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What's new in this version:

Dexpot 1.6.14 Build 2439
- Taskbar Pager: Show desktop names as tooltips when hovering
- Interpret command line arguments without a running Dexpot instance
- Improved Hungarian language file
- Simplified license key prompt Fixed:
- Backslash was lost with network paths in 'Configure Desktops > Start-up'
- DexControl: Improved window closing on excluded monitors

Dexpot 1.6.13 Build 2429
- Dynamic Taskbar Reordering for Windows 8.1
- Per-monitor DPI awareness for further Dexpot plugins
- Ukrainian language file

- Fixed rare issue with hidden windows after desktop switch
- Improved compatibility for My Avira notifications
- Enhanced handling of Photoshop palettes
- Certain Windows hotkeys could unhide the Dexpot main menu

Dexpot 1.6.12 Build 2416
- DexControl: Keep taskbar visible
- DexControl: Show desktop names
- DexControl, Dexcube: DPI awareness per monitor
- DexTab: Consider High DPI settings
- Updated Chinese (Traditional) language file
- Updated Russian language file

- DexControl: Enhanced compatibility with high contrast themes on Windows 8
- DexControl: Changing 'Combine same-sized monitor' did not take effect without a restart
- DexControl: Fixed start-up issues with MouseEvents plugin enabled
- DexControl: Rare crash on start-up fixed
- Compatibility improvements for XYplorer
- Enhanced icon recovery after Explorer restart
- Fixed 'Select all items' in Desktop Windows
- Improved Skype compatibility
- Fixed issues when changing switching sounds in Configure Desktops

Dexpot 1.6.11 Build 2394
- Combine same-sized monitors in Full-screen preview
- Restore desktop background on exit
- Hotkey: Restore last minimized window to tray

- Fixed wrong Taskbar Pager position on resolution changes
- Fixed Taskbar Pager blinking on integration
- Rare crashes of third-party applications on Windows XP fixed
- Start button was hidden on Windows 8.1
- Improved Clover compatibility

Dexpot 1.6.10 Build 2373
- Goodbye, lousy UIAccess!

- Fixed issues with Winamp and Windows Media Player in Full-screen preview
- Hidden desktop icons were made visible again on Dexpot start

Dexpot 1.6.10 Build 2369
- Updated Portuguese language file
- Updated Russian language file

- Fixed distorted Desktop Windows after changing the window's dimensions
- Hiding the desktop icons with Windows 8 resulted in a Metro-colored wallpaper
- Minimizing to tray did not work on certain 64-bit systems

Dexpot 1.6.10 Build 2362
- DexControl touch support: Pinch to zoom windows and desktops, two-finger tap for tile view
- MouseEvents: Leap Motion Controller support
- Distribute elevated windows without elevating Dexpot
- Find-as-you-type search for Desktop Windows
- Distribute desktop icons via Desktop Manager's context menu
- High DPI support for tray and SevenDex icons
- Hotkey: Close window (On all other desktops)
- Hotkey: Find window
- MouseEvents: Use 'Find window' as corner action
- SevenDex: Context menu - Gather windows, Change desktop name, etc.
- Span wallpaper style on Windows 8
- Call hotkey functions via the command line
- Updated Portuguese language file
- Updated Simplified Chinese language file

- Winamp was not visible in Full-screen preview
- Fixed wrap around mouse switching
- Compatibility improvements for Windows 8 Metro start menu parts
- Fixed Adobe Reader activation issues with persistent taskbar enabled
- Improved wallpaper preview on multiple monitor systems in Configure Desktops
- Wallpapers in SevenDex weren't previewed properly on multiple monitor systems
- Fixed a delay when enabling Full-screen preview tile view for all desktops
- Minimized windows could wrongly pop up on different monitors in Full-screen preview
- Fixed Desktop Windows gathering windows crash
- Window copies in Desktop Windows overview mode were missing
- Fixed a DexControl crash with unexpected wallpaper sizes
- Improved support for scaled windows
- Plugins were not activated on super slow Dexpot start-ups
- Redraw taskbar on Windows 8 to prevent wrong icons
- Fixed monster font desktop names with different charsets

Dexpot 1.6.9 Build 2285
- Mouse switching follows the Dexgrid rows and columns layout
- Updated Russian language file Fixed:
- IObit Start Menu 8 support
- Fixed Taskbar Pager positioning
- Better window recovering after session unlock
- The grinning Dexpot monitor was missing from the profile list screen
- Enhanced fault tolerance for wrong profile data
- Windows moved to previous desktops in Full-screen preview classic mode

Dexpot 1.6.8 Build 2266
- Updated Portuguese language file
- Taskbar Pager: Do not show excluded monitors
- DexControl: Close windows with middle mouse button in tile view
- DexControl: Start Full-screen preview in tile view
- DexControl: Start Full-screen preview with current desktop zoomed
- Open the Dexpot main menu when another instance is running

