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FineCam is the AI-powered virtual camera that upgrades your webcam. With superior performance in video processing, FineCam for Windows PC helps you get rid of issues such as low quality, background interference, and angle and makes you look fantastic in remote meetings, live streams, and video creation.

The latest update, FineCam 2.0, comes with numerous new features and enhancements. It includes a more user-friendly interface, improved content sharing options, segment recording for better video recording, real-time background removal and video processing, microphone adjustments and noise reduction. Additionally, it comes with new themes and other additional features.

It offers new features that utilize deep learning and GPU hardware acceleration for enhanced video processing and efficient background removal. Its segment recording feature enables users to capture multiple videos at once, while supporting multi-camera capture and simultaneous recording from various sources. The software uses a dedicated GPU for video processing, resulting in improved efficiency compared to general-purpose CPUs.

Features and Highlights

Use iPhone and Other Cameras as Webcams
Instantly turn any camera you own such as iPhone, iPad, GoPro, digital cameras, DSLR cameras, webcams into a high-end webcam. There is no limit on the number of cameras.

Capture One Shot from Multiple Angles
It supports building a multi-camera setup for video, so you are able to capture one shot from different angles.

Create Multiple Video Scenes
It supports creating multiple scenes. It lets you seamlessly switch between multiple scenes and lenses and choose the desired resolution for scenes.  

Overlay Webcam over Any Content
It allows you to super impose yourself with PowerPoint slides, YouTube videos, and web pages. You are capable of adjusting the webcam overlay size and moving it to anywhere they want on the screen.

Background Removal
Instantly remove the webcam background/green screen or add a blur effect to the video. Get rid of background interference during virtual interviews, video calls, online classes, live streams, etc.

Built-in Virtual Background Library
It works with Unsplash. There are millions of free and ready-to-use virtual backgrounds available for you to choose from.

AI Enhancement
FineShare FineCam software improves low light performance. You can capture high-quality video in dimly lit situations.

Auto Focus
Automatically keep subjects in focus as they move across the frame.

Webcam Filters & Effects
Offers over 60 filters & special effects. Applying filters & effects to videos dramatically changes the way your videos look. Make your videos more fun, and unique.

Branding Templates
Offering pre-made branding templates with simplicity style, you can customize templates by adjusting color transparency, and changing logo layout and theme color. Easily create a brand design and leave a lasting impression.

Free/Demo Plan
  • AI-powered Webcam Color And Image Correction
  • Screenshot & Video Capture
  • Use iPhone as HD Webcam for PC
  • Remove/Blur/Change Webcam Background
  • Chroma Key
  • Cinematic Filters & Effects
  • Create Multiple Video Scenes
  • Use PowerPoint Slides as Virtual Background
  • Use YouTube Video as Virtual Background
  • Use Webpage as Virtual Background
  • HD Video Quality - 720p
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time background removal
  • Improved content sharing
  • Segment recording for video
  • Noise reduction & microphone adjustments
  • Limited device compatibility
  • Limited free version

Overall, with semantic analysis and edge detection, the deep learning model quickly removes background. Users can easily remix and export their content, making FineCam a comprehensive capture solution for flexible and efficient video production.

Note: Upgrade for all Pro features, starting from $6.90/m. Unlimited devices.

Also Available: Download FineCam for Mac

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What's new in this version:

FineCam 2.2
- New support for iPhone 15 and iOS 17.1.2 operating systems.
- Upgrade FineCam driver to provide a more stable connection experience.
- Fixed some issues in FineCam and optimized the user experience.