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PassFab FixUWin

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PassFab FixUWin

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    PassFab FixUWin 1.1.1 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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PassFab FixUWin (formerly PassFab Computer Management) is an all-in-one Repair, Backup and Restore application for Windows OS, enabling anyone from novices to seasoned technicians to easily solve an incredible variety of OS and hardware issues that can happen to modern and legacy desktop and laptop PCs.

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  • Effortlessly diagnose and resolve over 200 Windows-related problems, including Windows blue/black screen, boot failures, and frequent crashes.
  • Generate a complimentary 64 or 32-bit system repair disc.
  • Designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, catering to even the most novice PC users.
  • Safely troubleshoot issues without the need to reinstall your operating system, ensuring your privacy remains intact.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our professional team, boasting a decade of experience, alongside round-the-clock technical support.
  • Compatible with all computer brands and supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 operating systems.
From booting computers that refuse to reach the desktop, removing various freeze screens or crash situations, recovering data from unbootable hard drivers, and hundreds of other Windows issues, this app can solve it all. And best yet, all of its functions are accessible from a simple to use interface, enabling everyone to try to fix their PC at home before choosing to seek help from technicians.
  • Boot up computers that cannot start properly.
  • Repair Windows Blue/Black screen, crashing problems in minutes.
  • Reset Windows local and domain password.
  • Recover data from an unbootable hard disk.
  • Shred undeletable files completely.
The core features of the PassFab FixUWin suite are separated into seven main categories, which are accessible as standalone products. “Windows Intelligent System Repair” is a service that can detect and fix over 30 thousand various Windows OS issues, ranging from black and blue screens, update loops, random restarts, screen freeze, and more. “Recover Your Data” app can help users preview and restore accidentally deleted files, access data from damaged partitions, and more. “Backup & Restore” is a service that can build backup archives, which can be easily stored, transferred, or restored by the user.


Smart System Repair
The intelligent system repair feature is designed to automatically diagnose and resolve the majority of Windows issues, making it the optimal choice for most users.

System Boot Repair
For Windows problems that cannot be resolved by the smart repair option, system boot repair provides an additional layer of assurance, guaranteeing successful repairs.

Ultimate Repair
Technical users can access advanced methods to tackle even the most complex Windows problems, providing comprehensive solutions for their specific needs.

Password & Key Recovery
If you have forgotten your Windows login password or product key, our tool can easily reset them, allowing you to regain access to your system and software.

Data Recovery
Effortlessly recover your valuable data, including files, photos, videos, documents, and audio, from crashed Windows systems or damaged disks.

Backup & Restore
Create backup plans and restore your files, down to the last byte, even in cases of system failures or hard disk crashes.

Data Wipe
Utilize military-grade technology to permanently delete files, ensuring that they are irrecoverable and safeguarding your most valuable data.

Partition Management
Effectively manage your device's hard disk space by creating, formatting, deleting, and resizing partitions with ease.

10 Years of Expertise & Continuous Upgrades
With a decade of experience in the Windows solution field, PassFab FixUWin is your trusted companion for resolving Windows issues, constantly evolving to meet your needs.

Superior to Driver Updates
Third-party driver software often installs incorrect drivers and may come bundled with malware and unwanted programs, potentially slowing down your system's performance.

Simple, Fully Automated Process
Our solution automatically fixes all problems, eliminating the need for manual repairs involving tasks like resetting BIOS, using command prompts, or entering safe mode, which can often lead to further complications.

Superior to Remote Services
Avoid privacy concerns associated with remote services, as well as limitations such as being unable to power up your computer or log in to Windows. PassFab FixUWin provides a more comprehensive and reliable solution.

Few smaller services are also highly effective in their area of expertise - “Partition Manager” can take full control over your local hard drives, “Data Wipe” can permanently remove files so that they can never be recovered anymore, “Reset Windows Password” tool can enable users to regain control over their locked Windows Account with no formation or reinstallation needed, and “Product Key Recovery” can unearth Microsoft Office license keys.

How to Use

Repair Your Windows Quickly & Correctly in 3 Simple Steps

Create a Free Repair Disk
Generate a repair disk at no cost, which will be your essential tool for the repair process.

Initiate Automatic Repair
Start the automatic repair feature, which will efficiently diagnose and fix the issues with your PC.

Successfully Repair Your PC
Follow the guided prompts and instructions to complete the repair process successfully, ensuring your Windows system is back to its optimal state.


Can I create a Windows 10/11 recovery disk from another computer?
Absolutely! It allows you to effortlessly create a Windows recovery disk from a different computer and use it to boot up your problematic machine.

Does PassFab FixUWin support fixing system loop boot and update issues?
Yes, the app is specifically designed to address system loop boot and update problems. When your PC refuses to boot,  the professional tool can effectively resolve these issues with ease and speed.

What should I do if I can't locate the Windows operating system?
If you're unable to find the Windows operating system, we recommend disconnecting all drives that don't contain the operating system. Then, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your computer. Alternatively, you can use a bootable USB or DVD with Windows 7 or later that includes a bootable Command Prompt. For a quick and easy resolution, we suggest using PassFab FixUWin, the professional tool specifically designed to tackle this problem.

Is PassFab FixUWin safe to use?
Absolutely! The program is a completely safe Windows repair tool. Running it on your computer will not result in any data loss or compromise your privacy. You can trust the tool to effectively repair your system without any risks.


User-friendly interface: It typically offers a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it accessible even for users with limited technical knowledge.

Wide range of fixes: The software claims to address various Windows issues, including system crashes, blue screen errors, DLL errors, registry errors, and more. It attempts to offer comprehensive solutions to common problems.

Quick and automated solutions: The app is designed to automate the process of identifying and resolving system issues. It can save you time by providing quick solutions instead of manually troubleshooting problems.

Backup and restore options: The software often includes features that allow you to create system backups or restore points before making any changes. This can be helpful in case any unintended consequences arise during the repair process.

Customer support: It  typically provides customer support to help users with any questions or issues they encounter while using the software. This can be beneficial if you need assistance during the troubleshooting process.


Effectiveness may vary: While the app aims to fix common Windows errors, its effectiveness can vary depending on the specific issue and system configuration. It may not be able to resolve all problems, especially those caused by more complex underlying factors.

Potential for false positives: Like any automated system repair tool, there is a possibility that FixUWin may identify issues that are not actually problematic. This can lead to unnecessary modifications or changes to your system, potentially causing new problems.

Cost: While the pricing structure can vary, the app is often a paid software tool. This means you'll need to consider the cost as part of your decision-making process.


All in all, PassFab FixUWin - PassFab Computer Management is a highly effective repair and diagnostic tool that can revitalize badly working PCs, fix an incredible variety of OS issues, unlock access to inaccessible files, and restore valuable data (including product keys from your already installed Office apps).

PassFab FixUWin can be tested for FREE during a 30-day Trial period. Full functionality is unlocked with the purchase of a premium license subscription (monthly or yearly) for single or multiple PCs.

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