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Hex Editor Neo

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Hex Editor Neo

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Hex Editor Neo is a binary file editing software utility for Windows PC. It's a rich and handy set of features will help all software and hardware developers working with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data.

Highly optimized performance, carefully tuned user interface with a new level of application stability will save a lot of your time, money, and precious nerves while working with binary files. Make patches with just two mouse clicks; manipulate your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG files with unlimited undo/redo. Taste the visual operation history with branching.

Hex Editor Neo Features: Editing Files of ANY Size; Built-In Explorer; Unlimited Undo/Redo; Multiple Selection; Selection Save and Load; Find All; Replace All; History Browsing; History Save and Load; Patch Creation; Clipboard Operations; Bytes, Words, Double Words, Quad Words, Floats, and Doubles Edit Mode; Pattern Coloring; Data Inspector; Bookmarks; Base Converter; Advanced copy & export; Encodings.

Hexeditor is highly optimized to quickly perform the requested actions. It also allows you to continue working with a document while the application is busy performing a lengthy operation on another opened document. Only HexEditor Neo will allow you to edit large files without troubles.

You'll never find any other Hex Editor that:
  • Saves your working time better. It's really fast.
  • Supports multiple revisions of your file with one click switching. It's convenient.
  • Supports the saving/loading of your file manipulations history. It's safe.
  • Processes files of huge size without chances to be stacked. It's reliable.
  • It allows you to exchange file modifications history with colleagues. It's social.
  • Supports multiple threading and parallel processing. It's modern.
Note: 14 days trial version. Limited functionality.

  • Hex Editor Neo Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Hex Editor Neo
- Change log not available for this version

Hex Editor Neo
New Features:
- Added new option to force application into Dark or Light theme
- A new option has been added (Tools » Settings » General) which allows the user to force the Hex Editor Neo into Dark or Light color theme. The default mode remains to follow the system setting.

Updated Features:
Improved dark mode and localization support:
- Hex Editor Neo no longer uses standard system message box windows, as they do not support dark theme and do not support localization. New custom windows are now used instead with full support for dark theme, custom color themes and also feature localized buttons.

- Reset Settings command does not work
- Regression in the previously released version broke the Tools » Settings » Settings, Reset Settings command
- Modifying nibbles does not mark the document as modified
- Fixed a bug when modifying only part of a cell (nibble) did not mark the document as modified
- Crash in Replace/Replace All commands in regular expressions mode
- Application could crash during execution of Replace and Replace All commands when both search and replace patterns were regular expressions
- File Comparison Filter window does not allow entering hexadecimal values
- You may now use hexadecimal numbers when entering filter expressions
- Reset sorting in File Comparison window
- Column sort order may now be toggled between ascending, descending and "no sort" modes

Hex Editor Neo
- Crash when unsaved documents are compared
- Hex Editor Neo could crash when File Compare function was used on unsaved documents
- Hang or crash when binding structure to cursor location
- Application could hang or crash after binding a structure to a cursor location and moving the cursor
- Background and text colors are mixed up in Pattern Coloring window
- Now the text and background can be configured correctly
- Fixed structure definitions sync with Github repo
- It was sometimes impossible to download updates to structure definitions

Hex Editor Neo
Editing of autobinding schemes:
- It is now possible to edit the autobinding scheme configuration

Updates to "Convert to Selection" File Compare function:
- The function now takes into account currently configured filters

Updated new structure definition template:
- The default boilerplate for a new structure definition file has been updated

Improved startup and overall performance:
- An update to a number of key components resulted in startup and overall application performance improvements

Hex Editor Neo
- Various Structure Viewer bugs
- This release fixes a number of Structure Viewer bugs, including
- Crash when trying to update structure definitions from web
- Unable to remove files from Structure Library
- Unable to execute the JavaScript code blocks inside structure definition files in some circumstances
- Structure Viewer's cursor position is restored when document is switched

