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Durable AI is a powerful website builder webapp that prides itself on providing businesses of all sizes with an industry-leading AI-powered toolset for the fast generation of whole web destinations that range from company landing pages, showcase galleries, marketing destinations, and e-commerce websites in less than one minute!

Instead of only relying on pre-generated templates that were built by groups of professional designers like many of its competitors, this website generator service enables users to get a fully functional and stunning website that is generated by the cloud-powered AI engine that was trained on hundreds of thousands of popular websites.

Main features

With this AI-powered webapp, companies and marketing teams of all types can generate a brand-new website that can be quickly customized and tweaked to fit any business need and immediately start attracting visitors and customers.

And that is not all. This Durable platform empowers businesses to immediately start taking advantage of several other products that this team has developed over the years – a powerful analytics engine that can generate stunning reports with actionable insights, a CRM platform for managing all customer tasks, Marketing dashboard for deploying projects of all sizes, Invoicing webapp for managing daily financial tasks, and even integrated SEO optimizer for delivering company’s presence to the top of browser search pages.

With just 30 seconds of initial setup time, Durable for Windows PC can get webpage design up and running, with an incredibly streamlined way to personalize the branding, optimize marketing efforts on various social network platforms, and be ready to start generating revenue.

The initial website generation procedure is incredibly simple. Users are asked to provide their company name, business type, and location, and the in mere 15 seconds the finished website design will be ready for viewing, with automatically populated page modules, embedded images, navigation maps, generic customer testimonials, and more.

All generated websites are of course fully dynamic, have touch-friendly navigation, and have modular rendering support that smartly resizes all webpage content when viewed from mobile devices with smaller display sizes.

The Durable AI Website Builder platform automatically populates the generated pages with stylish, attractive, and professional images and icons, enabling companies to quickly generate temp or even finalized webpages in no time. Website customization can be accelerated greatly with the help of the large built-in library of photo and icon content.


Durable AI can be tested for FREE during the 30-day trial period, after which users are required to switch to the Premium access tier to take full control over their websites.

  • Powerful website builder features
  • Offers a CRM feature for customer management
  • Provides website building services, which can be beneficial for small businesses
  • Durable's expertise in acting as a money manager for businesses is unclear
  • The terms of service state that Durable will own the user's website and can change the terms at any time
  • Durable is a new company in the early stages of financing with an investment firm, and there may be legal risks associated with using their services