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Download Calibre 6.11.0

  -  148 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

Calibre 6.11.0
New features:
- Edit book: Check book: Allow automatic fixing of various simple CSS errors
- E-book viewer: When Read aloud is speaking, make the control bar translucent so that words under the bar are visible
- Edit book: Switch to a new library (stylelint) for find problems in CSS as the old library was no longer maintained
- Edit book: File browser: Allow using keyboard shortcuts to re-order the spine
- calibredb list: Allow specifying multiple fields for --sort-by
- Check library: Allow opening the book folder easily

- Fix windows not being moved onto the current monitor when they were previously visible on a removed monitor that was to the left of the current monitor
- Book list: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke drag and drop of multiple books
- Fix detection of Tolino Vision 6 on macOS/Linux
- Content server: Fix auto full screen not working when continuing to read books with user account enabled
- Edit book: Set semantics: Fix error when setting the "Notes" semantic
- HTMLZ output: Fix images referred to in CSS stylesheets not being converted
- Book details panel: Fix HTML comment tags in the comments breaking display of book details
- Content server home page: When showing recently read books from across devices hide the entries for which loading the cover fails
- Windows Text-to-speech: Dont fail to configure if one of the voices has no defined language
- Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke using a file for the --extra-css option of ebook-convert
- Content server FTS: Fix page header bar not visible
- Content server: Fix identifiers from third party metadata download plugins not becoming clickable links on the book details page
- Edit book: Warn when saving will overwrite a read-only file
- Fix restoring geometry of maximized/fullscreen dialogs forcing them visible
- Fix a regression in the previous release that caused spurious error message when doing some out of band searches
- Fix a regression in the previous release that broke choosing new programs for the Open with function

New news sources:
- NHK News - by Richard A. Steps
- Globes in English by barakplasma

Improved news sources:
- PC World
- Caravan Magazine
- Harvard Business Review
- Various Israeli news sources

Calibre 6.10.0
New features:
- Content server: Add support for searching the full text of books. Simply click the FTS link on the search page to start a full text search.
- Content server: When using user accounts, the homepage now shows recently read books from any device not just the current device
- Kobo driver: Bump the max supported firmware version
- Conversion: New Output profile for the Kindle Scribe
- Check library: Allow ignoring folder names as well as files names

- Edit book: Fix various formatting operations not inserting the tags in the correct place in the presence of non-BMP characters
- Edit book: Use instead of for strikethrough
- Edit book: Fix export saved search to search panel not preserving the wrap checkbox state
- Content server: Redirect the index page to always have trailing slash when using URL prefixes
- Book list: Workaround for change in Qt 6 behavior where clicking on an already selected row does not deselect other rows
- Windows: Fix a regression in calibre 6 causing Open With to not extract icons from EXE files

New news sources
- Fokus
- Press Information Bureau
- Himal Southasian
- Indian Express Print Edition

Improved news sources
- Indian Express
- Financial Times
- TIME Magazine
- Hindu Business Line Print Edition
- Arts and Letters Daily
- Frontline
- Sportstar
- New Yorker

Calibre 6.9.0
New features:
- E-book viewer: When exporting highlights as plain text include titles from chapters at all levels not just the first level
- Edit book: Reports: Show the number of words per file in the Files section of the report
- Windows builds: sign DLLs in addition to EXEs to make Microsoft's new "Smart App Control" tool happy
- Sending by email: When adding comments also add series
- Nook driver: Put files in NOOK/Books instead of NOOK/My Files on recent nook devices so they are all listed in one place in the NOOK UI
- calibredb list: Allow using a template as one of the returned fields
- Tag browser: Add context menu action to turn on/off sub-categorization for a category

- Merging books: Fix title sort not being updated when the title is updated
- Content server viewer: Fix incorrect sorting of highlights in the same paragraph
- Content server viewer: When exporting highlights as text include chapter titles
- Improve rendering of the separator handle dots introduced in the previous release
- Edit book: Fix regression in previous release causing applying any container update marking all open image editors as modified
- Fix a regression in the previous release that caused copying book details to clipboard to use unix line endings on windows

Improved news sources:
- Bloomberg
- The Globe and Mail
- Spectator Magazine
- The New York Times
- The Hindu
- MIT Technology Review

Calibre 6.8.0
New features:
- Allow customizing the buttons available to the right of the search bar in the main calibre window via Preferences->Toolbars & menus->The buttons on the searchbar
- Book details panel: Allow adjusting the space used by the cover with a splitter
- Make splitter handles more visible in the calibre UI style
- When sending by email to kindle dont include the author in the filename as amazon is currently reading the author from the file metadata but not the title

- Book list: Fix incorrect rendering of yes/no icons when they are configured to have only two values
- Nook driver: Send books to the NOOK folder for the 2021 Nook model as well
- Improve performance in very large libraries of various UI operations such as right clicking, marking books, etc.
- Fix edit metadata dialog not remembering its position and improve how calibre restores window position and size on multi-monitor systems
- Conversion: Fix CSS styles applied to SVG elements being discarded
- EPUB Input: Fix empty adobe page number template file causing conversion to fail
- E-book viewer: Fix rendering of comments in metadata display when using a dark color scheme
- AZW3 Input: Fix svg images that use a prefix for the SVG namespace not being recognized
- Edit book: Fix double clicking in the see what changed dialog not opening the file in the editor since calibre 6.0
- Edit book: Fix modified indicator on images not working correctly when replacing the image
- Amazon metadata download: Adapt the plugin for website changes

New news sources:
- Fifty Two by unkn0wn
- Bloomberg and Bloomberg Business Week by unkn0wn

