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    Easy2Boot 2.20 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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The Easy2Boot program is designed to let you create media files that are bootable. People who maintain computer systems or work as system administrators will find this software program to be quite useful. After numerous testing, there were hardly any circumstances where media files were corrupt. One extra feature of E2B is for creating PTN files to execute secure boots.

The program can create several kinds of partitions, making it quite flexible. If you need the media to be NTFS or FAT compliant, then you can make that happen too. All this flexibility gives the user more options and the choice for the hardware configuration.

If you have existing computers with a corrupt BIOS, you can run this tool to make them functional again. Most people don’t have to format their hard drive with this tool, though. That is what makes this boot software program so convenient.

Easy2Boot can handle virtually any file type quite well. Most developers want to enable their computer systems to be compatible with this software. The technology used here establishes performance standards that are not usually available in modern devices and systems.

There have been few versions of this tool released because its core programming cannot be changed that much to accommodate other platforms. This is actually a good thing about this tool because it doesn’t bother users with constant upgrades and updates. Meanwhile, the program stays relevant as time goes on.

Therefore, when you use the first version of this software, you won’t need to get another version of it because it’ll still stay functional.

If you are looking for Easy2Boot alternatives, we recommend you to download Rufus or UNetbootin.

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What's new in this version:

- Add grubenv.g4b, grubenv and grubpath.g4b to allow grub4dos to be called from grub2\Ventoy menu system
- Add check for RTC year each time E2B is loaded and warn user if year is bad. Indicates a flat CMOS battery
- In QRUN.g4b add C=CRC32 to calculate CRC32 of selected file
- In QRUN.g4b add secret QRUN dialogue user key ! so user can get to commandline for debugging at user prompt
- BugFix for .imgfdhd01 and other .img* extensions in QRUN.g4b - change QR bmp to easy2boot.xyz URL. Typically used for Win98.iso booting, etc