There are also several bug fixes related to Kaitai Struct support:
- Expand All now works for Kaitai
- Import file resolving has been fixed
- Memory leak on 32-bit OS has been fixed
- File comparison does not work when invoked from Shell
- File comparison does not work correctly when invoked from Shell with two Intel HEX (or Motorola S Records) files selected
- File comparison results are not cleared
- File comparison results are now cleared if any of the compared documents is closed
- Crash in NTFS Streams
- An editor could crash if the last line in NTFS Streams window is double-clicked
- Incorrect stream enumeration
- NTFS streams enumeration for a selected file now works correctly
- Bugs in Statistics
- Hitting Refresh button could sometimes crash the editor
- Trying to calculate Pattern Statistics with a large number of blocks could crash the editor

Hex Editor Neo
- A number of reported and internally discovered bugs were fixed

Hex Editor Neo
UTF-8 rendering bug:
- Text Pane incorrectly displayed text near the end of the document when encoding was set to UTF-8

Text paste in UTF-8 mode might not work:
- It was sometimes impossible to paste text in Text Pane when encoding was set to UTF-8

Hex Editor Neo
- Added "Copy as Big-Endian" button to Checksum Result window
- The result of some checksum algorithms may now be copied in both little-endian and big-endian formats
- Crash when searching backwards
- The editor could crash when searching for a pattern backwards

Hex Editor Neo
- Broken checksum results in Checksum Result window
- Checksum Result window displayed incorrect results for some algorithms

Hex Editor Neo
- Disassembler now supports disassembling an arbitrary data block in any loaded document. A customer may now specify locations of differrent code tables and offsets to improve disassembler quality (PE and ELF modules are still automatically decoded).
- Last used assembler engine is now saved

- Module's exported functions are processed if the module is mapped in a process and opened in Disassembler in case symbols for the module cannot be located

Working with Processes:
- Improved sorting quality in process window: process name case is now ignored when sorting. Affects both Process List and Process Window.
- The recent update introduced automatic coloring of memory regions in an editor window. This release makes this coloring configurable through the corresponding option in Settings (General Page).

- Fixed broken saving of changes to the running processes memory
- Structre Viewer
- Added support for the following integer types: long long, signed long long and unsigned long long
- _SVC_VER macro value increased to 0x702

- Reloading structure definition unbinds structure from all non-active documents
- Fixed several parsing errors near integer types. For example, a following text resulted in parsing error: char shortName;

File Comparison:
- Recent update added new commands to the File Comparison tool window toolbar. However, if that update was installed as an upgrade, new commands did not automatically appear on a toolbar. This release fixes it.

Other Bug Fixes:
- Fixed clipped labels in Statistics tool window on high DPI displays
- Fixed crash after pressing Reset All button on the Themes settings page in certain situations
- Fixed losing focus after changing custom CRC parameters
- Fixed broken switching between auto-hidden tool windows

Hex Editor Neo
- New Features:
- Working with Processes:
- A live view on the running processes is now provided in the Processes Tool Window. Advanced commands are available using the new Process Window: the user can create and manage process memory snapshots, open process or snapshot memory for viewing/editing, start built-in disassembler for a specific module mapped into process address space or launch external debugger for any process snapshot.
- Memory contents of two process snapshots may be compared using the improved File Compare feature.
- Full programming access is provided for this new feature, allowing the user scripts (or macros) to work with running processes, snapshots and their memory.
Updated Features:
Improved File Comparison:
The File Comparison feature has been improved:
- The user may now apply filters and sort the results of file comparison
- New difference algorithm has been added
- The feature is now integrated with new Process Window feature: the user may now compare memory of two process snapshots

Fixed horizontal scrolling in Disassembler View:
- Horizontal scrolling in the disassembler window has been fixed
- Portable mode fixed

This release fixes portable mode:
- Portable mode selected during setup is now correctly handled by the application
- All application settings are stored in settings file in application startup folder if application is installed in portable mode
- Default locations of language packs folder and structure definition folder are now relative to application startup folder in portable mode
- Reset settings command now works correctly in all modes

Fixed horizontal scrolling in editor window:
- Editor window horizontal scroll bar is now correctly scaled after resizing

Data Inspector toolbar customization:
- Data Inspector tool window toolbar is now customizable

Hex Editor Neo
- Several localization-related issues have been fixed

Hex Editor Neo
New Features:
Improved disassembler:
- The built-in disassembler has been updated, bringing support for new architectures. The full list of supported architectures: x86, x86/x64, MSIL, ARM, ARM64, MIPS, PowerPC, Sparc, SystemZ, XCore, 68K, TMS320C64x, 680X, MOS65XX and RISC-V.
- It now also automatically decodes executable files in ELF format, in addition to previously supported PE format

Online structure definition repository:
- Structure Viewer may now automatically synchronize the structure definition library with an on-line Github repository. Users may submit pull requests with corrections and additions to the repository.

