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DAZ Studio

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DAZ Studio is the perfect tool to design unique digital art and animations using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments, and more. DAZ 3D is a POWERFUL and FREE 3D creation software tool for PC that is not only easy to use yet but features and functionality-rich.

DAZ Studio is a powerful 3D creation software that allows users to create stunning digital art and animations. Developed by DAZ 3D, it provides a comprehensive set of tools for designing, posing, and animating 3D characters and environments. Whether you're a professional artist, hobbyist, or educator, it offers an intuitive interface and a vast library of customizable assets to bring your creative visions to life.

Whether you are a novice or proficient 3D artist or 3D animator – the app enables you to create AMAZING 3D Art. The software has built-in file export capabilities. This means that all of your Daz 3D content can easily be imported into other popular 3D software tools such as 3DS Max, Mudbox, and Maya.

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Simply select your subject and/or setting, arrange accessories, setup lighting, and begin creating beautiful artwork. Inheriting the best of version 4, it introduces a new look and feels focused on ease-of-use. There are new video tutorials included within the application to help users get up to speed quickly, along with many technological innovations to improve the creation experience. While compatible with past versions of 3D models and add-ons, it enables the next generation of figures from DAZ 3D, the GenesisTM series. The Genesis series facilitates a whole new paradigm of figure creation, customization, and sharing.

The Genesis figure platforms are more than just a figure or a character. It is a true character engine that allows you to choose characters that appeal to you, modify and enhance them to meet your needs, or even mix and blend them with other characters to create your own, unique vision. All of this while providing a huge library of content that will adjust to fit your characters and a global network of thousands of top artists constantly creating even more.

What`s New

At DAZ 3D, its figure content is designed with high adjustability to easily become any character. Genesis 9 is its latest and most advanced platform and, with billions of potential combinations and a diverse collection of supporting assets, is its most versatile figure platform yet.

With dForce physics technology, the prpogram simulates natural cloth and hair movement. By combining dForce, Genesis 9, and the NVIDIA Iray render engine, it makes 3D creation, imagery, and animation fast, easy, and more realistic.

DAZ Studio 4.14’s Filament enabled viewport and render engine give high-quality renders in a fraction of the time it takes other render engines, so there's no need to wait all day to see the output, even with older systems and systems that don’t quite have as many CPUs/GPUs.

Take your 3D library wherever you create with DAZ Bridges. These bridges transfer amazing Daz content to the software you create in, textured, rigged, and ready to render.

  • 3D Morphing, posing, animation & rendering
  • GPU accelerated real-time rendering, photo-realistic results
  • Become a proficient 3D artist with in-app interactive tutorials
  • Own what you make, royalty-free
  • Learn lighting, textures, industry-standard rigging
  • Choose from your EXISTING LIBRARY of products
  • Models are OPTIMIZED by the plugin to ensure 3D printability of normally non-printable things
  • Models are HAND PAINTED with amazing attention to detail
  • Transfers Daz figures or props to Maya with 2 clicks!
  • Contains Auto-HumanIK controls for easy posing/animating with the power of Maya!
  • Auto converts to vray and Arnold render engines, with many other optimizations and fixes made in the background automatically.
  • Export formats include: Autodesk FBX, COLLADA, OBJ, BVH, and Universal 3D.
Key Features
  • Content Library: Access a vast library of 3D models, textures, and props to enhance your projects.
  • Character Creation: Customize and pose 3D characters with precision using the built-in morphing and posing tools.
  • Rendering: Utilize the powerful rendering engine to produce high-quality images and animations.
  • Animation: Create lifelike animations with the timeline and keyframe animation tools.
  • Simulation: Simulate physics-based effects such as cloth dynamics and particle systems.
  • Integration: Seamlessly import and export assets in various formats, including FBX, OBJ, and Collada.
  • Scripting Support: Extend functionality through scripting with Python and DAZ Script.
User Interface

It features a user-friendly interface with customizable workspaces and panels. The main viewport provides real-time feedback, allowing users to see changes instantly as they work.

DAZ Studio Screenshot 2

The toolbar and menu system offer easy access to essential tools and functions, while the Content Library provides convenient access to assets.

Installation and Setup

Installing this program is a straightforward process. Simply download the installer from the official website and follow the on-screen instructions. Once installed, launch the software and register for a DAZ 3D account to access additional content and updates.

