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HitPaw Voice Changer

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HitPaw Voice Changer

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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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HitPaw Voice Changer is a cutting-edge sound processing app that utilizes real-time AI technology to transform voices in a fun and creative way. Featuring a wide array of built-in functions, HitPaw Voice Changer the powerful Windows PC app can modify voices in real-time during voice calls, online gaming sessions, or while recording audio. A simple user interface and wide offering of artificial voices enable even complete novices to easily set up real-time voice transformation that can be shared online or used in home or school projects with ease.

And best thing yet users can supercharge their creativity using a powerful feature such as Text-to-Song that is powered by the latest AI Music technologies, automatic detection and transformation of voices found in pre-recorded videos, and more.

Main Features

Real-Time Voice Transformation – Instantly modify voice signatures during live voice calls or online gaming sessions.

Voice Effects Library – Access a wide variety of voice effects, including a robot, alien, deep voice, chipmunk, famous individuals, and more.

Custom Voice Effect – Create unique voice effects by adjusting parameters such as pitch, speed, and resonance.

Background Noise Removal – Automatically removes background noise, ensuring clear and crisp voice output even in noisy environments.

Compatibility – Route newly created voices to an incredible number of apps, including Discord, Skype, Zoom, TeamSpeak, VR Chat, Twitch, and any modern videogame imaginable.

AI-powered Processing – Automatically detect voices in video files and transform speech into singing with AI Music Generator service.

Flexible Premium Pricing – Available for both individuals and business users, with subscription tiers ranging from monthly use to a perpetual license.

How to Use

To get this app up and running on any modern Windows PC, users simply must download from FileHorse or official website a small automatic installer, start it, and follow a few simple on-screen commands. When fully deployed, the app can be started, and users can select the microphone hardware they currently have connected to their PC.

From there, they can pick a voice signature they wish to transform their voice by clicking on the “Classic Voice” tab and picking the type of voice they are interested in (for example “Human” voice tab). Each selected voice can be customized with three sliders (Volume, Pich, and Timbre), and quick switching between voices is facilitated with an optional keyboard button bind.

All voice alteration effects are applied in real-time during voice calls or audio recordings, enabling users to chat with their family members, friends, and schoolmates directly via chat apps. User voice can also be saved for later use in home or school projects, or online sharing.

The settings area of the app features two important tools – management of input microphone sound and management of output sound reproduction.

User Interface

The app boasts a clean and intuitive user interface that even complete novices can learn to use in mere seconds. The controls are well-organized and easily accessible, allowing users to quickly select desired voice effects or customize their own. On the bottom of the app’s main dashboard, users can always toggle three important tools – Hear Myself, Voice Changer, and Noise Reduction.

The voice listing page provides an easy way to distinguish between free and premium voice signatures that are offered. The app provides access to several categories of voice processing effects, including Human Voices, Ghosts, Minions, Aliens, Male to Female, and more.

The app features no built-in ads or promotions.


What is HitPaw Voice Changer?
It is a Cloud-aware Windows PC app that uses real-time AI technology to modify voices during online voice calls or audio recordings.

Is it safe?
100% yes, it is safe to use. The creators of this app do not allow any unauthorized users to gain access to your personal voice signature, and all voice processing results are managed only on local users' hardware.

Can this app be used in all Windows apps?
Yes, after processing the user’s voice is transmitted to the regular microphone audio channel that is automatically detected by any audio-aware Windows PC app. This includes general chat apps such as Zoom, Skype, Viber, Teams, and others, as well as gaming apps such as Twitch, OBS, Team Speak, Steam, X Split, and all modern video games.


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This is a premium app that unlocks its wide selection of tools to users who subscribe to its paid service. A FREE demo tier of use can be tested with very limited functionality.

Individual tiers are targeted to a single PC user, while customizable business plans can unlock functionality on more than one PC at a time.

System Requirements

Since voice processing is a low-resource operation, this app can easily run on all PCs running a modern version of the Windows OS. This even includes laptops.

  • Real-time voice transformation.
  • Large library of voice effects.
  • Customizable voice effects.
  • Automatic background noise removal.
  • Support for AI effects, such as the transformation of speech to singing.
  • Wide app compatibility.
  • Flexible premium pricing.
  • No free tier of use.
  • An internet connection is required for real-time voice transformation.

HitPaw Voice Changer is a highly effective real-time AI voice transformation tool that can help users with all technical levels easily process their voice into a completely different voice signature. With its extensive library of voice effects, customizable options, and compatibility with all popular communication platforms, this app offers a fun and entertaining experience for users seeking to transform their voice with a single click of a button.

Also Available: Download HitPaw Voice Changer for Mac

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