Updated Features:
Improved multi-monitor support:
- This release fixes incorrect behavior in multi-monitor configurations, especially when monitors with different DPI settings were used. Hex Editor Neo now also supports dynamic DPI changes without the need of restarting.

Several bugs fixed:
- A number of reported and internally discovered bugs were fixed

Hex Editor Neo
- This release adds support for ARM64 CPUs. Windows 10 on ARM64 and Windows 11 on ARM64 are supported.

Hex Editor Neo
New Features:
- "Compare with Hex Editor Neo" Windows Explorer context menu command
- If two files are selected in Windows Explorer, a new command "Compare with Hex Editor Neo" is displayed in Windows Explorer's context menu

- Hang during save
- Application could hang while saving changes made to the file
- Several issues with Kaitai struct fixed
- Several issues in Kaitai Struct parsing have been identified and fixed
- Crash on startup
- Application could crash on startup if installed in non-empty folder

Hex Editor Neo
Crash on opening file from snapshot:
- Hex Editor Neo crashes on attempt to open a locked file from a snapshot

Hex Editor Neo
New Features:
Windows 11 New Explorer context menu:
- Hex Editor Neo now integrates with new Windows 11 Explorer's context menu

Updated Features:
File Comparison colors are now in Theme:
- File Compare colors are now included into the global color theme and are managed in a central location in Themes settings page

Crash on non-updated Windows 10 installation:
- Free edition could crash on startup on older builds of Windows 10

Clicking on color wheel does not work:
- Clicking on color wheel in order to select a color in Themes settings page does not work

Crash on invalid HEX color value:
- Application crashed when invalid value was entered into the color HEX box

Document window not updated on Replace:
- Document window was not updated during the Replace operation

Crash on document read errors:
- Application could crash if attempt to read document data failed

Find in Files result activation issue:
- Already opened file is not activated when double-clicked in Find in Files

Invalid data read from volume:
- Hex Editor Neo could display garbage data for unallocated regions when volume was opened in snapshot mode
- Hex Editor Neo stays minimized when file is opened from Explorer
- If Hex Editor Neo was minimized at the time the user selects the "Edit with Hex Editor Neo" command in Explorer's context menu, it stayed minimized

Crash while working with Kaitai definition files:
- Some Kaitai definition files could cause the application to crash

Possible crash on document close:
- Application could crash in rare cases after closing a document

Crash in Find in Files:
- Find in Files operation could crash in some cases during search operation if the "Include Streams" option was turned on

Hex Editor Neo
New Features:
- Several internal application components now expose programming interfaces, allowing the internal scripts that use them to be created, edited directly in Hex Editor Neo and executed. The built-in debugger is provided to simplify script development.
- Named macros may be associated with scripts and executed on demand

Multiple cursors:
- Editor windows now support the concept of multiple cursors, allowing the user to add additional cursors providing multiple editing locations for various editor commands, including typing and Clipboard.

New sample structures:
- Structure Viewer sample structure set has been extended with new structures for QOI, MessagePack and webp formats

Support for Kaitai structures:
- Structure Viewer now natively supports Kaitai structure definitions

Data Annotations:
- The user may now provide text annotations or comments for various document positions or ranges. These annotations are stored with the document and displayed in the editor window.

Tool window toolbar customization:
- The user may now customize the toolbar of any tool window, in addition to main window toolbars

Updated Settings Page:
- This release features an updated Settings page with improved page layout and built-in Search. The search function provides localized search support if corresponding language pack is installed.