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How to Use
  • Create a New Scene: Start by creating a new scene and selecting a base figure from the Content Library.
  • Customize the Figure: Use the morphing and shaping tools to customize the appearance of the figure.
  • Pose the Figure: Pose the figure using the posing controls or manually adjust the joints.
  • Add Props and Environments: Enhance your scene by adding props, environments, and lighting.
  • Animate: Use the timeline and keyframe animation tools to create animations.
  • Render: Set up rendering settings and render your scene to produce a final image or animation.
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Can I use DAZ Studio for commercial projects?
Yes, it can be used for commercial projects, but be sure to review the license agreement for any restrictions.

Is DAZ 3D compatible with third-party plugins?
Yes, it supports third-party plugins, including those for additional rendering engines and workflow enhancements.

Can I import my own 3D models into DAZ Studio?
Yes, it supports importing various 3D file formats, allowing you to use your own models in your projects.

Does DAZ Studio require a powerful computer to run?
While DAZ Studio can benefit from a powerful computer for complex scenes and high-resolution rendering, it is designed to run on a wide range of systems.

Is DAZ Studio suitable for beginners?
Yes, it offers a user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, making it suitable for beginners to learn and use.


Blender: A free and open-source 3D creation suite with robust modeling, animation, and rendering capabilities.

Maya: A professional-grade 3D modeling and animation software widely used in the film and gaming industries.

3ds Max: A comprehensive 3D modeling and animation software developed by Autodesk, known for its powerful toolset and industry-standard features.

Poser: A 3D modeling and animation software specifically tailored for character design and posing.


The program is available as a FREE download, with additional content and plugins available for purchase through the DAZ 3D marketplace.

System Requirements
  • Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7
  • 64-bit quad-core CPU
  • 8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
  • Graphics card with OpenGL 4.1 support
  • Intuitive interface
  • Vast library of customizable assets
  • Powerful rendering engine
  • Extensive documentation and community support
  • Free to download and use
  • Some advanced features may require additional purchases
  • Steeper learning curve for complex projects
  • Rendering times can be lengthy for high-quality output

Overall, DAZ Studio is an impressive 3D creation software that caters to both beginners and professionals alike. With its intuitive interface, vast library of assets, and powerful features, it offers everything you need to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you're creating still images, animations, or interactive content, it provides the tools and flexibility to make your projects shine.

While it may take some time to master all of its features, the end results are well worth the investment. Whether you're an artist, animator, or educator, DAZ 3D is a valuable addition to any digital artist's toolkit.

Also Available: Download DAZ Studio for Mac

  • DAZ Studio 4.22 Screenshots

    The images below have been resized. Click on them to view the screenshots in full size.

    DAZ Studio 4.22 Screenshot 1
  • DAZ Studio 4.22 Screenshot 2
  • DAZ Studio 4.22 Screenshot 3
  • DAZ Studio 4.22 Screenshot 4
  • DAZ Studio 4.22 Screenshot 5

What's new in this version:

DAZ Studio 4.22
- Source maintenance
- Update to dForce
- Uses 4.22.0.x SDK
- Updates plugin revision to reflect SDK version
- Maintains Publishing Partner Features functionality
- Updated copyright statements; 2023
- The minimum limit of the Render Settings > NVIDIA Iray > Progressive Rendering > Completion > Max Samples property is now -1
- A value of -1 disables the maximum number of samples as a criterion for render loop termination
- The minimum limit of the Render Settings > NVIDIA Iray > Progressive Rendering > Completion > Max Time property is now -1
- A value of -1 disables the maximum time in seconds as a criterion for render loop termination
- The maximum limit of the Render Settings > NVIDIA Iray > Progressive Rendering > Completion > Max Samples property is now 25000
- Fixed an issue with creation of singleton nodes from a Render Settings Preset
- If a Render Settings Preset includes a value to set on a property of a singleton node (e.g., Environment Options, Tonemapper Options), and the corresponding singleton node does not already exist in the scene, the singleton node will be created

DAZ Studio 4.21
- Source maintenance
- Increment application, plugin and SDK version for 4.20.1.x
- Updated version related images

