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    Sophia Jones

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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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iClone is the fastest and most cost-effective 3D animation program for Windows PC in the industry, helping you easily produce professional animations in a very short time for films, previz, animation, video games, content development, education, and art. Integrated with the latest real-time technologies, iClone simplifies the world of 3D Animation in a user-friendly production environment that blends character creation, animation, scene design, and cinematic storytelling; quickly turning your vision into a reality.

Intuitive Character & Motion Workflow
Freeform body morphing and fashion layering design for custom character creation. Fully-rigged for body motion, mocap, lip-sync, and facial animation.

Quintessential Animation with Professional Power
Advanced tools for curve editing, PhysX simulating natural rigid body dynamics and soft cloth behavior, organic morphs, collision, and constraints.

Active Directing with Camera, Lights, and Props
Command and control the production with the real multi-camera system, cinematic timeline editing, complete lighting, and scene setup.

Cinematic Real-time Visuals
Encompassing artistic real-time 3D Visuals including PBR, IBL, and Global Illumination to achieve ultimate quality for speedy production. Download iClone 2024 the latest today!

Pipeline to 3D Tools and Game Engines
Complete workflow to import and export rigged 3D characters, motions, camera, scenes, and props.

Unlimited Expansion with Industry-Leading Plugins
Powerful partner technologies incorporated to innovate rendering, dynamic materials, mocap, and more.

On-demand Content & Community Assets
Access to ready-to-animate characters, motions, accessories & props from branded content partners and featured artists.

Features and Highlights
  • Drag and drop fast editing
  • In-screen object editing
  • Advanced Timeline animation
  • Customizable actor and style
  • Body transformation and facial deformation
  • CloneCloth for costume design
  • In-screen motion editing
  • 3D facial puppeteering
  • Interactivity between actors and objects
  • Set design with 3D blocks and material balls
  • Customizable scene and atmosphere
  • Build a stage with terrain, sky, live plants
  • Camera animation with DOF, lens effects
  • Directional light, point light, spotlight
  • HDR and IBL lighting effects
  • Material effects with 7 texture channels
  • Spring and Flying Surface
  • Customizable particle FX system
  • Path node creation and template
  • Path editing with speed, orientation, and curve
  • Transition curve
  • Bring live actors into iClone
  • Support any video with alpha channel
  • popVideo for live actors, video FX, and titling
  • Place video in any surface of a 3D object
  • Video texturing and blending effects
  • Video for wall, cylinder, crystal ball
  • Live actor and virtual scene
  • Actor interaction with virtual set
  • Actor interaction with a virtual character
  • Blooming and exposure effects
  • Numerous glare effects for video
  • HDR transition and filtering
  • Collapsible and dockable Timeline
  • Character control with multiple tracks
  • Keyframe animation and blend
  • Multiple preview shader selection
  • Flexible output: AVI, WMV, Flash, MPEG-4
  • High-speed rendering
  • One-click 3D Stereo Output
  • Free preview add-on models and motions
  • Online access and inventory
  • Easy search and preview
Note: 30 days trial version. Limited functionality.

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What's new in this version:

iClone 8.42.3014.1
- The optimize function of BuildingGen has added an option to exclude windows and doors, allowing optimized buildings to retain the structure of doors and windows, which is beneficial for animation editing
- The Prop Distribution feature has added a Z offset parameter, allowing the scattered objects to be moved up and down along the Z-axis. Additionally, the X and Y offset parameters can now be manually entered up to a maximum of 500.

- If iClone is not opened first, double-clicking the project file will not directly open iClone.w
- Opening the MD Trigger panel and switching to GoMD Mode can cause iClone to crash
- Merging a project containing PopcornFX data may occasionally cause iClone to crash. Feedback Tracker
- Applying certain motions to some characters can result in errors, such as limbs bending incorrectly.
- When the "Render with Max Texture Resolution" option is selected, object textures disappear. Feedback Tracker 1, Feedback Tracker 2
- If a Background Video has a set Range, and the playhead is not within this range during playback, the video will not update to the correct time point in real-time.
- If objects in BuildingGen Optimize contain bones, it will crash.
- After activating Skin Color and selecting Max Texture Size for exporting FBX, the ORM textures in the JSON may be incorrect, causing errors when imported into Unreal or Unity

iClone 8.41.2815.1
- New: Smooth parameter is now available for MD cameras with ability to adjust smoothness of positional and rotational movement
- New: Create Mesh function can make meshes out of paths and assign appropriate materials
- The Export FBX panel now has the option to export character expressions as pure morph data, including "Jaw Open", "Jaw Left", and "Jaw Right"
- The Render Image function now supports EXR format. Both individual and sequential EXR images can be rendered but post effects cannot be included.

- Using the View Unpurchased Items will now also display items that include unbought components, making it easy to identify items that need to be licensed.
- New Allow Flip and Allow Tilt camera features can allow or restrict axial rotations.

Content Manager:
- Enhanced upcoming Workgroup service messages

- Inability to view pack thumbnail in the Smart Content Manager within a Windows 7 environment. Feedback Tracker
- A character FBX brought back into Character Creator, changed into a Standard character, and exported to iClone, will fail to face the camera when Look at Camera is enabled.
- A character given any piece of clothing, has its material switched to SSS, has its body selected after using the Paint Material > Pick Cloth tool will lose its shader settings
- Glow > Strength slider max values become 6,000 after importing a Glow channel texture
- Textures do not update after editing them in an external application when Progressive Texture Loading and Compress Resources are enabled

Content Manager:
- An item cannot be redisplayed in "My Collections" after marking it as invisible and enabling the "Hide invisible content" option
- "My Collections" is unexpectedly wiped clean after upgrading to iClone 8.4 / Character Creator 4.4

iClone 8.4.2505.1
- Several bug fixes

iClone 8.4.2406.1
- Crowds of digital people can now be created (Menu > Create > Scatter > Generate Crowd). Crowds can be created in a designated area or on top of objects converted to navigation mesh (Path > NavMesh).
- New Scatter toolbar can be used to launch the Crowd Generate window or apply different crowd-gen templates, including random, formation, ring, walkway, etc
- New prop distribution function (Menu > Create > Scatter > Distribute Prop) can be applied to designated props (Path > NavMesh)
- Distribute Prop function can now be accessed in the Scatter toolbar

- New NavMesh function (Menu > Create > Generate > NavMesh). By defining NavMesh parameters and object properties in the scene, you can create an area where Motion Director characters can automatically navigate, as well as an area where characters and props can be deployed using Scatter.
- New NavMesh-related attributes have been added to props. They include static, dynamic, unwalkable, and ignorable states which will have a direct impact on the NavMesh area.
- New NavMesh toolbar can open the NavMesh generation panel
- New NavMesh update feature in the NavMesh toolbar can be used to refresh NavMeshes and adjust the positions of scene objects

Actor Group:
- New content category called "Actor Group" can be used define groups of characters. A control panel can then be used to change the group's randomness, material, and motion settings.
- New Actor Group editing tools for customizing groups according to different scenarios.
- Actor Groups are supported for bought ActorCore characters. ActorCore characters with gender and age tags will automatically be added to the selection pool for random application.

- New DDS (DirectDraw Surface) for source image compression. This compression can alleviate some load on the vram to prevent operational issues stemming from high-resolution resources.
- DDS compressed data can now be cached. Once cached, no time will be spent on decompressing the image.

Lite Actor:
- Characters now have the ability to switch to Lite mode under Modify > Attribute. This mode will lock certain animation functions to optimized playback performance.
- New Actor Group editing tools for customizing groups according to different scenarios
- Characters in lite mode can be switched back to Edit mode with the original editing restored

Tag System:
- Using crowd generation, walkway, and actor groups will automatically pair together characters, motions, and iMDs based on content tags. This system guarantees that randomization works in a logical manner.
- Custom tags can be assigned while using crowd generation, walkways, and actor groups to correspond to various scenarios
- Preference > Default Tag settings can be applied to crowd generation, walkways, and actor groups

Path / Walkway:
- New path editing can be used for Motion Director's Walkway system to set path width and connections
- IMD files and MD Action settings can be adjusted for walkways. iMD parameter settings will be automatically applied to characters assigned to paths.

Motion Director (MD):
- New run-time solution for feet slipping that currently only works for default Motion Director packs (iMDs)
- Characters driven by Motion Director will now have mutual avoidance capabilities. Avoidance settings can be adjusted under MD Controls > General Settings > Simulate.
- New MD Controls > Character Settings > Simulate > Agent Radius setting can be used to adjust the avoidance detection radius on a per-character basis.
- MD Behavior Mixer can be used to mix upper body motions with iMD-driven leg movement.
- New Add/Delete Behavior commands can be used to add motions to the current iMD options for Idle, Perform, and Mixer behaviors.
- New Perform and Mixer trigger conditions. These adjustable conditions can decide whether a triggered motion is disrupted or continues to play after a brief interruption.
- New auto-add function for MD Behavior. Mode and mixer data for the target iMD can now be added to the current iMD to expand its options.
- New Mixer Weights panel can be opened from the Behavior List or from the Trigger panel in Motion Director mode. Mixer weights offer more intricate control over the motion blending of each individual bone.
- IMD retargeting can now be manually applied (MD Controls > Character Settings > Simulate > iMD Motion Retarget)
- Retargeted motion will now be cached for iMD. This cache will be reused when the same iMD is applied to the same character.
- New middle-click waypoint function in MD Player Controls for switching to flock mode. When multiple controlled characters reach their destinations, they will maintain their original formation.

Content Manager:
- Custom tags are now allowed on every item for forthcoming search and management enhancements
- Support for the upcoming Workgroup content download
- Multi-word searches are now allowed, separated by spaces, commas, or underscores
- New Search History function will store prior search terms

Path / Walkway:
- New Control on Path and Auto on Path modes in the MD Controls panel for the walkway settings. These modes have an effect on the follow forward and reverse parameters.

Motion Director (MD):
- Snap to Surface can be used to plant the feet onto the ground and will take into account the strength settings for different characters. Make sure retarget motion prior applying plant feet.
- Integrated iMD-related settings into MD Behavior. The MD Behavior panel has been restructured to accommodate the extra customization system.
- New 'Mixer' category for hotkey settings. The 'Mixer' trigger section is separated into 'Mode', 'Perform/Mixer', and 'SubMixer'.
- Perform and Mixer under the Trigger page are now separated by speed
- Optimized the iMD deployment process for the Motion Director mechanism. iMD motion will be forcibly retargeted for CC3+ and ActorCore characters to allow for faster previews.
- New macro toggle can be accessed in the MD Controls upper-right menu
- Macro settings can now be saved for groups of characters, not limited to single characters

Content Manager:
- Files can now be dragged from the FIle Explorer directly into Content Manager subfolders
- The 'Item' tab now displays purchased items. Before only the downloaded content were shown
- Installed' and 'Not Installed' filters have been incorporated into the search function, displaying them directly on the user interface
- The original global tag under the tree node has been renamed to "My Collections"
- Enhanced Content Manager stability and sped up performance

- When exporting the character and choosing 'Custom', importing an iTalk file, and enabling Export Mesh and Motion Individually, the resulting exported motion FBX file may not contain a mesh and iTalk data. Feedback Tracker
- Unable to launch Morph Creator
- Applying ActorSCAN characters to certain terrains will cause the arms to twist

iClone 8.33.2315.1
- Full-Frame Recording (Timecode) now supports Perception Neuron profiles, and several bug fixes

- Full-Frame Recording (Timecode) now supports Perception Neuron profiles

- UV defects on the eyes of certain characters exported to 3rd party software in FBX format

iClone 8.33.2302.1
- Compatibility with AccuFACE 1.0

- Lowered the minimum size for dockable panels, allowing the viewport to take up more space
- Preference > Display > Safe Frame is enabled by default, helping to expand the viewport working area

iClone 8.32.2211.1
- Compatible with ZBrush Face Tools 1.0

iClone 8.31.2001.1
- Compatible with iClone Omniverse Connector 8.3, and bug fixes

iClone 8.3.1815.1
- Several added functions, enhancements, and bug fixes

iClone 8.23.1719.1
- Several bug fixes

iClone 8.22.1612.1
- Several bug fixes

iClone 8.22.1421.1
Expression Wrinkles:
- The new Expression Wrinkles for CC3+ characters enhances the outcome of Facial Puppet, Face Keys, Look At, and LIVE Face. Know more >
- The new Modify > Expression Wrinkles panel includes General Settings, Regional Influence, and Texture Settings. Know more >.
- New rlWrinkle files are available under Content Manager > Actor > Expression Wrinkles section. Wrinkle content are separated into General (Live) and Individual (Flattened). Know more >.

Look at:
Look at can now drive morph data: "Brow_Raise_Inner L", "Brow_Raise_Inner R", "Brow_Raise_Outer_L", and "Brow_Raise_Outer_R". Know more >
- New override data for the bones of the body let's Look-at drive the body while keyable head, neck, and torso (XYZ axis weights are provided.).
- Enhanced CC characters with head-turn morphs. Head rotation can now drive "Head_Turn_L", "Head_Turn_R", "Head_Turn_Up", and "Head_Turn_Down" morphs.
- New Associated Eyebrow Movement lets the eyebrow morph animated along with Look at according to the strength settings.
- New Eyebrow Asymmetry creates an uneven animation to the eyebrows when Look at is used.
- Look At Camera and Set Free hotkeys are now available under the Motion Director mode (MD Controls > Start).
- In an effort to enhance the Look at function, Head Weight and Body Weight tracks are added under Timeline > Constraint > Look at.

Progressive Texture Loading:
- New Preference > Performance > Progressive Texture Loading can be used to significantly speed up loading times. Know more >
- Untextured contents can be transferred to Unreal / Omniverse when Performance > Progressive Texture Loading > Munaul Loading is enabled.

- New Preference > Included baked wrinkle textures on save can help speed up the loading of wrinkle assets.

- Smooth display mode now shows the vertex colors of the meshes.

Expression Wrinkles:
- Expression Wrinkles can be saved together in a ccAvatarPreset file (Content Manager > Actor > Head Morph & Skin).
- Expression Wrinkles can be saved together in a ccSkin file (Content Manager > Skin > Overall).

Facial Puppet:
- New sliders for driving neck morphs and wrinkle effects is now available in the Facial Puppet Profile with CC4 Extended. (Face Puppet > Puppet Control Set)

- New sliders for driving neck morphs and wrinkle effects is now available in the Facial Puppet Profile with CC4 Extended. (Face Puppet > Puppet Control Set)

Scene manager:
- Rearranged the options under Scene Manager > Smooth Mesh. "Subdivision" is now the second option so that when the option is toggled, the selected mesh is subdivided instead of being tessellated. This change can lead to slight improvements in working speed.
- Improved the performance of the Collection Manager for scenes with multiple objects. It is now quicker to create, move, and reorder collections.
- Improved the performance of the Scene Manager. It is now faster to import projects that contain numerous object into iClone.
- Improved the performance of the Scene Manager. It is now faster to remove multiple characters from an object-laden scene.

- The Max Texture Size setting will now max out for final rendering with the highest texture resolution. Once the rendering is complete, the Max Texture Size will return to its original setting. Feedback Tracker

Smart Content Manager:
- Foolproofed database initialization in the case of system interference with the application-dependent files. For instance, Smart Gallery prompts an error message when the prerequisite folders are missing.


Animation Editing:
- Selecting either Left or Right with Apply Gestures actually applies the gesture to both hands. Feedback Tracker
- Animations for props with sub-nodes deviate from their originals when brought into iClone.

- Sampling the selected parts from a motion clip (Sample Motion Clip to New Layer > Sample Selected Parts) with either LFinger or RFinger enabled causes the unselected parts to be sampled as well. Feedback Tracker
- Pressing the right arrow button once on the keyboard (→) is enough to move the timeline forward by one frame. But two presses are required when the timeline window is focused. Feedback Tracker

The following procedure causes the character to jump uncontrollably: Feedback Tracker
- 1) Use Link to on a character.
- 2) Move the character by proxy of moving the link target.
- 3) Unlink by removing the constraint.
- 4) Apply a motion.
- 5) Launch the timeline Motion Direction Control and turn the character.
- Saving each individual motion clip in the timeline (Timeline > Save Motion Clip) only results in one pose being saved besides the first clip in the timeline. Feedback Tracker
- IClone freezes with the frequent use of Merge Clips on the Timeline. Feedback Tracker

- The fingers of the character become disfigured (joints become raised) when a Mixamo Motion FBX files is brought into iClone (Menu > Import > Import External Motion). Feedback Tracker

- Loss of motion blur when Preference > Real-time Render Options > Depth of Field > Correct Transparency is enabled. Feedback Tracker
- The "Shadow Catcher" dummy object can not receive shadows when Visual > Toon Shader is enabled. Light > Shadow > Darkness must have a value, otherwise shadows will not appear. Feedback Tracker
- Rendered images are inconsistent with rendered videos for scenes that have refractive objects (Material Settings > Refraction) with Render > Final Render > Anti Aliasing Medium 2x2 enabled.

Smart Content Manager:
- Users are unable to download trial content from the Marketplace. Feedback Tracker 1, Feedback Tracker 2
- Program crashes while downloading content on an unreliable network.

Content Updates:
- Embedded characters Kevin and Camilla now come with Expression Wrinkles.
- New "Susan" character comes with Expression Wrinkles.
- Wrinkle performances have been added to the "1_Talking Kevin" project.
- Wrinkle performances have been added to the "2_Camilla Facial Demo" project.
- Added the "2_Susan Expression Wrinkles Demo" project.

Added Expression Wrinkles: 2 General Wrinkles: "Neutral", "Camilla", and 2 Individual Wrinkles: "Kevin", "Susan".
- There are now four Facial profiles under Wrinkle Enhancement used for enhancing smile line and other wrinkle related topology, around 30 morphs are enhanced for a better expression wrinkle effects. Make sure apply one of those profile first at your existing CC3+ character for the optimized wrinkle effects.

New "Expression Wrinkles" folder under Content Manager > Animation > Expression contains the following iTalk files:
- The "Regional Influence" folder contains 14 iTalk files for checking the expression wrinkles, since iClone lacks the Modify > Regional Influence > Check with Expressions option that is present in Character Creator.
- The "Sample Animation" folder contains 3 iTalk sample files for checking expression wrinkles, since iClone lacks Animation Player > Calibration > Wrinkle Check option that is present in Character Creator.
- The "Wrinkle Creation" folder contains 4 iTalk files for developers who wish to create Expression Wrinkles.

iClone 8.12.1128.1
- Bug fixes in Content Manager and iClone 8

iClone 8.12.1114.1
- Several added functions, enhancement, and bug fixes

iClone 8.11.1015.1
- Motion blur still appears in rendered videos of stationary objects with motion blur enabled and having switched the viewing camera
- TAA does not take effect for rendered videos
- Watermarks appears when purchased content are applied

Panels turn white and the application freezes after the following procedure:
- Switch to the MD layout in iClone
- Apply a character with iMD data to the scene
- Resize the downsize and enlarge the application window
- Defective animations on AccuRIG characters sent to Unreal via Live Link

iClone 8.1.0929.1
- Major new functions such as Snap to Surface for Motion Director, Subdivision for significantly higher quality of characters, and several enhancements and bug fixes

iClone 8.02.0718.1
- The new Root Bone option in the Import FBX panel can be used to import the correct root motion

- Layer keys are now kept after deploying and replacing motions
- New Auto Transition Selected Clips function in the Timeline's right-click context menu can be used to create a fade-in and fade-out effect between the tail of the selected front clip and head of the selected back clip. Feedback Tracker
- Soft-cloth calculations are now multi-threaded, resulting in big improvements in performance.

- Perform actions can't be deployed if it contains iAnim data (for example, Machines of War content pack). Feedback Tracker
- Soft-cloth weight maps with black and white gradients result in faulty data.
- Running LiveFace in offline mode opens a dialog window warning of improper serial number.
- Bake Substance Texture button label does not fully show. Feedback Tracker
- Application tends to freeze when there are too many animation keys in the imported motion file (using Import External Motion).
- Attaching multiple props to a character's pelvis, waist, or spine and adjusting accessory pivots, then exporting an FBX to adjust the hand motions, and bringing the said motions back into iClone via the Motion Pipeline causes an error in the application of the motion.
- Normal maps do not bake correctly for characters imported via Transformer. Feedback Tracker
- The Speed Info heads-up-display remains empty after having deployed two characters, applying iMD to the latter character and starting Motion Director.
- Can't Undo after applying and removing a character, then rotating the camera via 3DConnexion.
- Applying iMD and opening the Behavior Manager results in missing data.
- Disabling Auto-align Playhead, applying motion to the character, and double-clicking on any Motion Layer Track to set keys, causes the motion to distort.
- If the FPS for the project and the Export FPS settings don't coincide, then the exported length of the motion is incorrect.
- After applying Motion Loop, clip alignment region for two adjoining clips do not include the loop offset.
- Motion for UV animated objects contain errors when played back.
- When two clips' transition regions overlap, changing the trailing transition of the front clip causes the transition to move to the head of the clip.
- Unable to control material animations with LUA for materials that have illegal characters in their names rectified by the system.
- Ordering the Material list by shader type and converting multi-selected materials to a different shader does not affect all selected materials. Feedback Tracker
- Unable to drag FBX into the viewport after Visual > IBL > Show Sky is enabled.
- Applying external motions with Z-rotations for the hips to a character, and performing Hip to Root results in an improper orientation of the root Z-axis
- Morph tracks do not update for CC characters that have added/removed custom morphs in MC.
- Certain prop Perform motions causes the application to crash. Feedback Tracker
- Failure to apply Extended/Standard Facial Profiles for CC characters that have custom eyes and teeth applied
- Importing an iC7 prop with Perform motions to iClone 8, and calling Perform motions causes the program to crash
- Suppress Shadow Flicker feature has no effect

iClone 8.01.0601.1
- Support for 3dconnexion (can be toggled on/off in the preference panel)
- Scene Manager now supports reordering with drag-and-drop

- Importing a character with special characters in the naming of its bones will cause a crash in the application
- Linking a lens flare to a spotlight, and pressing the Modify > Link ("...") button will cause a crash in the application
- Eyeballs and eyebrows of certain Humanoid characters drift away when imported into CC 4 and iClone 8. Feedback Tracke
- Duplicating a character with motion, breaking it's clip into two segments, and joining the latter clip segment with the former causes an error for the character
- Application crashes when certain FBX files are imported as props and applied with FBX motions
- Props with Transform keys fail to carry animation when they are exported in FBX. Feedback Tracke
- Certain FBX can not read Characterization profiles made in 3DXchange
- Error as a result of saving a CC character as a project in iClone 8 that was rescaled in iClone 7. Feedback Tracke
- Axial errors occur for FBX motion files exported from iClone there were originally imported from Motion Builder via Motion File Import
- Character spring effects recorded in Motion Director may be missing or experience juddering if the scene is heavy and the FPS drops too low
- Replacing the character removes sound clips. Feedback Tracke
- Applying iMotionPlus containing voice onto characters and reimporting the saved project, degrades the sound quality while increasing its volume
- