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Cakewalk by BandLab

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Cakewalk by BandLab

  -  66.2 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version

    Cakewalk by BandLab 2022.11 LATEST

  • Review by

    Sophia Jones

  • Operating System

    Windows 8 (64-bit) / Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11

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  • Author / Product

    BandLab Technologies / External Link

  • Filename

    BandLab Assistant Setup 10.2.0.exe

Cakewalk by BandLab is the new standard for the modern recording studio. Fueled by over 30 years in the relentless pursuit of innovation. The creative experience only SONAR offered: advanced technology, effortless workflow, and an interface that amplifies inspiration. The most complete music production software for Windows PC. Cakewalk by BandLab and all its world-leading features are available free-to-download via the BandLab Assistant client for Windows - your central hub on your desktop for your musical creative process.

Navigate your projects with the award-winning fully customizable Skylight Interface. Enjoy unlimited Audio, MIDI, Instrument, Loop, and Auxiliary Tracks in every project. Experience the industry-best audio engine, VST3, Touch, and all the leading technologies. Whether you’re a songwriter, producer, or composer, Cakewalk by BandLab has the instruments you need to build your production from the ground up.

For tracking, mixing, or mastering, with FX ranging from the essential to the unique, It has you covered. Designed to emulate the layout of an analog console, build and upgrade your channel strip with an expandable library of ProChannel modules ranging from convolution reverb, resonant filtering, dynamic compression, and powerful EQ to tape and console emulation, peak limiting, and tube saturation.

Features and Highlights

Easily compose complete songs and performances with creative songwriting tools and instruments.

Capture inspired performances with pristine quality and unlimited audio and MIDI tracks.

Fix mistakes, arrange parts, and manipulate pitch, time, and any other aspect of your recordings.

Achieve pristine pro-studio sounds and create big, clear, dynamic mixes with advanced mixing tools.

Polish your finished mixes to perfection with built-in mastering tools.

Export and publish your songs directly to YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and more.

64-bit Mix Engine
The first to offer this precision audio technology, SONAR's advanced 64-bit mix engine delivers clean, dynamic, accurate mixes every time.

Never worry about signal degradation again. You can always be sure your plug-ins are outputting the highest quality audio possible.

VST3 Support
SONAR supports the most stable, accurate, and efficient plug-in format for Windows machines so you can use more FX and synths in your project.

Another industry first, SONAR’s compatibility with touch devices adds analog feel and workflow-enhancing efficiency.

Windows 10
"Compatibility comes standard. We’re always on top of the game, ensuring support on all the most current Windows platforms."

ARA Support
Harness the power of Audio Random Access for seamless integration of powerful and modern editing tools.

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What's new in this version:

Cakewalk by BandLab 2022.11
Enhancements in Update 1:
- Quick group support for track effect bin Delete command
- Delete All now available in effect bin menus
- Improved app startup and shutdown performance when running on local network without internet or with a slow internet connection
- Improved project load performance
- Show Clip Stretch amount to 2 decimal places

Fixes in Update 1:
- Crash when quick group bypassing FX Chains when other effects are in the bin
- Don't require SHIFT for quick-group recursing FX Chains, if you're invoking from an effect already within ProChannel FX Chain
- Quick group delete (CTRL+SHIFT) FX Chains across multiple tracks fails to remove the plugin instance in the other track FX chains
- Quick group replace/delete (CTRL+SHIFT) effect from track effects bin should also affect ProChannel FX chain
- Quick Group insert FX into ProChannel FX Rack inserts into track bin instead
- Additional support for quick grouping in FX Chains
- Incorrect plugin menu behavior
- ProChannel can be empty after inserting a new audio track

- Replace audio effect from track/bus effect bin context menu. Supports quick grouping to replace all instances of the same effect in all selected tracks/buses.
- Improved MIDI clip controller rendering. MIDI controller events are now drawn darker and behind note events in MIDI clips. You can also show/hide controller events by clicking the Track view View menu and selecting Display > Show MIDI Controller Events.
- Navigate to Arranger sections via context menu. You can right-click the Show/Hide Arranger Inspector button to access a list of all sections in the active Arranger track. This allows you to quickly navigate to sections without having to open the Arranger inspector.
- Some VST plugins can lead to stuck notes after playback stop. You can now optionally send a 'Send All Notes Off' message to all VST plugins on transport stop by enabling Send All-Notes-Off Messages on Stop in Edit > Preferences > File - VST Settings.
- Option to enable/disable MMCSS for ASIO drivers. Cakewalk excludes ASIO drivers from MMCSS mode by default, to avoid problems with certain devices. To enable MMCSS for ASIO drivers, select Enable MMCSS for ASIO Driver in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording.
- Performance improvement in WASAPI mode. When MMCSS is enabled, the main audio thread now runs in MMCSS mode when driver model is WASAPI. This should improve performance a bit when running onboard audio devices in WASAPI shared mode.
- Quick group support for track/bus effect bins, including Bypass, Delete Effect, and individual effect bypass
- Performance module tooltip shows audio thread priority

- Drag and drop of audio from track with patch point crashes
- Crash when trying to open project with incomplete event archive (audio events with no filename saved)
- Crash deleting instrument track with Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra
- Application can crash on load with certain track templates
- Crash when undoing the deletion of an aux track
- Loading a project while another one was open could result in incorrect tempo being displayed in tempo track
- Regression: Mono hardware outputs always output as stereo
- Tracks sourced from aux track L/R/S always show a stereo record meter when armed
- Second export of Mix Recall tasks has unexpected error
- Previous MIDI loop takes can be heard during comping and/or Auto Punch+Mute Previous Takes
- Overlapping Arranger sections when moving section with overwrite on empty project
- Opening a project that is already open causes the document modified state to be cleared and re-initializes the open project
- Bouncing with selected aux tracks alone doesn't automatically include sources routed to the aux track, leading to silent output
- Now time should not be set during Arranger move/resize operations during playback
- Clip Map fails to draw correctly on AudioSnap clips
- Offset tempo map loses resolution
- Undo delete effect doesn't restore MIDI Input enabled state
- Orphaned envelope cannot be reassigned after replacing effect
- Envelopes are orphaned after undoing track effect bin Delete Effect
- Regression: Track Inspector flickers and draws after the main app window is drawn when opening a project
- Browser collapsed state fails to persist when opening project
- Browser width not restored correctly after expanding
- Incorrect docked view order after project load
- Control Bar appears cut off when switching back from a new workspace
- MultiDock draws incorrectly, and views do not open after opening certain projects
- MultiDock not restored to maximized after expanding

Cakewalk by BandLab 2022.09
- Mono inputs from Patch Points and Aux Tracks are now properly handled
- The minimum project loop length has been reduced to 1/128th note (30 ticks)
- Integrated zplane élastique Pro audio stretching and pitch shifting has been updated to version 3.4.0 with bug fixes and performance enhancements
- The application is now built using the latest Microsoft tools that include some minor compile time fixes and optimizations
- The application signature has been refreshed to remove dependencies with Symantec certificates, and all DLL files and themes installed by the application are now signed to prevent unexpected quarantining by antivirus programs at install time or runtime

- Improved responsiveness of the application on stopping transport with large projects, since the MIDI All Notes Off message is no longer sent to VST plugins
- ProChannel modules no longer receive unnecessary MIDI data

- Application UI is not shown after 'Almost done...' message when opening projects containing certain plugins
- Occasional heap corruption on deleting synth tracks
- 'Nudge by snap' uses Landmarks even with Snap to Landmarks button disabled
- Regression - unable to use automation shelf tool after making time ruler selection
- Set Measure/Beat As Now creates duplicate nodes at the end of the tempo envelope
- Export presets do not recall custom sample rate
- Export module shows inaccurate elapsed time for selection
- The ampersand character (&) behaves incorrectly in the track inspector's Description text box
- Simple Instrument Tracks cause incorrect track numbers when exporting audio

Cakewalk by BandLab 2022.06
- Automatically extend final take when loop recording in Comping mode.
- Option to automatically extend final take when punch recording.
- Mackie control surface improvements, including performance enhancements and optional Universal and Cubase emulation modes that can be used if your control surface does not provide a dedicated Cakewalk/SONAR mode.
- Option to open parent track folder when changing track focus.
- Key binding to render Region FX.
- Support for local help.
- Cakewalk will now install to ARM64 PCs running Windows 11 for ARM.
- In-app update improvements, including in-app download of optional content that was previously only available from either BandLab Assistant or the Cakewalk Web installer (Studio Instruments Suite, Drum Replacer, Melodyne trial, Theme Editor, and demo projects).

- Hang when trying to sign in to BandLab
- Guard against crashes with toast notifications
- Crash if attempting to export to non-existing drive
- Prevent Cakewalk from attempting to export directly to a CD/DVD drive
- Export fails when path does not exist when format is not set to WAV
- Empty Export Folders not removed on app exit when exporting different file types or source categories
- Show prompt when export path is invalid
- Cakewalk External Controller API problem causing Cakewalk GUI to freeze
- External encoder presets not being picked up / stored properly
- Flushing during bounce occurs with plugins on buses that are not part of the signal chain
- Cakewalk should disable the options for Audio to MIDI conversion if Melodyne is not installed
- Muting Melodyne clip in take lanes causes clip to disappear
- Export Arranger sections not working properly when project has locked clips
- Resizing Arranger sections should be able to snap to other sections
- Committed arrangement off by 1 tick / losing first note
- Corrupt tempo map when CTRL+drag copy section with only one tempo present
- Tempo track wiped after drag copy section in user project
- Incorrect tempo at beginning of committed arrangement in user project
- WarnSilentBuses config setting should default to off
- Shelf tool does not work with multiple clips in the same lane
- Null pointer when trying to drag move range selection
- Unable to enter '+' character for markers when using non-US keyboard
- Move To Folder context menu command moves tracks in incorrect order
- Track Folder echo button status incorrect when active track is an audio track
- Process > Length crops MIDI stream when < 100% and ignores the duration of Hairpin and Articulation Map events

Cakewalk by BandLab 2022.02
- [Export Audio dialog] The last used custom export path now persists with the project.
- [Export Audio dialog] CTRL+click the file path button to reset path to the default.
- You can now optionally specify if track folders should automatically expand when moving a track into them. To do so, click the Track view 'Options' menu and select 'Expand Folder after Moving to Folder'.
- The following new path has been added to the default VST scan locations: %LOCALAPPDATA%/Programs/Common/VST3/. This path is recommended as part of the VST3 specification in order to facilitate using plug-ins on systems without Admin rights as well as to support multiple users on the same PC.
- 'Mute [UnMute] all tracks', 'Solo [UnSolo] all tracks', and 'Arm [UnArm] all tracks' can now be assigned to keyboard shortcuts in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts.

- Crash when Paste Special into existing clips using MIDI clips on empty track
- Crash when saving track template with multiple subfolders
- Crash when importing track template with invalid folder hierarchy
- Melodyne crashes after copying clip
- When doing an Entire Mix export with a selection range, the selection range is being ignored when calculating the estimated file size
- Track folders that only contain subfolders do not display correctly
- Export Path changes unexpectedly after save
- Open Export Folder opens incorrect folder after saving project
- Folder +/- incorrect after drag move to folder
- Track templates do not save folder hierarchy unless there is a track at each level
- Track template inserts incorrectly when inserted from track within folder
- Cannot use shelf tool to drag to max if folder is above current track
- Insert Instrument missing from folder context menu
- Drag drop tracks/folders should force a left drag gesture when dragging under a collapsed folder
- Recording over top of Melodyne clip does not display correct clip in comp track
- Browser fails to show categories with non-alphanumeric characters
- What's New link in toast notifications should not close toast
- Articulation description not shown in Event List view if it's too long
- Replace Synth should show the synth plug-in UI
- Delete Track/Bus menu items should be grayed out from Console view context menus during record
- Arrangement preview should be blocked when recording
- Solo button grouping not working with Simple Instrument Tracks
- Unable to change outputs for multiple instrument tracks with quick group
- Multichannel PCM Wave Files fail to import in projects with different sample rates
- Dragging in a track template without an open project results in corrupt project
- Mono sends are not retained when reopening project
- Remove Silence removes clip name
- 'Cannot Read File' error when importing user MIDI files with bad track counts
- Ripple Edit All does not work as expected with Meter/Key changes
- Event Inspector can cause clip to move when aborting start time edit
- Gluing MIDI notes with concurrent controllers selected deletes the controllers
- MIDI Sysx saved as bank, ignoring settings
- [REGRESSION] Tab to Notes in Piano Roll view stops working after Set Measure/Beat At Now
- Delete Hole fails to ripple Tempo Track if not explicitly selected
- Aux Track not dimmed with dim solo
- Editing project while waveforms being built causes process to restart
- VST3 bus activation sequence in Cakewalk causes side effects in certain JUCE plugins
- ProChannel PC76 fails to load UI in user project
- Plug-in automation node not read correctly during loop in user project
- Initial/Reset VST sandbox scans fail to populate menus and shows zero plug-ins scanned
- ARA capable plugins fail to work properly when inserted via an FX Rack

Cakewalk by BandLab 2021.12
- Crash loading export task settings
- Crash if wildcard left in place when adding path
- Hang on project load with user project
- Fix for JBridge crash when flushing plug-ins
- Guard against crash/hang with sample counts going negative

- Export task fails with no meaningful message if drive or path is invalid
- Export fails to render Radius stretched clips unless a time range is explicitly selected
- Export as MIDI File should not show audio track warning message
- Filename incorrect when recalling task with period in filename
- Regression: Audio export path not immediately updated on project save

Export Audio dialog:
- Add keyboard navigation support
- Using space bar to update multiple selection items doesn't update range dropdown
- Selection flyout not updating Time Range dropdown
- Mouse wheel scrolling skips rows in 'Tracks/Buses in Project' list
- Inconsistent selection recall on Export Task recall
- Expand width of Export Multiple Files
- Task queue panel should limit its height to queue size + 1

- Preferences Categories illegible in High Contrast mode in Windows
- Expose Arranger, Export Audio dialog, and Tempo track to Help Module
- Folder colors / original folder ordering not restored on Undo Delete Folder
- Destination folder should expand when moving tracks
- Click on Folder comp clip not selecting all tracks
- Folders missing "Move to Track Folder" in Context Menu when single folder present
- CTRL + click folder color bar should change color for all folder contents
- Track range selection does not work as expected with folders
- Lasso select within Clips View selects all articulations
- Fixed accessibility/screen reader support in several menus (eg plug-in menus)
- Add Subfolders count to top folder stats - added read-only stats for immediate sub-folder count
- Unable to edit tempo change time in Tempo Inspector
- Track Manager fails to open from Console view if project contains folders with nothing but empty sub-folders
- Archive button not showing tri state on folders

