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Chamilo LMS 1.11.12 (PHP7.2)

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    Windows XP / XP64 / Vista / Vista64 / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Chamilo LMS 1.11.12 (PHP7.2).

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Chamilo or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- (5e3ec9fd) Security: Add Database::escape_string
- (aced30ea) Security: Escape fields in template
- (bf50545e) Security: Add form->protect() to validate token when submitting a form. Function called in user_edit.php
- (eef75d02) Security: Update ezyang/htmlpurifier
- (20d64a61 - BT#16311) Security: Fix api_replace_dangerous_char, do not remove specific words
- (0c3b06fc - BT#15259) Security: Fix double escape_string, remove Security::remove_XSS()

- Changes in the e-mail libraries might generate issues if you have variable values in $platform_email['SMTP_FROM_EMAIL'] and/or $platform_email['SMTP_FROM_NAME'] in app/config/mail.conf.php. More info...

- (fe2796dd - BT#16553) Survey: Show page break text as the new page's introduction section
- (ed713e1d - CT#17589) UserPortal: Add new link "Latest visited course" to redirect the user to the latest visited course/course-session
- (7d102e29 - BT#17576) Session: Allow session admins to see session reports
- (d7a05c03 - GH#3093) Tracking: New attndances page for parents/HRM
- (910ad1e9) Plugin: H5P: Let teachers create H5P games inside learning paths (global shared storage)
- (18b870b4) Plugin: MindMap: Let teachers and students work on mindmaps inside a new course tool
- (87967e25 - BT#17542) Course: Allow subscription to private course if subscription is available
- (8955889a - BT#17524) LP: Add audio preview when adding an LP item
- (44c174d0 - BT#17514) Social: Add redirection to superior profile with param 'sup' in profile.php
- (57cff428 - BT#16298) Plugin: Pause Training: Enable the possibility for users to be "on pause" for a while and stop receiving notifications.
- (dcb97c98 - BT#16297) Plugin: User Remote Service: Allow opening iframes with specific user login details
- (ca94af25 - GH#3301) Course home: Add icon to switch visibility for all tools in course
- (72e73c0e - BT#17382) Plugin: Custom certificate: Add feature to export all certificates to pdf
- (02880885 - BT#16553) Survey: Enable questions duplication + add error message for question deletion
- (58e7b27c) Plugin: Zoom: Initial plugin import
- (bfa3b20f) WYSIWYG: CKEditor: Add vimeo embed plugin
- (1be69039 - BT#17261) Tracking: Add new block with online users in the last 3, 5, 30 and 120 minutes in the statistics page, to avoid having to enable global display of online users count
- (ea799636 - GH#3193) Tracking: Show number of connections to course
- (b6ab7300 - GH#3193) Tracking: Show the first and last access in course in user details page
- (4a9084c0 - BT#16781) Tracking: Add teachers listing for session manager profile in reports
- (d546f9fa - BT#16348) Gradebook: Add certificate tag 'time_in_course_in_all_sessions'
- (a067dbf5 - BT#16553) Survey: Enable translatable survey (for textarea contents only)
- (9be4f428) Plugin: LTI: Add LTI 1.3 support
- (42b81c5e - BT#16385) Plugin: Justification: Add justification plugin
- (ce04c49a - BT#15992) Plugin: MigrationMoodle: Add plugin
- (9e982981 - BT#16233) Tracking: Session admin can see student report page
- (d53d3440 - BT#16123) WYSIWYG: Add more mimetex options
- (287462f7 - BT#16170) Gradebook: Add new tags in certificate
- (e1914e62 - BT#16097) Session: copy only course coaches and drhs (not students) when copying a session
- (92b31850) Exercise: Default exercises paging changed to 20
- (af11a073 - BT#16127) Agenda: Add attachment link
- (3b7dfd60 - BT#16054) Plugin: Buy Courses: add currency symbol
- (23a8c241 - BT#16059) Social: disable user course images list
- (fd9f8cc3 - BT#16078) Exercise: Do not show questions of the current exercise in question pool
- (58d67bf8 - BT#16003) CKEditor: Allow adding responsive video with the video plugin
- (14001517 - BT#16003) CKEditor: Allow responsive Vimeo videos with oEmbed
- (196a2fa1 - BT#15967) Learnpath: Add up/down arrows in LP item edition list
- (caeacdd6 - BT#15930) Learnpath: Check if exercise item step is completed in other sessions
- (3600bdc5 - BT#15932) Forum: Add option in course settings to auto-subscribe users to all forum notifications
- (a96e9758 - BT#15933) Message: Add "promoted messages" for admin
- (327bf128 - BT#15826) Tracking: Add new login/logout access report
- (b6267722 - BT#15827) Exercise: Add new exercise feedback type EXERCISE_FEEDBACK_TYPE_POPUP
- (78c74f87 - BT#15808) Plugin: CourseHomeNotification: Add plugin to enable configurable notifications at the course level, on the course homepage
- (c393fe0a - BT#15618) Plugin: BigBlueButton: Add regenerate recording setting
- (0502e371 - BT#15744) Exercise: Add clone option in the select multiple question pool
- (41cccb7f - BT#15744) Exercise: Add selection of multiple items in question pool
- (03343168 - BT#15746) Exercise: Add new option "AutoEvaluationAndRankingMode" to show score and ranking table
- (532653fe - BT#15643) Tracking: Allow general coach to export student results to PDF
- (8275d004 - BT#15743) Exercise: Show correct answers and student answers when option RESULT_DISABLE_SHOW_ONLY_IN_CORRECT_ANSWER is selected
- (524b3050 - BT#15698) Plagiarism: Add Compilatio tool
- (9dab2384 - BT#15715) Tracking: Add total time in date range statistics report
- (f1e92f99 - BT#13541) Group: Add new group announcement option (private message) by group owner
- (bfaba8a9 - BT#15624) Gradebook: Generate skills doesn't require "generate certificate" dependency
- (933b83d9 - BT#15675) Assignment: Add bulk actions (delete/change status) in student's work list
- (73325904 - BT#15669) Session: Add new option to add course teachers as a coach
- (52fb3192 - BT#15679) Link: Add PDF export of links page
- (903d04aa - BT#15670) Tracking: Add extra field filter in the myspace/session page
- (fed1fe15 - BT#15624) Gradebook: Add recalculate certificate with skills
- (9976ca6f - BT#15624) Gradebook: Add possibility to assign skills to users for gradebook sub-categories
- (cc9003b4 - BT#15553) Tracking: Add surveys report
- (ec5893c1 - BT#15390) Plugin: Add EmbedRegistry plugin