- Fixed issues with RetroUI start menu replacement
- Improved 'Stick to edge of screen' on resolution changes for Desktop Manager
- Dexcube did not ignore excluded monitors when Dexpot was running as admin
- Fixed another plugin activation issue
- Better visualization of excluded monitors in the Dexpot settings
- Improved window recovering after session unlock
- Start button was not hidden on Windows XP

Dexpot 1.6.7 Build 2249
- Tray icon action: Window catalog (all desktops)
- MouseEvents plugin: Double tap events - called "Doppeldrücks"
- Back/forward mouse button switching for the secondary taskbar in Windows 8
- Setup accepts parameters '/company=' and '/key='
- Additional log file outputs

- Icon customization (separate folders) didn't work properly under certain circumstances in Windows XP
- Fixed default language selection
- Improved separate wallpaper support for uncommon monitor alignments
- Fixed potential start-up and plugin activation issues
- Unresponsive windows made Dexpot hang
- Changing the color depth could crash Desktop Manager with transparent background enabled
- Better Windows 8 taskbar hiding
- Fixed tiled wallpapers in Windows 8 not being previewed correctly

Dexpot 1.6.6 Build 2227
- Desktop Rules Run actions support parameters
- Debug option: Leave tokenized windows enabled
- DPI awareness for all Dexpot components

- The Windows 8 taskbar wasn't hidden correctly
- Some Windows 8 Metro UI elements caused utterly confusing issues
- Taskbar wasn't hidden after a resolution change
- With persistent taskbar enabled, windows did not receive focus after a desktop switch
- Fixed a rare crash while excluding monitors
- Wallpapers stretched across multiple monitors weren't displayed properly
- Improved corner recognition with multiple monitors using MouseEvents
- Fixed issues with hotkeys on excluded monitors
- Minor correction in the French language file

Dexpot 1.6.5 Build 2207
- Dexcube: Fade effect
- Updated French language file
- Updated Chinese (simplified) language file
- Debug option for Foreground Lock Timeout

- Improved Window catalog window activation to prevent unintended dragging
- Enhanced support for Actual Multiple Monitors' additional taskbar
- Fixed a rare Taskbar Pager crash
- Some windows on inactive desktops were missing in Taskbar Pager
- 7 Sidebar wasn't visible on all desktops
- Start orb was hidden in Japanese Windows after exiting DexControl

Dexpot 1.6.4 Build 2186
- Dexgrid hotkeys: Move window and switch
- Automatically refresh window titles and icons in Desktop Preview
- Updated Russian language file

- Desktop colors weren't changed when desktop icons were hidden
- Dexpot Updater didn't update several files with the same name
- Fixed UAC Data Redirection issues with the Dexpot Updater
- Desktop icons were missing after Explorer restart
- Enhanced support for larger font sizes in the splash and about dialog
- Fixed a DexControl problem when a primary monitor was excluded
- The contents of excluded monitors in Taskbar Pager were visible for the current desktop only
- Setup added too many shortcuts to Metro start menu in Windows 8
- Improved depiction of windows without or with broken icons in Desktop Preview
- Ability to double-click iconic previews in Desktop Preview led to unexpected behavior
- Improved compatibility with Terminal4Plus

Dexpot 1.6.3 Build 2167
- Choose your tray icon set via 'Settings > Appearance'
- Hotkey: Gather windows
- Hot Corner action: Minimize all
- Dynamic Taskbar Reordering for Windows 8
- Updated Hungarian language file

- Improved compatibility with Stardock Start8
- Hidden desktop icons became visible after exiting Dexpot
- Program icons in Desktop Manager's context menu were missing
- Customized icons in Desktop Manager weren't displayed until restart
- Fixed whitespace issue with desktop folders' names when icon customization enabled
- Changes to the master password weren't saved properly
- Improved double-click behavior for Dexpot tray icons in "One icon per desktop" mode

Dexpot 1.6.2 Build 2143
- Better readability of both systray and SevenDex icons
- Auto start option for Desktop Slideshow
- Desktop Preview: Adjustable auto-hide delay (via registry key 'VorschauAutoHideDelay')
- Windows 8 support

- Fixed an issue where the Beta feedback entry could be visible in the Dexpot main menu
- Improved compatibility with PotPlayer
- Missing individual settings no longer cause reset of all settings

Dexpot 1.6.1 Build 2121
- Updated Portuguese language file
- Setup prompts for Dexpot profiles (*.dxp) file association

- Hotkeys could trigger DexControl functions
- Fixed an issue where the original taskbar size was not restored
- Fixed loading rules from profiles

