An image-editing, drawing and illustration program for Windows PC

Canvas X

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Download Canvas X 2020 Build 519

  -  258 MB  -  Trial

What's new in this version:

Canvas X 2020 Build 519
- Change log not available for this version

Canvas X 2020 Build 457
- Change log not available for this version

Canvas X 2020 Build 440
- Change log not available for this version

Canvas X 2020 Build 390
Visual Combine:
- Intuitively combine the common areas of overlapping vector objects to create complex shapes

Vector Brush:
- Draw vector curve paths that simulate brush strokes of varying thickness and texture

Path Measurement:
- Measure real-world path distances and calculate travel time based on easily configurable velocity parameters

QR Code:
- Create and place QR codes to drive engagement and direct users to key resources

Math Equations:
- Create, place and edit mathematical equation objects

Isometric Guides:
- Draw in the Isometric Projection using Isometric Guides and vector drawing tools

Canvas X 2019 Build 319
- Create tables for your data: components, changes, parts lists, legends, and more
- Easily create, customize, and add to tables. You can copy data straight from Excel(R) and other sources

Mirror tool:
- Mirror will make a reverse copy of selected objects in 2 clicks. The mirroring axis can be drawn or snapped to other objects and rotated freely

Annotation notes features:
- Annotation Notes now supports auto-numbering and auto-alphabetizing. Use an EasyShape like a circle, rectangle, or diamond shape for annotations

Settings file:
- Save and share your settings file for consistency across your organization

Templates & Presets:
- Inspiring color presets and helpful template files to start off your illustrations

Additional Scripting functions:
- Additional scripting functions to automate your workflow

Canvas X
New Features:
- Dynamic Effects, which will move and resize with the objects they are applied to, are added (Effect | Dynamic Effects): Shadows, Reflections, Glow, and Soft Edge.
- Smart Snaps, which are visual aids to align and size objects relative to each other or to their place on the page, are added (Layout | Smart Snaps).
- Images can be directly imported from WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) compatible scanners (Image | Import from Scanners...).
- Auto Hyphenation options are added in the Hyphens tab of the Type palette.
- Paste in Front of Selection and Paste in Back of Selection are available from Edit | Paste Within Selection.
- SVGZ export is now supported.

- Improved the placement angle of arrow heads on Bézier curves.
- Improved accuracy of drawing circles, ovals, and 90n-degree arcs.
- Improved accuracy of calculating perimeter and/or area of circles, ovals, and 90n-degree arcs, rounded rectangles, and composite objects with them.
- Improved Copy & Paste from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and other applications supporting Picture (JPG) or Picture (PNG) with transparency from Edit | Paste Special.
- The inset ratio of multigons can now be set numerically in the Properties bar.
- The Grids and Guides dialog box can be opened by clicking Setting in the Properties bar while no objects are selected in the document.
- Guide color can be changed from the Grids and Guide dialog box.
- Recently-used inks listed in the Presets palette can be cleared on demand by clicking the Clear button below the list.
- The Show each bounding box when over 1000 objects are selected checkbox is added in the Configuration Center - Selection.
- SVG and SVGZ export is available in the Multiple Save Options dialog box.
- SVG export now supports embedding of images.
- DWG export and DXF export support Save Selection in the Save As dialog box.
- DWG import and DXF import have the Source Unit option, "Read from file", so that document will be open in the unit specified in that file.
- Paste Text Only is added under Edit menu.
- Dynamic Effects checkbox is added to: Properties bar of the Attribute Dropper tool, the Paste Attributes dialog box, and Find palette.
- Corner radius of rounded rectangle will be proportionally scaled based on resizing the object.
- Preview Pane of the Windows File Explorer is supported for CVX and CVD files to see the large previews of documents (Scroll to view multiple-page previews).

