Boost the sound quality of your music with FxSound Enhancer powered by DFX


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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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FxSound automatically restores lost sound quality to provide you high definition music. Enjoy high definition sound with occasional interruptions and limited access to features. Compatible with all your Windows PC apps: Apple Music - Spotify - Google Play Music - Youtube - Pandora - Soundcloud - Netflix and Steam! The core technology and audio enhancement that came with DFX is now in the new and improved FxSound Enhancer.

FxSound is now 100% free and unrestricted! Download new 2023 version now to unlock all presets and the ability to save your EQ and Effects settings to create your own presets.

Now you can make sound jump out of your speakers. New software to boost your cold, boring, and quiet sound. Get perfect sound on any hardware without breaking the bank. You don't need to spend thousands to get audiophile sound. Upgrade to Premium Pro for $19.99/year to unlock presets and to save EQ and Effects settings!

FxSound for PC corrects the limitations of your audio devices and files.

Video Games
Get lost in your world. Never miss a footstep, ping, or voice line again.

TV and Movies
Never strain to hear dialog or get your ears blown out by the sound effects or score again. FxSound smooths and improves your favorite shows and movies.

The app boosts your clarity to save your sanity. Rewind less, get paid more. Customize your sound with precision.

New Parametric EQ
No two ears are the same. Not all hardware is made equal. The new equalizer balances your sound to your needs now with customizable center frequencies.

Switch between listening to music, gaming, and streaming video in an instant with specially designed presets for every possible sound situation.

Make audio and visual one blended experience. The visualization lets you feel your music in a new way.
What is FxSound?

High Definition Audio
This software instantly restores lost fidelity in low-quality music tracks to deliver rich, clear, and booming sound.

Personalized Sound
With Fx Sound Effects and EQ, you have the tools to boost your music's bass, adjust dynamic range, and more.

DFX Audio Enhancer
The name has changed, but the superior sound quality that came with DFX has not.

Turn the program on and immediately hear the difference in sound quality.

Boost Volume
This will give you max volume without distortion.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Switching presets and devices is now quicker than ever.

The software automatically optimizes your listening experience. Just sit back and enjoy it.

For the serious audiophiles, the tool gives you the tools to adjust the Fx Sound Effects and EQ to your exact preferences.

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