A powerful and easy volume control app for Windows PC



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EarTrumpet is a lightweight but very useful application that can take control over default volume control visualization service in Windows 11/Windows 10, and morph it into a more visually pleasing and touch-friendly interface that can be easily, quickly, and reliably used by anyone.

Built from the ground up only to work with Windows 10 and Windows 11, this application replaces the default audio management system that is found in the taskbar, just near the system clock is located. It allows modification of not only global sound level, but also fine-grain control over volume output of every active application that is outputting sounds. Best yet, all sound level controls are optimized for touch-friendly devices, with an enlarged UI interface and no hidden options that the user has to hunt for.

EarTrumpted can be easily installed on Windows 10 or Windows 11 in just a few seconds by just visiting its official page on Microsoft Store and pressing the large blue “Get” button. The app will automatically download and install itself, replacing the default system volume management service and becoming the new default audio manager.

It has no standalone window or configuration window, and it can simply be found in the taskbar at the place every Windows user expects to handle volume controls. By pressing on its icon, users gain access to the list of the current apps that are outputting sound, with individual volume bars for each of them, and one global bar that controls the final sound levels of the detected sound card.

The current sound card can be selected by pressing on the “up” icon located in the top-right corner of the UI. It is important to note that every detected app that handles audio will be represented only with the icon, and the name of the app will only be showcased if the user hovers the mouse over the icons.

There are no other hidden features, users are just able to precisely control the volume levels of each detected app, with the capability for example to reduce the volume of music streaming app while Skype voice chat is running at full blast.

EarTrumpet is 100% FREE and can be used only on desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs running Windows 10/Windows 11. Even though it does not have advanced UI elements, it features built-in translation to several international languages (German, French, Norwegian and Japanese).