Updated file opening behavior:
- The File » Open » Open File… command now automatically selects the way to open a file depending on its extension. By default, it opens .ts, .js files as scripts, .hex files as Intel HEX and .s19, .s28 and .s37 as Motorola S-Records files. Other files are opened for binary editing. The user has an option to override the default behavior by choosing the corresponding file type in the Open File Window.

Updated Features:
Improved search in process:
- When searching for the pattern in an opened process, only allocated regions are now searched

Structure Viewer enhancements:
- using declaration may be used to create type aliases, in addition to previously supported typedef declaration

New File Systems support in Volume Navigator:
- Volume Navigator now natively supports FAT, FAT32, ExFAT and CDFS file systems in addition to previously supported NTFS file system

New checksum algorithms:
- FNV-1, FNV-1a and FNV-1 with custom parameters have been added to the list of supported checksum algorithms

Editor window layouts:
- Custom editor window layouts are now associated with a specified regular expression that matches the full document path, not the individual document, as previously

Improved HEX files support:
- Previously, the File » Open » Open Hex… command was implemented by creating a new document and executing the Edit » Insert Hex… command. The user then had to use the Advanced Copy & Export function if he wanted to save the changes back to the HEX file. Now the editor opens such files directly. If the user saves changes made to a HEX file, editor uses the original file format. The user also has an option to change the output format using the File » Save As… command. In addition, the File » New » New Intel Hex and File » New » New Motorola S-Records commands may be used to create empty HEX files.

Hex Editor Neo
- Hang in Open Physical Disk command
- An application may hang trying to open a physical disk

Hex Editor Neo
- Unable to install the product on Windows 11
- This release fixes installer incompatibility with Windows 11
- Crash in Find All function
- This release fixes a crash in the editor when Find All function is instructed to operate on multiple selection
- Automatic upgrade is broken
- Automatic upgrade to this version may be broken! Please download the latest version and run the downloaded installer manually in case automatic installer fails.

Hex Editor Neo
Crash on startup:
- Application could crash on startup on some computers

Invalid PNG structure definition sample:
- A bug in png.h has been fixed that incorrectly checked for a valid PNG file signature

Hex Editor Neo
Crash on startup on some computers:
- Application could crash on some installations of Windows 7

Periodic long application startup time:
- The issue that sometimes caused long application startup times has been fixed

Crash during structure binding:
- Hex Editor Neo could crash during binding of a specific structure definition

Incorrect exporting of Motorola S37 format:
- Hex Editor Neo sometimes produced invalid data when exporting to Motorola S37 binary format

Inconsistent behavior when opening duplicate files:
- Application could display incorrect error messages when user tried to open duplicate documents

Hex Editor Neo
New Features:
New Open Device command:
- New Open Device command allows the user to open a specific storage device by specifying its path. The program then automatically discovers whether this is a logical (volume) or physical (disk) device and opens it for editing

Updated Features:
Structure Viewer's optimization:
- Structure Viewer's performance has been greatly enhanced when binding structures with a lot of pointers

Improved support for non-standard volumes:
- Open Volume command now provides better support for non-standard volumes

Crash when language folder changed:
- The program may crash if language storage folder is changed

Crash on exporting Find in Files results:
- The program crashes when Find in Files results are exported

Crash when JavaScript Structure Viewer's code fails:
- The program may crash if JavaScript code embedded in structure definition throws an exception

Fixed add_color_value function:
- add_color_value function did not behave according to documentation

Rare crash on startup:
- Program may crash on startup during structure definition files compilation

Downloader window visual glitches:
- Downloader window may be resized incorrectly when loading window layout

Hex Editor Neo
- A minor bug in new installer has been fixed

Hex Editor Neo

NTFS Streams:
- Various reported issues in NTFS Streams component have been fixed. A new column "Stream Name" has been added to Search Streams mode, allowing sorting by file and stream name separately

- Various reported and internally discovered bugs in Disassembler module have been fixed. This includes incorrect column rendering as well as crashes during parsing of incorrect data

Updated Features:
- Updated Installer: this release features an updated installer, which is much faster in every operation and provides outstanding product installation experience

