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Microsoft Fix It Center

Microsoft Fix It Center

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    Microsoft Fix It Center 1.0 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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    Microsoft Corporation / External Link

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Microsoft Fix It Center is a useful system management utility that can help Windows PC users of all knowledge levels to easily scan their PC and find a wide variety of potential software issues or even early signs of hardware malfunctions that can lead to the reduced system or app performance, crashes, audio recording or playback errors and a wide variety of other issues that can impact the daily running of a modern PC. And best yet, this entire procedure of identifying and fixing the various issues can be done with a simple press of the button.

There is no needs to install multiple apps, work with individual patches or waste a lot of time while fixing various systems of the PC (including the dep sub-systems managed by the OS itself), just a single button press will do.

Once installed to the PC that runs Windows OS versions between Windows XP and Windows 7, the entire procedure of using this app is incredibly simple. Fix-It Center app features a single dashboard that promotes easy tool discovery, most notably the easy-to-spot “Run” button that will begin a comprehensive scan of the entire desktop or laptop system.

For each detected issue or a potential problem that may later lead to app or system instability, the app will offer a suggestion for fixing it. The found fixes can be applied automatically, or alternatively, users can pick and choose which of the fixes he wants to apply and which to skip.

Since the entire procedure is created to be as automated as possible, this app represents one of the best system maintenance apps for users with low or no experience with performing regular upkeep of their operating system and noticing the impact of the app's health on the system stability.

Microsoft FixIt Center was developed by Microsoft itself and it has some added benefits for holders of their Microsoft account. Users who link their accounts inside this app can unlock access to several online solutions, including even the ability to connect to remote computers and perform remote management.  It should be noted that this app was built specifically to detect, manage, remove, and fix various issues present in older Windows OS versions that are now considered as a legacy.

The app is user-friendly, has the ability to detect and solve many problems, and does so quickly, reliably, and safely with no need for users to intervene.

  • Easy one-button scan.
  • Simplifies system maintenance.
  • Offers automated fixes.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Free for legacy Windows OS users.
  • Limited to older Windows versions.
  • May lack advanced features.
  • Limited customization options.
  • Dependency on Microsoft account for additional benefits.
MS Fix It Center is 100% FREE for all users of desktop and laptop PCs running legacy Windows OS versions between Windows XP and Windows 8.

Note: This beta is now closed to Windows 7 users.