Dexpot 1.6.0 Build 2116
- DexControl: Interactive Full-screen preview and integrated Window catalog
- Multiple monitor support
- Icon customization: Create a separate folder for each desktop
- MouseEvents plugin: Hot Corners & Mouse wheel switching
- Ability to exlude monitors from desktop switching
- Assign applications
- Persistent taskbar: Keep all taskbar buttons visible
- Customization of desktop backgrounds for each monitor
- Load Dexpot profiles via shortcut
- Redesigned Desktop Manager and Desktop Preview
- Revised desktop names overlay
- Many beautified dialogs
- Fancy new icons almost everywhere
- Redesigned About dialog
- Plugin API extensions
- Hide Dexpot components when a full-screen application is active
- CTRL + Single click on 'One icon per desktop' launches Window catalog for a single desktop
- Automatic recovery of off-screen windows
- Option to allow hotkeys without modifier keys
- Added missing hotkeys, e.g. "Always on top"
- Delete all hotkeys of a category at once
- DexTab Task switcher scrolling capabilities
- DexTab Task switcher drag-and-drop support
- Show empty desktops in DexTab Task switcher
- Middle mouse button closes windows in DexTab Task switcher
- Arrow keys change selection in DexTab Task switcher and Desktop switcher
- Desktop Preview auto-close option
- When disabling the "Always on top" option, the Desktop Manager gets pinned to the desktop
- Wrap-around option for Dexgrid
- Windows can now be dragged along when switching desktops with Dexgrid
- Hiding the system tray on Windows 7 leaves "Show Desktop" button visible
- Fit and Fill wallpaper support for Windows XP and Vista
- Assuming a compatible Dexpot installation is present, dexpot.exe can now be run outside the Dexpot program folder
- Relative paths for portable version
- Automatic transfer of settings when started with an empty portable.ini
- Unicode desktop names and registry access
- Option to disable Dexcube when on battery
- Dexpot64.exe launches Dexpot
- Dexpot Updater can restart Dexpot
- Resizable Desktop Windows
- Easy license key pasting
- 30-day evaluation period for commercial use

- Fixed errors with windows copied to all desktops, then closed on specific desktops ("Magic sticky")
- Improved compatibility with DisplayFusion 4 Pro
- Fixed Dexcube spinning direction
- Fixed an issue with Taskbar Pager where default settings could not be loaded correctly
- Fixed problem with Remote Desktop windows not being hidden on desktop switch
- Fixed issue with Single Document Interfaces
- Fixed drag-and-drop issues in Desktop Preview

Dexpot 1.5.18 Build 2098
- Display Dual Monitor Taskbar on all desktops
- This last build of Dexpot 1.5 accepts 1.6 Pro license keys

- Fixed a problem that occured when aborting a desktop switch to a password-protected desktop
- Fixed gathering windows while moving windows in Desktop Preview
- Plugins are no longer loaded automatically on incompatible Windows versions
- Desktop Manager sometimes displayed wrong icons with 'Show icons of active windows' enabled
- Fixed problem with "no windows" line missing from empty desktops' menus in Desktop Manager

Dexpot 1.5.17 Build 1991
- Fixed double-click action for the additional button in the Desktop Manager

Dexpot 1.5.16 Build 1853
- Automatic Rules to save and restore sessions of certain applications
- Customization options for OEM version
- New Greek translation

- Fixed a rare crash problem on Windows XP
- Fixed problem with lost windows when using certain plugins
- Fixed problem with duplicated windows when using certain plugins
- Windows of full-screen applications were missing from the live full-screen preview
- Fixed a compatibility problem with EasyCODE
- Fixed a compatibility problem with Fences
- Fixed a compatibility problem with HP Remote Graphics
- Fixed a compatibility problem with PowerPoint
- Fixed a compatibility problem with TeamViewer 7
- Fixed issues with language files using character sets for non-Latin alphabets

Dexpot 1.5.15 Build 1799
- Desktop rules with regular expressions

- Windows of some applications were closed on desktop switch
- Certain windows no longer appear on all desktops
- Fixed system menu corruption after exiting Dexpot
- Fixed sticky user picture when switching desktops with the Start menu open
- Fixed a problem with the hidden window list

Dexpot 1.5.14 Build 1777
- New hotkeys "Move window and switch"
- Automatic restoration of window distribution on resume from standby
- Rule files (*.dxr) may contain multiple rules of the same name
- Added some more programs to the default ignore list

- Fixed Explorer crashes when using certain title bar actions
- Fixed detection of contradicting conditions in the Desktop Rules wizard
- Fixed Ctrl-click action when using "One icon per desktop" tray icon mode
- Desktop switching could enable window minimize animations
- Fixed problems with move/copy "on next switch" feature
- Fixed initial selection of a window copied to multiple desktops in the DexTab task switcher
- Fixed opaque desktop icon background when icon drop shadows are disabled on Windows XP
- Fixed problem with sticky Start menu shadow
- Fixed copying of windows when switching desktops in quick succession
- Fixed several rule import/export bugs