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed Bugs:
- Several reported bugs fixed
- This release fixes several reported bugs, including application crashes
- Incorrect window position/size handling
- It was impossible to reduce the size of several editor windows (like Find, Fill and others) after they have been enlarged
- File handle leaks fixed
- Hex Editor Neo sometimes did not properly close file handles after they have been closed in the editor

Updated Features:
- Resizeable Compare Files Window
- Compare Files window is now resizeable
- Data Inspector window performance improvements
- Data Inspector field update performance has been improved

Hex Editor Neo

- Commands in NTFS Streams window may not function after Search NTFS Streams command execution
- Layout settings are not restored after restarting Hex Editor Neo
- Hex Editor Neo may crash after binding structure definitions with embedded JavaScript
- Hex Editor Neo may crash after editing a structure definition file if definitions from it are currently being used by Structure Viewer
- Beta packages could not be successfully installed on Windows 7

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed bugs:
Broken automatic upgrade fixed:
- This release fixes a broken automatic update downloading

Updated features:
Updated JavaScript engine:
- This release presents an updated built-in JavaScript engine (used in Structure Viewer). It is ES2015 compliant and has much better script execution performance. This is a breaking change. Consult the included documentation for more information.

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed bugs:
Multiple bug fixes:
- A number of reported and internally discovered errors have been fixed

Fixed memory leak:
- Application allocated and never freed memory when recursive structures were used in Structure Viewer

Incorrect rendering of floating-point numbers:
- Floating-point numbers in range (-1..0) were displayed incorrectly in Structure Viewer, Data Inspector and other components

New features:
Explorer window settings persistence:
- Explorer windows now remember last recently used folder settings

New format specifier:
Structure Viewer now allows new format specifier 'c' in format() function and [format] attribute. It forces rendering of integer values as single-byte or UNICODE character.

New directives in Structure Viewer:
- The following directives have been added to Structure Viewer definition language: $revert_to, $shift_by and $remove_to. They allow having look-ahead during structure binding.

New field attribute in Structure Viewer:
- New attribute [exact_only] forces exact match when rendering enumeration fields

Updated features:
Changed automatic item collapsing logic:
- User-defined type does not collapse if it contains other user-defined types and all of them implement [display] attribute. Previously, presence of other user-defined types caused automatic collapsing of a parent type during visualization.

Hex Editor Neo

High-DPI Support:
- This release makes Hex Editor Neo fully compatible with high-definition displays

Hex Editor Neo

Crash in Pattern Coloring:
- Hex Editor Neo may crash after loading Pattern Coloring rules from a file

Crash in Structure Library:
- Hex Editor Neo crashes after structure definition files recompilation under certain circumstances

Hex Editor Neo

Hang in Beta settings page:
- Windows 7: Hex Editor Neo hangs if Beta page is opened

Crash in File Comparison:
- Application crashes after comparing identical files

Hang on application close:
- Windows 7: Application hangs if closed with unsaved changes in documents

Window name is not updated on Save As command:
- Window name is not updated when a document changes its name after Save As command is used

Crash on language pack update:
- Application may crash when trying to install updated language pack

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed bugs:
Language pack downloading issues:
- Fixed several bugs with language pack downloading. This includes issues with invalid custom language pack path and path without trailing backslash.

Enum visualization bug in Structure Viewer:
- A bug that caused invalid visualization of enumeration values has been fixed

time_t visualization bug in Data Inspector:
- A bug that caused invalid interpretation and visualization of time_t values in Data Inspector has been fixed

Floating-point values visualization in Data Inspector and Structure Viewer:
- Fixed a various issues with floating-point visualization in both Data Inspector and Structure Viewer

Several reported bugs fixed:
- This release also fixes a number of reported and internally discovered bugs, including application crashes

New feature:
Dropped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista:
- Starting from this release, Hex Editor Neo drops support for Windows XP and Windows Vista as well as corresponding server versions. A version that supports Windows XP and Windows Vista is available here.

Updated features:
Configurable max array/string export length in Structure Viewer:
- Structure Viewer now allows configuring maximum length of array or string used during export

Hex Editor Neo
Error adding custom structure definition files:
- It was impossible to add custom structure definition files to the library unless they were put into default folder

File comparison colors were not saved correctly:
- Changed file comparison colors were not saved to settings

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