Cakewalk by BandLab 2021.09
Export Enhancements:
- An intuitive new export UI designed to streamline workflow and make it easier to get to the most commonly used features
- Task queues for batch exporting
- Use attribute tags to construct filenames for exported audio files
- New additional export source categories: Tracks Through Entire Mix, Track Folders, and Arranger Sections
- Convenient access to track selection and mute/solo tracks directly from the Export Audio dialog box
- Default ‘Export Audio Files’ folder path
- Improvements to handling of export for aux tracks and tracks with sidechains
- Automatic effects tail flushing during export/bounce
- Toast notification with link to open export location. Upon export completion, a toast notification appears with a link to open the export location in Windows Explorer
- When exporting multiple files as MP3 or Windows Media Advanced Streaming (WMA) format, the Export Options dialog box has a new ‘Use These Settings for All’ option that lets you apply the same settings to all files instead of prompting for each file.

Misc. Enhancements:
- Improved AudioSnap transient detection. The default transient detection algorithm has been greatly improved to more accurately detect audio transients in a variety of source material. Select among three transient detection methods.
- Updated Bounce to Track(s) dialog box. The Bounce to Tracks(s) dialog box has been redesigned similar to the Export Audio dialog box.
- Mackie Control revspread VPot DataType
- ASIO driver compatibility checking. If an incompatible ASIO driver is detected, Cakewalk will offer to switch the driver mode to WASAPI.
- Allow multiple MIDI files to be dragged into a project simultaneously

- Export uses significantly less memory and runs faster
- Optimizations to speed up project loading with projects containing high track counts
- Bounce to clip is faster

- Crash Freezing Track with synth in project
- Crash when bouncing with sidechain FX
- Crash exporting user project as OMF
- Crash when cloning track with synth envelopes
- Aim Assist draws incorrectly after collapsing/expanding MultiDock
- Arm Tracks command arms hidden audio track in Instrument tracks
- Aim Assist can appear unexpectedly when turned off
- Selection module does not automatically update display after setting display times to SMPTE
- Process slide not sliding some track envelopes
- Paste Special behaves unexpectedly when combining Paste to One Track and Paste Into Existing Clips
- When the Snap module set to Measure or any value below that in the list, the Snap Value drop box fails to turn snap on/off
- Save Copy As MIDI interferes with project cwp save
- Last File 1-4 key bindings are all linked unexpectedly
- Unable to copy/paste multiple Arranger tracks between projects
- Modal message boxes do not always disable the main app window
- Cannot copy special selection with tempos from SONAR to Cakewalk

Cakewalk by BandLab 2021.08
New features:
Improved VST3 support:
- Support for VST3’s new MIDI CC learn functionality. This is used by any VST3 plug-ins that utilize MIDI learn from CCs.
- VST audio buses (inputs/outputs) are now disabled by default and enabled on demand based on which tracks utilize the buses. With instruments that have many outputs this can save memory and CPU.
- Added support for IPlugInterfaceSupport and IProcessContextRequirements and IComponentHandlerBusActivation
- Improved input/output port naming for hardware and software ports:
- In Cakewalk all ports are grouped into stereo pairs of channels. In order to make it easier to associate these pairs with the physical channels exposed by the hardware or virtual instrument, the port naming conventions have been improved.
- Audio and soft synth input and output ports now include a channel number prefix before the port name.
- Additionally, port names now always show the actual names of the referenced channels. (previously only the first channel name would be shown). Since many instruments have different names for channels or even dynamic names, the channel index can be used to identify a specific instrument output more easily.
- When using user defined device names (Use friendly names to represent audio drivers) you can now specify both the left and right channels in the stereo pair by using the pipe symbol “|” to delimit the channel names. For example, entering a friendly name of “Guitar|Voice” may show 1: Guitar, 2: Voice, 1+2: Guitar + Voice in the menus.
- Port names have been shortened to skip the device vendor name for greater legibility in the Track view, Console view and Inspector. The tooltip for the name will show the full form of the name.
- Port names are no longer compacted. With the smarter port naming, in most cases there should be no need to use friendly names to shorten the strings, unless you wish to use instrument names for the ports.
- Edit Filter values and MIDI channels are no longer compacted, which makes it easier to read parameter names in most cases
- In the Console view Hardware Outs section, hardware out names now show channel indexes as well as channel names in ASIO mode
- Sends now show shortened port names and use port numbering when applicable

Create new arrangement based on existing arrangement:
- You can now quickly create a new arrangement by selecting sections in an existing arrangement. To do so, select the desired sections in the Arranger Inspector’s Arrangements pane, then right-click in the Arrangements pane and select New Arrangement From Selection.

