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Groupy is a powerful organizational tool for Windows PC desktop that will keep information tabbed and organized. You can drag and drop multiple applications and documents together to group them into a tabbed interface for easy access and reference. Bring Browser-like Tabs to Windows Apps Today with Groupy 2 tool!

Straightforward and easy to use, Stardock Groupy app lets you manage tabs in quick and natural ways within the browser-like interface. Tabbing between apps keeps the desktop clear of additional distractions and eliminates the need to constantly look around for and open or close multiple programs.

Save groups of applications together for future usage. Optionally add a New Tab button to quickly launch a new instance of the currently highlighted application. Saved groups for Office files combine all your working documents in one convenient link.

Web browsers existed for over a decade before the capability for multiple tabbed pages was available. Groupy brings this option to the Windows desktop by letting you keep reference data in multiple locations contained in a single group that’s only a tab-click away.

  • Drag and drop applications together to group them under a common tabbed interface
  • Organize multiple applications and documents together for convenient access
  • Group related tabs together for optimal workflow
  • Save groups of applications together for future usage
  • Manage tabs in quick and natural ways with the browser-like interface
  • Add new tabs to existing groups quickly and easily
  • Mouseover tabs to preview the window contents
  • Copy files between Explorer tabs. Drag files to the target tab, pause to switch, and then into the target window.
  • Automatically group instances of the same application together
Groupy 2 for Home

Seamless Tab Integration
Effortlessly add tabs to almost any application, allowing for easy organization of open windows within the application's frame.

Automatic Grouping
All instances of the same application are automatically grouped together, ensuring a streamlined and clutter-free experience.

Streamlined App Launching
Launch multiple applications with a single click directly from the taskbar, thanks to the convenient grouping feature.

Colorful Organization
Enhance app organization by assigning accents to tabs, enabling easy categorization by type, project, or purpose.

Customizable Design Options
Choose from a variety of layouts offered by Groupy 2, allowing you to personalize the tab experience according to your preferences.

Modern Compatibility
The app is designed to support native Windows 11 features while also being optimized for seamless compatibility with Windows 10.

Groupy 2 for Business

Tab Integration for Any Application
Add tabs to almost any Windows application, allowing for seamless organization of your open windows.

Automatic Grouping
It automatically organizes all instances of the same application, ensuring a clutter-free workspace.

Simplified App Launching
Utilize the power of groupings to launch multiple apps together with just a single click, enhancing productivity.

Colorful Tab Organization
Add accents to your tabs, making it simple to organize them based on tasks, types, or programs.

Advanced Deployment Options
Groupy is designed to work seamlessly with popular tools like Manage Engine, and it can be installed silently for a hassle-free deployment.

Easy Activation and Device Management
Deploy Groupy effortlessly with single-key activation and manage licenses remotely for convenient device management.

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How Groupy 2 is Used

  • Simplify your gaming experience by organizing all gaming launchers into a single window.
  • Group your streaming apps based on their purpose, allowing for better interaction with your community.
  • Customize tabs with different colors to easily identify gaming or productivity apps.
  • Streamline your schoolwork by adding color-coded tabs to organize open apps by topic.
  • Use accents on tabs to sort them by subject, topic, or purpose, facilitating efficient organization.
  • Automatically group apps by type and create separate windows for research, keeping everything organized.
  • Launch a grouping of school apps directly from the taskbar for quick access.
  • Maximize your productivity with Groupy's efficient organization features.
  • Create groupings of multiple applications that can be launched together, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Use accents on tabs to quickly locate the right open window, minimizing time spent searching.
  • Group productivity apps together to maintain focus on specific tasks, improving productivity.
  • It helps keep IT apps organized by support, documentation, and terminal connections to production servers, preventing accidental testing in a production environment.
  • Add accents to tabs related to production workloads, enabling easy identification and differentiation.
  • Create a grouping of support tools, reducing time spent searching for the right window and streamlining IT support workflows.
  • Group all scripting tools together, providing a centralized command line window for convenient access.
  • It facilitates the organization of open windows by project, type, or task, aiding in effective project management.
  • Add accents to tabs for faster visual recognition of different project-related apps.
  • Automate the sorting of applications into specific groups, minimizing the time spent searching for specific app instances during project management.
  • It enables the separation of patient apps from productivity tools, ensuring the confidentiality and compliance of patient data.
  • Add accent colors to tabs containing sensitive data, alerting users to take appropriate measures to protect the contents.
  • Automate the grouping of applications containing sensitive data, increasing awareness and control over the viewed content.
Human Resources
  • It helps keep sensitive HR data, such as payroll and social security information, grouped together to minimize the risk of accidental data leakage.
  • Add accents to tabs housing sensitive files, providing a clear visual indicator of applications containing restricted data.
  • Create a grouping of applications on the taskbar specific to personal identifiable information (PII) risks if exposed, ensuring better data security and risk management within HR processes.

MULTI-DEVICE - $6.99 for 5 Active Installs
  • Up to 5 active installs
  • Languages included for beta: English
  • 30 days of support
  • System Requirements: Windows 10/11
Efficiently manage your Windows 10 and 11 desktop by grouping multiple applications into organized tabs!

  • Enhanced Organization: It provides a convenient way to organize and manage multiple windows and applications by grouping them into tabs, reducing clutter and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Streamlined Task Switching: With the program, you can switch between different grouped applications seamlessly, as tabs eliminate the need to search for specific windows or use the taskbar to switch between multiple open applications.
  • Increased Productivity: Groupy's tabbed interface helps in boosting productivity by allowing users to focus on specific tasks or projects without getting distracted by numerous open windows. It enables better organization and easier access to related applications.
  • Customizable Tab Features: It offers various customization options, such as assigning colors and accents to tabs, enabling users to visually differentiate between different groups or categories of applications.
  • Compatibility: The app is designed to work with a wide range of applications and supports both Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, providing compatibility across different platforms.
  • Learning Curve: Some users may initially find it challenging to adapt to the tabbed interface and learn how to effectively use Groupy to organize and manage their applications.
  • Limited Functionality for Certain Applications: While the app works well with most applications, there may be a few exceptions where tab integration may not be as seamless or functional, resulting in limitations for specific software.
  • Resource Consumption: Running the app in the background may consume additional system resources, potentially affecting overall system performance, especially on lower-end or older machines.
Note: 30 days trial version.

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What's new in this version:

- Resolves mouse wheel scrolling config app pages accidentally scrolling combo boxes when the mouse ends up over one of them