studio, Sublime Text and more. Just right click and choose "Open In".
- You can convert between paragraphs and headings, divs and sections and more with the new "Change to" option
- A new Fit to Canvas option was added to give more real estate to your work area
- You can now Show/Hide components from the page helping you iterate on your designs

- The start screen was redesigned. You can see many more designs at once and search through them
- Added Sub & Sup components
- Bootstrap was updated to 4.4.1 and support for row-cols was added
- The SASS compiler is now built in and always available, obviating the need for a separate helper utility
- The update system was reworked, and you can choose whether to update automatically or postpone updates from Settings
- The icon fonts in the app were updated to the latest available versions
- The Bootstrap Theme dropdown in Settings now shows a visual preview
- Support for Webp images was added
- Duplicating elements now generates unique IDs

- Bugfixes and other small improvements

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