Insert committed arrangement at the Now Time:
- You can now insert a committed arrangement into the existing project at the Now Time. To do so, right-click the Commit Arrangement to Project button image.png in the Arranger Inspector and select Insert Committed Arrangement
- Sections for the inserted arrangement are added to new Arranger track. Any other existing Arranger tracks, sections and arrangements remain unaffected
- Any existing events after the Now Time will be shifted over to make room for the inserted arrangement
- As with the Commit Arrangement to Project command, holding down the SHIFT key while selecting the command will cause the events under the arrangement sections to be copied as linked clips.

Optional grid lines in the Tempo track:
- To show grid lines in the Tempo track, right-click in the Tempo track and select Show Grid Lines

Specify shape smoothing behavior when using the Freehand tool on automation envelopes:
- You can specify how shape smoothing works when using the Freehand tool on envelope shapes. To do so, click the Track view Options menu, point to Freehand Smoothing, then select one of the following options:
- Smooth. Uses the existing fit-to-curve functionality. This is the default setting.
- As Drawn (Linear). Joins the nodes up with linear shapes.
- As Drawn (Jumps). Leaves the nodes as is, making them jump shapes.
- Replace synth on a single Instrument track:
- When inserting a multi-output soft synth with the Instrument Track Per Output option enabled, Cakewalk creates multiple Instrument tracks that share a single instance of the soft synth.
- You can now replace the soft synth on an individual Instrument track without affecting other Instrument tracks that share the same soft synth instance. To do so, right-click the Instrument track strip and select Replace Synth for This Track Only.
- Note Names in the Piano Roll view persist per track
- When assigning a custom Note Name setting in the Piano Roll view (right-click the piano keyboard or note label pane), the setting now persists on a per track basis. Closing and re-opening the Piano Roll view remembers the last setting used for each track. The settings are with the project.

Articulation Map Editor: optional time offset and duration override for ‘New Note’ transforms:
- In the Articulation Map Editor, you can now offset the start time and override the duration of New Note output events in the Transform Existing MIDI Events section.
- Time Offset (T). A positive time delay in MBT that will be applied to the new note.
- Duration Override (D). A replacement duration for the new note. If left at 0:00:000, the new note will inherit the duration of the original note.
- Reorder multiple tracks simultaneously:
- You can reorder multiple tracks simultaneously by dragging in the Track pane. To do so, select the tracks that you want to reorder, then hold down the SHIFT key while you drag any selected track.

- You can’t move the selection on or before tracks within the selection (i.e. in effect trying to move it onto itself)
- You can’t move a selection containing track folders into a track folder (nested folders are currently not supported)
- If a track folder is selected (whether or not all the tracks within the folder are selected or not), the whole track folder is moved, unless you are moving selected tracks from within a single track folder out of the track folder.
- ‘Duplicate Selected Clip(s) as Linked Clips’ command
- To duplicate the selected clip(s) as linked clips, press CTRL+SHIFT+D.

Misc. enhancements:
- ALT+mouse wheel now zooms in the Piano Roll view Drum Grid pane
- Improved font rendering in new menus

Behavior changes:
- Insert Tempo Change dialog defaults to ‘Change the Most Recent Tempo’
- The Insert Tempo Change dialog box defaults to Change the Most Recent Tempo, unless clicking the Insert Tempo Change button image.png in the Tempo Inspector, in which case it defaults to Insert a New Tempo.

- Improved app startup time when using WASAPI driver mode
- With some multichannel audio devices, app startup could be very slow in earlier versions while Cakewalk tried to evaluate the number of output channels. This information is now cached to allow the app to start up quickly.

- Cakewalk crashes if AWS is down
- Crash in CCmdAddTempoTrackTempo after wiping tracks

- ASIO Input and output port names and indexes are incorrect if preceding audio devices deselected in preferences
- Adding Time Signature change from Meter/Key view causes Now Time to jump unexpectedly
- When no markers are selected, clicking empty space in the Markers view shows Lock unexpectedly
- Unexpected behavior in localized Kind of Event dialog (Event List)
- Clip Fade Attenuation not drawing as expected

Tempo track:
- Tempo track does not respond to commas for decimals
- Delete Hole not working with Tempo track
- Undo of Cut/Delete loses Tempo track selection
- "No change" tempo entries being removed
- REGRESSION: Nudging MIDI notes with absolute time not respecting tempo changes
- Extract tempo using Melodyne, AudioSnap & Fit To Improvisation should not use "smooth shapes"

- Commit Arrangement losing tempo entries
- Incorrect Arranger section numbering when inserting sections in the Inspector
- Buses are selected unexpectedly after moving Arranger section
- Articulation Maps:
- Reassigning an articulation using the Choose dialog not working

- Track templates ignore phase settings
- MIDI input ports not assigned correctly after saving as track template
- Undo of delete instrument track not working with drum maps in project
- Drag Moving a MIDI clip crops it
- Strips menu in Console view hides Instrument tracks unexpectedly with MIDI tracks
- Process > Slide produces unexpected results with envelopes
- Exclusive Solo does not initially work as expected after export

