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Download GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 139

  -  98.9 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 139
- The homepage is dead, long live the homepage
- The editor homepage has been revamped
- UI changes that came along with it

Other changes:
- Tile maps collisions
- Leaderboards
- Extension editor improvements
- Add a button, in the Profile, to manage online the subscription to GDevelop services
- This allows to easily update a payment method or switch to another plan/cancel (though this can already be done from the interface)
- Add an option in the Resources editor to preload audio files in the cache without decoding
- Make radian or degree explicit in descriptions for angles
- Automatically open a scene when a project is opened
- Add an option to wait for a network request action to end before running other actions
- Add a toggle to display community extensions
- Avoid bad expression warnings in the console when using force actions without changing the force type
- Don't show objects already in a group in the selector to add a new object to this group
- Adding actions to tween the value of a scene variable or a layer camera position

- [New community extension] Pause when focus lost
- Pauses the game when the focus of the window or tab is lost. Continues when focus is regained
- [New community extension] Dialog Box
- Helps to create dialogue boxes
- [New community extensions] Animation system
- A collection of pre-made animations
- [New community extension] Make it rain
- [New community extension] Pushable Box
- [Yandex] Remove old non-working extension with a community extension
- The old one was not fully working, and unused in favor of the new one by the Russian community
- [New extension] Text to Speech
- Allows to use the system's text to speech capabilities
- Fix Camera Shake wrongly affecting the base layer rotation even if another layer was specified

- New assets are in the store: Isometric City Pack
- Fix some animations having empty sprites
- Update 16x16 dungeon tileset thumbnail

- [New game template] Absorbus
- Propel your object to absorb smaller objects, but avoid larger objects or they will absorb you!
- [Parking Jam] Remove the unused effect on layers
- [New example] Fire bullet
- Changed Flappy Bird to Tappy Planes
- Swapped out all of the art assets to Kenney's CC0 1.0 Universal "Tappy Plane" assets, and made new sound assets
- Added a leaderboard
- Fixed the opening scene transition
- Changed how the game over screen is displayed
- Update and modernize the procedural example
- Update with instructions on preview and thumbnail images

- Fix grammar for the description of the Platform behavior
- Fix typos: replace 'Musics' with 'Music'
- Fix Physics2 behavior contact detection
- Make it possible to activate and reactivate physics 2 behavior
- Fix behavior for objects modified or destroyed during events life cycle
- Make Physics2 Collision condition valid in any step of behavior life cycles

GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 138
- Update all dark themes and rework the light theme entirely to have a modern look and feel
- Improve/fix the drag'n'drop to allow again horizontal movements to quickly move an event
- Add mass and moment of inertia expressions for the Physics behavior
- Suggest all expression types in autocompletions of expressions
- Also automatically convert number expressions to text (using ToString()) when needed
- Add WebManifest to exported web games
- This allows a game hosted on a website to have a proper icon and orientation when a shortcut to it is added to the home screen on Android or iOS
- No longer count pauses (when the tab is hidden) for the players session duration statistics
- If you missed it, the asset store has been improved in the last few versions. A big thank you to everyone in the community that gave a bit of their time to take part into some user research chats and explained their experience with GDevelop and the asset store: Doomsday, HelperMuzan, AstrowoCookie_Games, Breed, TheBeeDev, ArticMan, Hussinali121, dmendz, teo, jumpingj, Jurfix, THEspectre, Crimson Dan x (Kurimuzondan), VegeTato, Entropy.

Extensions, assets and examples:
- [BoidsMovement] Add an extension to simulates flocks movement
- [PixelPerfectMovement] Fix: top-down characters moving on a grid no longer go side way after colliding with an obstacle.
- [CursorMovement] Fix conditions were always returning true when called a 2nd time
- Add a new pack: Pixel Platformer by Wishforge Games
- Removed the "simple checkpoints" custom extension from the Platformer example.
- Add an example to show how to simulate a flock movement with the "Boids movement" extension
- [TopDownGridMovement] Add obstacles
- Add "The Conviction of Gun Dude Mobile"
- A mobile version of the desktop game of the same name, with dual joysticks to be played on a touchscreen and an adapted difficulty!
- Fire Bullet extension can now shoot multiple bullets at once
- Add the ability to shoot multiple bullets at once
- Cooldown: Time between shots (seconds)
- Bullet Quantity: Number of bullets shot at once
- Firing Arc: Range of angles that bullets will shoot. Bullets are evenly spread within this range.
- Angle Variance: Each bullet angle will be randomized in this range (degrees)
- Add expressions for new settings
- Rotate bullet is now a parameter (enabled by default)
- Changed rotate bullet from a parameter to a property
- Add paid packs by Andre Holtz
- Cleaning and fixes for the platformer example
- Replaced custom "simple smooth camera" extension with official "smooth camera" extension
- Removed the "player start" object
- Changed the first checkpoint spawn to be where the player object is at beginning of scene
- Fixed the broken climb animation

- Fix the physics engine contacts/collisions between objects not detected when they happened shortly between frames
- Fix clicks on checkboxes that are far from the label on the same line in the editor
- Fix asset thumbnail sometimes having a wrong size when navigating the Asset store
- Fix category of "Error of last save attempt" leaderboard expression

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