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    Chamilo LMS 1.11.26 LATEST

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    Juan Garcia

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Chamilo is a free program for e-learning, collaboration PC software, and content management system.

Features and Highlights

Insert tests inside videos
This feature available in the new version of Chamilo LMS allows you to combine exercises with videos. Upload a video in an HTML document (in the documents tool), then click the right button to see additional options and select "Add exercise tags" to show a floating window allowing you to select between a list of compliant exercises to integrate. Capture your students' attention by showing questions in the middle of your videos.

Training sessions planning
Get access to this new plan through a new icon in the calendar tab. This page presents your training sessions and their duration organized by weeks for the current or any previous or future year. Each session you are in is identified by a different color and located on the yearly calendar. Ideal to get a clear view of what is in store for you in the following months or years, or for the administrator to know what sessions are planned overall.

Doodle-type surveys
Organizing a common tutoring session or arranging a date for an evaluation with the rest of the teachers has never been that easy. From the survey icon, create a new survey and select the doodle type to configure dates and invite others to give their availability, then check the report at any time to know when everyone is available.

Card game
Motivate your learners to connect regularly to your Chamilo portal with the new card game plugin, which allows you to add images divided into several "pieces" that can be unmasked only once a day. If the learners connect every day, they will be able to reveal the image faster than others. Enable it from the plugins section and read the description to know how to enable it, then add to your learner's motivation to connect.

Learning paths minimum time limits
Some regulatory requirements ask e-learning programs to register a minimum study time for training to be considered compliant. This feature allows you to set a minimum time for a learning path that will prevent it from being considered complete until you have spent at least the given amount of time in it. Although the benefit to the learner is practically null, this is very useful for regulatory compliance.

More visual reports
The renewed student report screen now shows most values in a more graphical way, as the learning path progress, dates of first and last access, time spent in the course, and many other data points. You can now know easily, at the first glance, whether the user is in a good position to succeed, whether he accepted terms and conditions to be in the course, and whether he is currently connected.

Tests ranking mode
Add a competition aspect to your courses by using the new "ranking" mode in test results. When enabled, learners will see their score in a ranking table of the best scores from other learners, ordered by score and test date. All attempts are taken into account, so learners are encouraged to take the test several times (if allowed by configuration) to get the best possible score.

Like/dislike in social network posts
Chamilo's internal social network is expanding. This new feature allows users to like or dislike posts from others. This feature can only be used when checking one of your social network contacts, so bullying shouldn't be an issue. Let users enjoy a more informal learning process without getting out of your portal, with the security of an environment you control, while giving them more opportunity to express the things they learn and want to share with others.

Upload documents from sessions
To accelerate the configuration of courses by administrators (and sessions administrators). Documents uploaded this way will only appear in a specific folder in the documents tool inside the session-course, and are exclusive to that session from which they were uploaded. Add administrative documents like CVs, instructions, or official documentation in the blink of an eye.

Note: Limited functionality in demo version.