Cakewalk by BandLab 2021.01
Features & Enhancements:
- Arranger section inclusion of outlying MIDI notes. When dragging sections or committing arrangements, Cakewalk has logic for dealing with leading/trailing MIDI notes that overlap section boundaries
- Absolute time in Arranger tracks. The time base format for each Arranger track can be set to either Musical or Absolute. The time base format determines what happens to sections when you change the project tempo
- Cakewalk supports SSO (Single Sign-On) for activation, which allows you to log in via any service supported by BandLab as your sign-in authority. Google, Facebook, Apple ID, mobile phone and BandLab user/password credentials are currently supported

- Cancel VST scan. You can now cancel an in-progress VST scan with the new 'Cancel Scan' button in Edit > Preferences > File - VST Settings or via the Cancel option in the VST Scan toast notification
- Auto termination of VST scan. Shutting down Cakewalk will now automatically terminate any scan in progress
- The new 'Zoom to Fit Project Horizontally' shortcut (CTRL+ALT+F) zooms to fit the entire project in the Clips pane, without affecting the height of tracks
- Improved selection with Arranger sections. If there are gaps between a range of selected sections, the unselected clips remain unselected. You can now also unselect fully selected clips from a selection and they will not be moved with the section
- Cutting an Arranger section with Ripple Edit enabled now deletes the hole to make it consistent with the Delete command
- Clicking on an articulation (without modifiers), or changing an articulation's type or MIDI channel now sends any triggered MIDI events associated with the articulation
- Four new buttons have been added to the Control Bar's Select module in Large mode: 'Select Track Envelopes with Clips', 'Select Track Articulations with Clips', 'Select Events with Sections', and 'Select Sections with Time Ruler'
- Moving clips between Takes lanes on the same track now respects the Auto Crossfade setting
- Insert Instrument track behavior. When selected from the track context menu, the Insert Instrument command now inserts the instrument before the current track rather than after the last track
- Phase and Interleave buttons are now available in the Track view and Inspector for Instrument tracks
- Option to only use external MIDI inputs. MIDI tracks now have a new 'All External Inputs' input option, which only appears when at least one soft synth with a MIDI output is present in the project. All External Inputs means any MIDI input that isn't an output from a soft synth, such as hardware MIDI ports and virtual controllers
- Export to Standard MIDI File now respects the selection. If there is no selection, the whole project is exported
- The integrated LAME MP3 encoder has been updated to version 3.100. This includes bug fixes and stability improvements to MP3 encoding and also speeds up the encoding process. Additionally, Cakewalk has been updated to now handle discarding padding samples when importing MP3 files. i.e imported MP files will not contain extra data at the beginning of the file
- The libsndfile library used for import and export of various audio formats has been updated to version 1.0.30. This fixes numerous issues with handling BWF, Wave64, AIFF, FLAC and Ogg files

- Dynamic plug-in parameter optimizations and improvements in responsiveness and memory footprint when loading and editing projects with lots of tracks and high parameter count plug-ins
- Improved handling of ProChannel automation. ProChannel bypass automation is now UI independent and also buffer accurate. ProChannel bypass will also properly enable/disable with automation during fast bounce and freeze operations

- Crash when running onboarding more than once
- Crash when attempting to load new sample in Drum Replacer
- Hang on project load while VST scan is running
- Redo of crop then move of Articulation crashes
- Automation crash on project close
- Rare crash after modifying event in Piano Roll then pressing play
- Step Sequencer Clips intermittently fail to show notes
- Step Sequencer Beat Counter fails to repeat on Groove clip repetitions
- PRV does not display repetitions of Step Sequencer loops
- Track names show incorrectly in plug-ins after 2020.11 update
- Transport fails to roll with Realtime Bounce when freezing
- Cursor moves unexpected after cancel of Kind in Event List
- After deleting last event in Event List, selection should go to previous event
- Assignable parameters not created for FX Chains on project load
- Project Editing Time displays inconsistently in File Stats
- Rename clip doesn't work on MIDI clips if articulations exist on the track
- Installer Text/Progress Bar for Silent Install is truncated
- Bus pane not updating correctly after using track manager to hide/show buses
- Clicking on a note within the Piano Roll view or swapping active tracks automatically opens the Articulation Map pane
- Ripple Edit Cut not shifting Arranger sections as expected
- Section/Arrangement titles missing in 2020.11
- Allow drag move/copy of multiple articulations
- Mouse cursor gets moved/stuck on articulation events in Event List
- Scaling PitchWheel events gives incorrect results
- Cannot bounce or freeze ProChannel Enable automation unless it is done in realtime
- Selection becomes stuck unexpectedly when selecting envelopes
- Bus envelopes from multiple buses not copied correctly in duplicate clips/arranger operations
- Toggling track interleave causes plug-in automation to lose sync
- ProChannel automation cannot be reassigned to plug-in automation in tracks
- Automation read/write not being acknowledged for newly created FX parameters
- Copying and pasting FX automation envelopes create orphaned envelopes until parameters pre-created
- FX Chain Input/Output Gain envelopes controlling incorrect parameter in FX Chain UI
- Synth Rack automation not shown when changing synth parameters
- Allow adding of additional per-output instrument tracks via Synth Rack context menu
- Add Track inconsistent Insert Track behavior
- Projects with multiple instances of plug-ins with high parameter counts become very sluggish trying to close/remove instances
- UseGlobalSnapForStaffView variable stops working after opening older project
- Imported .wav file has clicks from time stretch
- Drum Maps are saved unexpectedly with Track Templates
- VST Scan does not close with the app
- Control Surface Refresh value does not change as expected below 25ms
- Custom bank selection does not take effect in Event List view
- Insert/Append Instrument fails to place track in folder