Improved news sources:
- Army and Navy Times
- eenadu_ap
- Handelsblatt

Calibre 6.7.1
New features:
- Template language: A new "Python template mode" which allows using arbitrary Python code in templates
- Tag browser: Allow removing format from selected books by right clicking on the format in the Tag browser
- E-book viewer: Ask for confirmation when creating a highlight that will overwrite existing highlights
- Book list: Allow changing column widths via a dedicated dialog by right clicking on column headers

- E-book viewer: Fix a regression that broke adding of new lookup sources
- E-book viewer: Fix copy to clipboard not ignoring text from elements that are marked as non user selectable
- Content server: When adding books, run all file type plugins before reading metadata
- Edit book: Preview panel: In dark mode when all of the background/foreground/link colors are set to "No change" do not render the book using dark colors
- Version 6.7.1 fixes a regression in the previous release that broke the delete specific format from book function

Improved news sources:
- The Athletic
- der Standard
- The Economic Times India Print Edition
- Indian Express
- India Today Magazine
- Caravan Magazine

Calibre 6.6.1
New features:
- Book details: allow displaying multi-valued categories such as tags on separate lines via Preferences->Look & feel->Book details
- Tag browser: When searching the Tag browser allow also filtering the book list to show only books that match one of the categories currently shown in the Tag browser
- To use enable the two Preferences: "Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser->Hide empty categories" and "Find shows all items that match". Then, when searching the Tag browser, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F to restrict the displayed books.
- Edit book: When right clicking on HTML files in EPUB 3 books, allow marking them as the Table of Contents (NAV document)

- EPUB Output: Fix converting a document with obfuscated fonts to EPUB 3 not working
- Edit book: Fix an error when processing books that contain comments inside unknown CSS @ rules
- Content server: Fix jumping to locations such as bookmarks not working on iPhone/iPad running iOS >= 15
- Font subsetting: Fix :first-line and :first-letter pseudo classes not being handled correctly
- Workaround for Amazon's email delivery service not reading metadata from inside ebook files
- Edit book: File list: Fix pressing Tab key while renaming a file not starting the rename of the next file
- Version 6.6.1 fixes a regression that caused the Edit metadata window to not remember its last used size. Note that you will have to resize it once after updating to 6.6.1, after which the size will be remembered.

Improved news sources:
- Spectator Magazine
- Spiegel Online International
- Engadget

Calibre 6.5.0
New features:
- Kobo driver: support the new Kobo Clara 2e
- When running calibre with the --with-library command line flag and calibre is already running, switch to the specified library in calibre
- E-book viewer: Ask for confirmation when deleting a custom highlight style
- Do not show the virtual libraries tab bar when no virtual libraries are present
- Tag mapper: When specifying the replacement tag allow completion from the tags in the currently open library
- Template language: New functions strcasecmp() and to_hex()

- Comments editor: Workaround for Qt inserting invalid font-weight when converting a paragraph to a heading
- E-book viewer: When displaying highlights dont group highlights from different chapters when the chapter titles are identical
- Tag browser: Fix error if a User category contains a reference to a deleted custom column
- When sending books by email to the Kindle and PocketBook email delivery services use random subject and filenames consisting of simple English letters to try to workaround various bugs in their email processing code

Improved news sources:
- The Wall Street Journal
- Open Magazine
- The Baffler
- Dark Reading
- New York Times
- NYTimes Cooking
- NYTimes Sports Beat
- Outlook Magazine
- Foreign Affairs

Calibre 6.4.0
New features:
- Conversion pipeline: Add support for !important when flattening CSS rules
- Content server: Use the chapter title as the base bookmark name when creating new bookmarks
- Allow changing the search order when clicking on items in the Tag browser (Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser->Hierarchy and searching)
- Check library: Make vacuuming the full text database optional as it is very slow and memory intensive
- Tag browser: Move the preferences for controlling the order and display of categories in the Tag browser from Preferences->Tweaks to Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser
- User category editor: Hide items not visible in the Tag browser
- Allow adding a button to show the Manage categories window to the toolbars via Preferences->Toolbars & menus
- Google metadata download: When excluding results from a web search because they don't match the specified title/author ignore diacritics, accents, etc.

- E-book viewer: Lookup: Google dictionary: Add some padding at the left and right margins
- E-book viewer: Lookup word in Google dictionary: Fix meanings of some words not being shown in the user's preferred language
- Fix calibredb backup_metadata --all operating only on dirty books not all books
- Do not VACUUM FTS db when exporting library as it can be very slow
- Windows: Nicer error message when attempting to run viewer/editor on machine without MediaPack installed
- Edit book: Reports: Fix rendering of images in the images report table
- Content server: Fix formatting of dates for custom columns using ISO format

New news sources:
- Brhat by Vishwas Vasuki
- Cachys Blog by Volker Heggemann
- Various Russian and Ukranian news sources by bugmen00t

Improved news sources:
- Live Law and Live Mint
- Financial Times and MIT Technology Review
- Business Standard and Indian Express
- Nautilus
- High Country News
- Outlook Business Magazine

Calibre 6.3.0
New features:
- E-book viewer: Allow searching for nearby words using a new "Nearby words" search mode
calibredb: New fts_search and fts_index commands to perform full text searching from the command line
- Image viewing popup: Allow zooming using the standard shortcuts of Ctrl+plus/minus

- Fix a regression in calibre 6.0 that broke remembering the previous sort order for a column
- Fix a regression in calibre 6.0 that broke processing of very high resolution images
- Full text search: Fix error when using restrict searched books and more than 900 books are present in the searched list
- E-book viewer: Fix parsing of CSS styles with @supports rules not working
- E-book viewer: Speed up initial render of books with lots of CSS in

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