Dexpot 1.5.13 Build 1721
-Dynamic Taskbar Reordering on Windows 7 (courtesy of RaMMicHaeL)
-New title bar action "Close on all desktops"
-New Farsi translation
-Russian translation update

-Fixed preselection of last loaded profile
-Title bar actions using the right mouse button set window focus
-Certain programs were missing system menu entries
-Common Controls message boxes were obscured by splash screen
-Fixed window roll-up on 64-bit systems
-"Show icons of active windows" ignores Desktop Manager tooltips
-Added Spotify shadow to ignore list
-Fixed minor Window Catalog bug

Dexpot 1.5.12 Build 1690
- Desktop icon customization distinguishes icons with identical names

- Fixed Taskbar Pager crash
- Alt+F4 on empty desktops no longer exits Dexpot

Dexpot 1.5.11 Build 1648
- Dexpot warns about problems with the Common Controls and can fix some of them
- Ability to add and edit start-up items in Configure Desktops by pressing the enter key
- Taskbar Pager now supports right-to-left languages on Windows 7
- Ctrl-right-clicking a window in the Taskbar Pager opens the Dexpot main menu

- Fixed problem with desktop switching in TeamViewer remote sessions
- Fixed some bugs when moving and copying windows in the Desktop Preview
- Windows arranged using AeroSnap did not show up correctly in the Desktop Preview
- Desktop Preview could disappear when changing certain settings
- Fixed crash when changing the background of "all desktops" in Configure Desktops
- Fixed some visual artifacts in the Taskbar Pager
- Fixed some minor bugs in the Settings dialog
- Resetting all passwords did not correctly clear the master password
- Desktop Manager tooltips no longer show information about protected desktops
- Eliminated excessive disk accesses when using custom icons in the Desktop Manager
- Fixed tooltip window border bub

Dexpot 1.5.10 Build 1579
- New plugin: Dexgrid
- "Define hotkeys" button for plugins
- Turkish translation update

- Fixed problem where multiple system menu entries were added to windows
- Fixed a compatibility problem with iTunes 10
- Fixed initial selection "Last active window" in DexTab task switcher
- Fixed problems with the Windows 7 wallpaper styles Fit and Fill
- Fixed bug causing Explorer windows to disappear when moving them in the Desktop Preview
- Title bar actions didn't work correctly with MS Office windows
- Title bar actions could be applied to the taskbar
- Title bar actions were not refreshed after changing the interface language
- Fixed issues with dragging windows to other desktops using the mouse switch feature
- Some system menu entries didn't work correctly under certain circumstances

Dexpot 1.5.9 Build 1503
- Improved automatic application of title-based desktop rules
- Added "normal" switching exception to allow overriding of wechsel.ini defaults in mywechsel.ini
- Minor usability improvements in the Desktop Rules dialog and the rules assistant
- Added several desktop gadget-like applications to the default ignore list
- New Russian language file

- Fixed problems with windows migrating to other desktops
- Fixed compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 9
- Fixed random desktop icon locations after reboot
- Fixed taskbar auto-hide problem
- Fixed problem with plugins not being restarted automatically
- Fixed crash when changing the screen resolution on desktop switch
- Fixed repositioning of Manager and Preview after screen resolution changes
- Fixed problem when indirectly moving windows to other desktops in the Desktop Preview
- Dragging a window in the Desktop Preview could accidentally change the position of other windows
- Fixed manual rule application with certain applications (e.g. NinjaTrader)
- Fixed missing tray icon problem
- Some settings were not saved correctly in the default profile
- Old custom desktop names would be lost when increasing the desktop count
- Fixed some plugin problems when running Dexpot as administrator
- Fixed some bugs in the desktop rules wizard
- Fixed analog clocks in Wallpaper Clocks plugin
- Taskbar Pager configuration dialog didn't work on Windows XP
- Updater no longer starts Dexpot as admin by default

Dexpot 1.5.8 Build 1434
- Plugin API extensions
- Hungarian translation update

- Fixed diagonal desktop icon bug
- Fixed Taskbar Pager crash when changing the desktop count
- Fixed appearance of Taskbar Pager on Aero Basic
- Contextual menus in the Taskbar Pager didn't work when running Dexpot as admin
- Fixed wallpaper flashing when switching with Dexcube
- "Hide desktop icons" tool stopped working after a wallpaper change on Vista/7
- Desktop switching using the forward/backward mouse buttons didn't work when running Dexpot as admin
- Esc correctly cancels DexTab
- Fixed positioning of fullscreen preview live windows with certain desktop counts
- Improved compatibility with KeePass
- Desktop Manager no longer restores position on double-click when "Lock position" is enabled

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