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Hex Editor Neo

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What's new in this version:

Hex Editor Neo
Crash on startup:
- Application could crash on startup on some computers

Invalid PNG structure definition sample:
- A bug in png.h has been fixed that incorrectly checked for a valid PNG file signature

Hex Editor Neo
Crash on startup on some computers:
- Application could crash on some installations of Windows 7

Periodic long application startup time:
- The issue that sometimes caused long application startup times has been fixed

Crash during structure binding:
- Hex Editor Neo could crash during binding of a specific structure definition

Incorrect exporting of Motorola S37 format:
- Hex Editor Neo sometimes produced invalid data when exporting to Motorola S37 binary format

Inconsistent behavior when opening duplicate files:
- Application could display incorrect error messages when user tried to open duplicate documents

Hex Editor Neo
New Features:
New Open Device command:
- New Open Device command allows the user to open a specific storage device by specifying its path. The program then automatically discovers whether this is a logical (volume) or physical (disk) device and opens it for editing

Updated Features:
Structure Viewer's optimization:
- Structure Viewer's performance has been greatly enhanced when binding structures with a lot of pointers

Improved support for non-standard volumes:
- Open Volume command now provides better support for non-standard volumes

Crash when language folder changed:
- The program may crash if language storage folder is changed

Crash on exporting Find in Files results:
- The program crashes when Find in Files results are exported

Crash when JavaScript Structure Viewer's code fails:
- The program may crash if JavaScript code embedded in structure definition throws an exception

Fixed add_color_value function:
- add_color_value function did not behave according to documentation

Rare crash on startup:
- Program may crash on startup during structure definition files compilation

Downloader window visual glitches:
- Downloader window may be resized incorrectly when loading window layout

Hex Editor Neo
- A minor bug in new installer has been fixed

Hex Editor Neo

NTFS Streams:
- Various reported issues in NTFS Streams component have been fixed. A new column "Stream Name" has been added to Search Streams mode, allowing sorting by file and stream name separately

- Various reported and internally discovered bugs in Disassembler module have been fixed. This includes incorrect column rendering as well as crashes during parsing of incorrect data

Updated Features:
- Updated Installer: this release features an updated installer, which is much faster in every operation and provides outstanding product installation experience

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed Bugs:
- Several reported bugs fixed
- This release fixes several reported bugs, including application crashes
- Incorrect window position/size handling
- It was impossible to reduce the size of several editor windows (like Find, Fill and others) after they have been enlarged
- File handle leaks fixed
- Hex Editor Neo sometimes did not properly close file handles after they have been closed in the editor

Updated Features:
- Resizeable Compare Files Window
- Compare Files window is now resizeable
- Data Inspector window performance improvements
- Data Inspector field update performance has been improved

Hex Editor Neo

- Commands in NTFS Streams window may not function after Search NTFS Streams command execution
- Layout settings are not restored after restarting Hex Editor Neo
- Hex Editor Neo may crash after binding structure definitions with embedded JavaScript
- Hex Editor Neo may crash after editing a structure definition file if definitions from it are currently being used by Structure Viewer
- Beta packages could not be successfully installed on Windows 7

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed bugs:
Broken automatic upgrade fixed:
- This release fixes a broken automatic update downloading

Updated features:
Updated JavaScript engine:
- This release presents an updated built-in JavaScript engine (used in Structure Viewer). It is ES2015 compliant and has much better script execution performance. This is a breaking change. Consult the included documentation for more information.

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed bugs:
Multiple bug fixes:
- A number of reported and internally discovered errors have been fixed

Fixed memory leak:
- Application allocated and never freed memory when recursive structures were used in Structure Viewer

Incorrect rendering of floating-point numbers:
- Floating-point numbers in range (-1..0) were displayed incorrectly in Structure Viewer, Data Inspector and other components

New features:
Explorer window settings persistence:
- Explorer windows now remember last recently used folder settings

New format specifier:
Structure Viewer now allows new format specifier 'c' in format() function and [format] attribute. It forces rendering of integer values as single-byte or UNICODE character.

New directives in Structure Viewer:
- The following directives have been added to Structure Viewer definition language: $revert_to, $shift_by and $remove_to. They allow having look-ahead during structure binding.

New field attribute in Structure Viewer:
- New attribute [exact_only] forces exact match when rendering enumeration fields

Updated features:
Changed automatic item collapsing logic:
- User-defined type does not collapse if it contains other user-defined types and all of them implement [display] attribute. Previously, presence of other user-defined types caused automatic collapsing of a parent type during visualization.

Hex Editor Neo

High-DPI Support:
- This release makes Hex Editor Neo fully compatible with high-definition displays

Hex Editor Neo

Crash in Pattern Coloring:
- Hex Editor Neo may crash after loading Pattern Coloring rules from a file

Crash in Structure Library:
- Hex Editor Neo crashes after structure definition files recompilation under certain circumstances

Hex Editor Neo

Hang in Beta settings page:
- Windows 7: Hex Editor Neo hangs if Beta page is opened

Crash in File Comparison:
- Application crashes after comparing identical files

Hang on application close:
- Windows 7: Application hangs if closed with unsaved changes in documents

Window name is not updated on Save As command:
- Window name is not updated when a document changes its name after Save As command is used

Crash on language pack update:
- Application may crash when trying to install updated language pack

Hex Editor Neo

Fixed bugs:
Language pack downloading issues:
- Fixed several bugs with language pack downloading. This includes issues with invalid custom language pack path and path without trailing backslash.

Enum visualization bug in Structure Viewer:
- A bug that caused invalid visualization of enumeration values has been fixed

time_t visualization bug in Data Inspector:
- A bug that caused invalid interpretation and visualization of time_t values in Data Inspector has been fixed

Floating-point values visualization in Data Inspector and Structure Viewer:
- Fixed a various issues with floating-point visualization in both Data Inspector and Structure Viewer

Several reported bugs fixed:
- This release also fixes a number of reported and internally discovered bugs, including application crashes

New feature:
Dropped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista:
- Starting from this release, Hex Editor Neo drops support for Windows XP and Windows Vista as well as corresponding server versions. A version that supports Windows XP and Windows Vista is available here.

Updated features:
Configurable max array/string export length in Structure Viewer:
- Structure Viewer now allows configuring maximum length of array or string used during export

Hex Editor Neo
Error adding custom structure definition files:
- It was impossible to add custom structure definition files to the library unless they were put into default folder

File comparison colors were not saved correctly:
- Changed file comparison colors were not saved to settings

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