Cakewalk by BandLab 2020.11
Features & Enhancements:
- Articulation Maps. Articulation maps are a universal way to deal with expressions/key switches/articulations in VST instruments or hardware MIDI instruments
- In-app activation. You can now activate Cakewalk directly from within the app, without requiring BandLab Assistant
- ARA/Melodyne algorithm picker (pre-release). When converting audio to MIDI by dragging an audio clip to a MIDI track, or performing tempo extraction by dragging an audio clip to the time ruler, you can now select the desired algorithm. Please note: The algorithm picker is a pre-release feature and will only be visible if you are running Melodyne 5 and higher
- VST instruments can use custom instrument definitions. You can now use any instrument definition with a VSTi from a new drop-down menu in the Patch Browser dialog box (click 'Patch Browser' in the Inspector)
- Piano Roll view Note drawing now automatically switches direction as necessary during the gesture (left to right or right to left)
- Open Piano Roll view when double-clicking white space on a MIDI or Instrument track
- Updated to VST3 SDK 3.7.0
- Support MIDI CCs via VST3 MIDI output (allows generative MIDI out VST3 plug-ins such as the Reason Rack plug-in to send MIDI CCs to Cakewalk)
- Support channel aftertouch sent from VST3 plug-ins

- Application memory footprint has been reduced (dynamic VST Plug-in Buffer sizes)
- Cakewalk now supports ASIO devices with a single mono input, such as the iRig Pro
- Relative resizing of selected tracks. SHIFT+drag resizes all selected tracks to the same size. CTRL+drag resizes all selected tracks by the same amount relative to their current size
- Cakewalk supports the latest ARA SDK from Celemony
- Adjust split point on a single Take lane. To move only the split point on a single lane, hold down the ALT key when using the Move Split Point tool
- CTRL-click 'Duplicate Track' button to specify settings
- Allow track FX bin to be bypassed via control surfaces rather than just individual FX
- When installing an update from within Cakewalk, you can now choose to automatically relaunch Cakewalk after the installation completes
- The 'New Project File' dialog box (File > New) now lets you specify folder paths, tempo, meter, bit depth, and sample rate settings for the '-- No Tracks or Buses --' option (previously named '-- Blank Project --')
- File Stats improvements. When starting a new project from a project template, the File Stats window in the Notes Browser now start the Editing Time and Revision counters at 0. To reset the file stats, right-click in the File Stats window and select 'Reset File Stats'
- Early Access Notifications. Cakewalk now presents a toast notification when an Early Access build is available. Early Access builds are completely optional, providing access to the next version of Cakewalk before its official release

- Major optimizations to clips view drawing to eliminate redundant drawing of clips
- Projects with tracks containing many Take lanes with muted clips now draw and scroll more than 20x faster
- Scrolling with Display Muted Takes In Parent Track enabled now has almost similar performance to having that option disabled
- Waveform drawing is now optimized for faster drawing
- Drawing and mouse handling in the Bus pane has been optimized to prevent audio glitches and late buffers

Bug Fixes:
- Crash on insert of Track Template
- Crash on Delete Hole of project
- Crash closing project after loading track template containing VST3 synth
- Crash when loading project with Melodyne via Play List
- Crash when deleting Vienna Synchron
- User reported crash when looping audio clip
- User Reported Crash with the Play List
- Random crashes with dead pointers when step recording
- Crash when displaying dropout toast message
- Intermittent crashes in Arranger Track
- nullptr crash in Staff view
- Adding ProChannel Track Compressor on surround bus crashes
- CTRL-click 'Duplicate Track' button should bring up 'Duplicate Track(s)' dialog
- Hidden Clips can be edited in Track view
- Mute Tool operates on hidden clips in Track
- Select Tool selecting invisible muted clips when 'Display Muted Clips In Parent Track' is unchecked
- Scrolling view left while dragging note causes PRV to fail to Snap By
- 'Center on Now Time with Keyboard Zoom' only works if Mouse Zoom is set to 'Now Time'
- Sluggish Scrolling in project
- Enable/Disable Read Automation shortcut not working
- Replace Synth can fail to rename track
- Unexpected changes to track input when using MIDI transformation synths
- Hiding icons in Synth Rack causes alignment error
- Enabling MIDI Out on some synths causes all synths to appear in MIDI Input picker
- Track view would steal focus back after clicking on an Arranger section
- Disallow Step Record during playback
- Add performance warning when disabling 'Only for Inputs in Project' option in Preferences > Project - Record
- Section Rename can unexpectedly run into Browser
- F2 Rename on Section Headers does not always work
- Section Rename could occasionally hang the application
- Section menus would occasionally not dismiss resulting in multiple menus being displayed
- Setting now time in arranger during playback doesn't respect the 'Set Time During Playback' click behavior
- Clicking away from Rename of section causes Windows 'ping'
- Arranger not automatically fixing overlapping sections in some circumstances
- ALT+mouse wheel zoom unavailable in Arranger track
- Arranger picker fails to open after clicking away from menu
- Arranger menu commands could sometimes fail to execute
- Arranger section move should include data during playback
- Arranger section move is now blocked during record
- Arranger labels now support Unicode characters
- Moving mouse over Bus pane causes audio glitches and late buffers
- ARA projects redundantly saving document controller state for deleted items in undo history
- Projects created using Cyrillic characters in the audio file names, fail to load on a system using a different language pack
- Cannot enter the 'ö' character using a non-English keyboard layout in Lyrics view
- Ripple Paste not always working after cut
- Clip fails to split during existing fade if 'Auto Crossfades' is enabled
- Slow Cakewalk startup time when using MackieControl.dll
- Export Audio doesn't work when exporting from a surround bus
- More Bug Fixes
- Improve handling for 'Blank Project' in File > New
- Step Record can glitch with instruments that have long tails when Auto Advance is enabled
- 'Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record' causes wave file creation when adding certain VST3 plug-ins
- Temporary files for 'Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record' can be created in wrong folder
- 'Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record' causes Instrument track audio to fail to record
- Setting multiple tracks to the same input can cause record to fail if 'Allow Arm Changes during Playback/Record' is enabled
- When Automation lanes are visible in the Bus pane, the drop target for reordering gets interfered with causing misplacement
- BandLab Login can appear on incorrect monitor

Cakewalk by BandLab 2020.09
- Automatic Picture Cache management. On startup, Cakewalk now auto detects when the wave picture cache is full and will self delete the oldest files to make room for new files. The Max size of picture cache has been raised to 10000 MB.
- In-app updater. You can now download and install future updates directly from Cakewalk instead of using BandLab Assistant. This is done from the 'Update Available' toast notification, which has a new Download Now link. Updates are downloaded to a Cakewalk subfolder in your local Downloads folder.

- Control surface settings are not being saved when a surface is disabled or the surface UI dialog is closed
- Save As dialog ignores custom typed paths for Project Path and Audio Path
- Arranger-related menus may appear incorrectly with multi-monitor configurations
- Changing Picture Cache to high values would cause waveforms to stop drawing. Picture cache sizes > 2GB now work properly. The max size for PicCacheMB in Aud.ini has been increased to 10000 MB
- Picture cache is now automatically managed and will self delete the oldest files when the size limit is reached
- Mojibake (garbage text) occurs when using Unicode multibyte characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) on OS that differs from the selected CbB language
- Cakewalk now uses UTF-8 encoding by default for all text strings, including track name, clips names, Lane descriptions, Arranger sections, Notes Browser, Lyrics view, etc
- Legacy projects not saved with UTF-8 will continue to open correctly in 2020.09 and higher
- Projects saved with multibyte characters from 2020.09 and higher can now be opened on any OS, retaining the original Unicode characters
- Crash starting playback in project when the picture cache is full
- Crash when inserting multiple instrument tracks with no tracks enabled
- Closing a 3rd party plug-in UI can crash the application by sending WM_QUIT message
- Crash when deleting an Arranger section selection twice
- Crash inserting Per-Output Instrument tracks when Auto Track Zoom & Show Synth Properties are enabled
- Insert Soft Synth Options should disable Track Number options for First/All synth output options
- Arranger Section Rename intermittently becomes stuck
- Clip crops unexpectedly on Undo of Apply Region Tempo
- The Synth Rack and plug-in views are not opened when inserting an instrument via the Add Track menu. It will now follow the default as specified in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog
- Record Arm/Virtual Controller toggle fail to enable when adding Instrument Track per Output from Add Track menu
- Add Track menu does not activate 'Enable MIDI Output for Synths' by default. It will now follow the default as specified in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog
- Mouse Wheel not scrolling the Control Bar
- Option to decouple global Snap to Grid from the Staff view with UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 Cakewalk.ini setting
- Long patch names fail to display in Event List view. DATA1 and DATA3 column widths have increased, and text truncates to the column width
- Correct Chinese translation for 'Rename Clip'

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