DAZ Studio 4.20
- Source maintenance
- Increment application, plugin and SDK version for 4.20.0.x
- Updated SDK version to; SDK min is
- DAZ Studio: Incremented build number to
- Source maintenance
- Update to dForce
- Updates plugin revision to reflect SDK version
- Maintains Publishing Partner Features functionality
- Addressed an issue with asset URIs being written in the DSON syntax instead of the (currently) desired/intended DSON URI syntax

DAZ Studio 4.15
- Source maintenance
- Merged changes to Trunk (4.15.0.x)
- Updated version related images
- Increment application, plugin and SDK version for 4.15.1.x

DAZ Studio 4.14
- Change log not available for this version

DAZ Studio 4.12
- Change log not available for this version

DAZ Studio 4.11
- Change log not available for this version

DAZ Studio 4.10
- dForce


- Integrated Iray 2017.0.1 (287000.7672); see below for more details
- Increases hardware requirement to Fermi class or newer generation GPUs; recent driver recommended

- Added a "3DLEnvSpace" transform to 3Delight renderer pipeline
- Added a "3DLEnvSpace" transform to default calls in Scripted 3Delight renderer

Content Creation/Conversion:

Transfer Utility:
- Added a "Distance Tolerance" option
- Added a "Parent To Source Figure" option

Scene Items:

- Added a General > Mesh Resolution > SubDivision Normals property to an object with geometry when converted to SubD
- "Smoothed" is the current behavior (default)
- "Preserve Cage" attempts to preserve sharp edges present in the cage mesh
- Not compatible with 3Delight Catmark, legacy DzCatmullClark, or Bilinear


BVH Import:
- Added a "Limit Translations to Hip" option
- Now attempts to match node names exactly when seeding the node map; if more than one node name does not match (e.g., the figure root), node map seeding reverts to the previous behavior

FBX Export:
- Added a "Locks" option
- Added a "Limits" option

General User Interface:

- Added a Window > Workspace > Update and Merge Menus action
- Fixed handling of a case that could cause Update and Merge Menus to fail when re-integrating user customizations
- Updated default menus; recommend using the Update and Merge Menus action
- Pane [Group] Docking/Undocking:
- Replaced "Make Pane Undockable" and "Make Pane Group Undockable" actions in pane group and pane tab context menus with "Undock Pane" and "Undock Pane Group" respectively; the previous behavior can be accomplished by holding the ControlModifier when clicking the action
- Added "Make Pane Dockable" and "Make Pane Group Dockable" actions to pane group tab bar and pane tab context menus when a pane (group) is in an undockable state
- Fixed an issue where the order of panes in a pane group were reversed when the pane group was made undockable
- Fixed an issue where the Add Pane (Tab) submenu of the pane group tool bar context menu did not list available panes in the same order as Window > Panes (Tabs); entries were being sorted case-sensitive but should have been sorted case-insensitive
- Undocking a pane group (or a pane) now ensures that the undocked pane group will be of a size that fits on the screen that the pane group (or pane) was on when it was docked and that the undocked pane group will be centered on that screen
- Making a pane group (or a pane) undockable now ensures that the dialog will be of a size that fits on the screen that the pane group (or pane) was on when it was docked and that the dialog will be centered on that screen
- Making an undockable pane group (or a pane) dockable now ensures that the undocked pane group will be of a size that fits on the screen that the dialog was on and that the undocked pane group will be centered on that screen

PowerPose pane:
- Improved overall performance
- Now prefers a figure's base template set over a template set defined by the default Template Suite
- Added a "Template Set" drop-down above the point selector widget
- Added a "Template" drop-down above the point selector widget that provides a list of templates in the set for a given figure/geometry
- Added an “Edit Mode”; accessed via context (right click) menu; protected templates/sets do not allow editing or saving:
- Displays all points of all types (including those that are not valid/resolved) on the current template
- Save a template set in the "Template Set" drop-down
- EditAddDelete a template in the "Template" drop-down
- Right click an empty area of a template to add a point
- Right click on a point to edit/delete
- Right click on a control to edit/clear
- Now elides the text of controls that are longer than can be displayed at the current width; full text is displayed in the tooltip
- The context menu (right-click) for the point selector widget now provides quick access to many useful actions related to posing
- Added support for saving/loading template sets for parametric (legacy) figures to/from ./data/PowerPose/<sanitized_geometry_name>/

Content Library pane:
- Fixed a potential crash when saving presets

- Many API additions and/or resolved issues in various areas
- Fixed bugs and/or made improvements in various areas