- Fixed several bugs related to SpriteEffects, Lens, Clipping path, and Transparency Mask.
- Fixed bug so that only image file names that are imported or placed in the document are assigned as object names, instead of using their full paths.
- Fixed bug in which Angle Dimension would not work when Snap to Grids was turned on.
- Fixed bug in which Area and Perimeter dimensionings were reversely applied from Object | Auto Dimensioning.
- Fixed bug with certain CGM files opening incorrectly.
- Fixed bug in which closed Bézier curves created in a certain way would display negative area values or "n/a".
- Fixed bug so that areas of open Bézier curves and polygons will not be displayed.
- Fixed bug so that in terms of Ctrl+mouse scroll direction, Up will zoom-in and Down will zoom-out.
- Fixed bug in which PDF files would not save correctly on the OS with some non-English regional settings.
- Fixed bugs in which some PDF files that are created by Adobe Illustrator CS versions could not be opened with Canvas X.
- Fixed bugs in which RGB spot colors were incorrectly exported to PDF, which manifested as an error upon opening with Acrobat Reader.
- Fixed bug in which decimal values could not be correctly edited on the OS with some non-English regional settings.
- Fixed bug in which CVShell application error occurs in the Event Viewer log.
- Fixed bug in which some exported SVG files showed undeclared entity errors when opening with Google Chrome.
- Fixed bug so that the zoom factor and origin of each page is respected during navigation.
- Fixed bug so that a CVX file saved in a folder with a period in its name can be opened successfully.
- Fixed bug so that Smart Toolbox setting in the Configuration Center is remembered after restarting the application.
- Fixed bug so that values of certain dimensioning objects will be nicely printed with even dimension text gaps.
- Fixed bug so that keyboard shortcuts for Text | Kerning | Tighten and Loosen work correctly even when a text object is selected.
- Fixed bug that Auto Dimensioning - Angle won't create anything for rounded rectangles.
- Fixed bug that Auto Dimensioning - Linear won't correctly create dimension objects for rotated lines.
- Fixed various bugs related High-DPI support.
- Fixed bug so that Edit Frame Gradient in the context menu will correctly activate.
- Fixed bug in which CVX files saved with the Encrypt file checkbox selected could not be reopened even if the correct password was entered.
- Fixed bug so that X and Y values of Grids set as default in Grids and Guides dialog box are remembered correctly after the application is restarted.
- Fixed bug in which some PNG files placed in a document could not be exported as GIF correctly.
- Fixed bug in which a Print Area defined in a document was not saved in CVX files.
- Fixed bug in which images of 16-bit/channel would not be correctly exported as TIF files.

Canvas X
- Now with optimized speed for launching, loading, and saving, Canvas X 2017 features an enriched user experience, carefully crafted for the accessibility and comfort of longtime users. With its unique and integrated design environment, Canvas X 2017 makes working with and combining graphical elements and high-end effects even more straightforward thanks to a variety of efficiency-motivated enhancements. Easily access commonly used functions for a smoother workflow, make effortless calculations, edit dynamically, and much more. Developed for achievement, convenience, and overall ease of use, Canvas X 2017 presents numerous UI improvements to allow for fluid object editing.

Blow it up:
- The Annotation Lens allows you to easily callout and magnify specific areas of objects. Just point and click. Articulate the way you want by specifying the lens shape, dimensions, frame color, and magnification, then drag it anywhere.

Indicative Icons:
- Stay on top of your process with accessible symbols and labels to let you know what mode you're in at any given time.

On-the-Fly Editing:
- Edit and delete SpriteEffects added to objects by simply right-clicking and choosing an option from the context menu.

Selection Sense:
- Make educated Marquee tool selections with the chosen area's dimensions clearly displayed and actively updating in the Status bar.

Mechanized Measurements;
- Rely on Canvas X 2017 to instantly calculate the dimensions of objects without even having to define beginning and ending points. Move or delete measurement values for clarity and aesthetics.

Shrewd Shuffling:
- Circumnavigate the tedium of painstakingly reordering objects one layer at a time. The Smart Shuffle buttons move selected objects above their nearest neighbors with overlapping bounding boxes, independent of the stacking order in the Document Layout palette.

Without a Shadow of a Doubt:
- Enjoy the effortlessness of a shadow that dynamically updates to the changes made to its object. Customize how far it appears from the object, at what angle, how blurry, and with what color.

Into Your Own Hands:
- Canvas X 2017 now features touch screen support for selecting, drawing, painting, and more, so you can create even on the go. Also, two-finger zooming and panning!

Agile and Able:
- Finish in record time! Faster and more powerful than ever before, Canvas X 2017 boasts optimized speed for launching, saving, and loading files.

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