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BullGuard Internet Security

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Download BullGuard Internet Security 21.0.385.9

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    BullGuard Internet Security 21.0.385.9 LATEST

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    BullGuard Team / BullGuard Internet Security

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BullGuard Internet Security delivers the best security tools to simply protect you from all online threats: Award-winning technology with multiple protection layers for superior virus catch rates - as testified by independent labs and elegantly simple interface makes management of your security easy. BullGuard Internet Security keeps you secure online!

Note: As BullGuard and Norton are now part of one company, BullGuard products and services have transitioned to Norton.

Norton 360 Deluxe can be used on multiple devices and also includes:

  • Secure VPN
  • Password Manager
  • Smart Firewall
  • 100% Virus Protection Promise
  • 2GB of PC Cloud Backup
  • Parental Control
  • School Time

Features and Highlights

Simple and secure installation
BullGuard Internet Security inspects your system prior to installation, removes any active malware, and adapts to your system specifications. This process ends with a check to ensure the very latest virus definitions are installed. In no time, the program is running in the background ensuring your system is healthy and secured against any threats.
Refreshingly easy to use
Managing your security couldn’t be any easier. The all-new design of Internet Security makes it child’s play. Each feature has its own module panel. You simply click for the desired action and it happens automatically, whether it’s a quick scan, backing up files, or PC tune-up. All the modules are on one page so you can see at-a-glance your PC's security status. And if you want to do a little deeper management, with one click you are taken through to the relevant area.

At-a-glance updates
Protect your computer from unwanted hackers and identity thieves. The Firewall protects you against network attacks and prevents cyber crooks from entering your system.

Total protection. Effectively stops all malware from reaching your computer.
Malware comes in all shapes and disguises. And the app behavioral detection technology stops it in its tracks. It provides multi-layered defenses for your PC that are virtually impenetrable. As a matter of course it keeps out viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware, scareware, and other malicious programs so you can rest assured you are always protected. And it is constantly being refined. New improved enhancements include stronger protection against stealthy rootkits to stop your computer from being remotely monitored. It also provides protection against pernicious ransomware so you’ll never fall victim to cyber blackmail.

Unwanted applications. Stop them before they take control.
Some programs contain adware, they install toolbars and modify your system settings. They're not malicious like trojans or worms but they can change your browser settings, alter your home page, and direct you to another search engine by default. The tool's unwanted app tool flags up these programs and stops them from changing your settings.

Powerful Parental Control. Protect without nagging.
BullGuard Parental Control is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you protect your children online. You can block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, limit your kids’ time online, monitor their activity, and even block certain applications. It helps to keep your children safe from cyberbullying and stops them from being exposed to inappropriate content. New improved features also add extra protection; if the child tries to bypass the rules that you’ve set, you will get a notification and you can also put in place controls that stop them from sharing private information such as your address.

Advanced Backup. Easily back up, recover, and share files.
"We’ve included 5GB of FREE online storage so you can keep your important data, photos, music, and more safe". You can choose what you want to back up and how often, or just set the feature to auto backup. You can even back up content directly from folders with one click. And here’s more: your back-up data is easily accessible whenever you want to view it or restore it to another computer or even your smartphone.

Firewall. Keep out, intruders.
Protect your computer from unwanted hackers and identity thieves with this first line of defense. The firewall protects you against network attacks and prevents cyber crooks from entering your system.

Spamfilter. No spam. No scam.
The app Spamfilter keeps out junk mail and email scams, like phishing attempts, virus spreading, and foreign language spam. You can also customize filters to block emails you don’t want to receive.

Safe Browsing. All web sites checked.
Some websites have malicious code hidden in them. Or they are used to launch phishing attacks. The protection software checks the websites that come up in your searches and lets you know which ones are safe and cautions you about those that can’t be trusted.

PC TuneUp. Keep your PC running smoothly and fast.
You'll never have to wait again to get your computer up and running. Bull Guard's PC TuneUp removes unnecessary files and frees up memory so your computer runs faster. Boot Manager lets you see what applications are running when you start the computer. It tells you which ones you don’t need so you can disable them and gain a lightning-fast startup. A new feature has also been incorporated; Cleanup Helper. It allows you to easily free up space on your disk so everything runs smoother and faster. It tells you which files you don’t need and how much space they are taking up. It also identifies files that have been duplicated so you can remove them.
Game On. No interruptions.
Most security software reduces gaming performance and requires a special “Game Mode” to be activated while you’re playing. The app solves this performance problem intelligently, letting you enjoy gaming at full throttle but still ensuring unparalleled security on all levels.

Vulnerability Scanner. Keep your PC in good health.
Checks your computer for out-dated software that hackers and viruses can exploit to gain access to your system, damage it, or steal personal information. Once this software is flagged up it can then be removed.

Note: 60 days trial version.

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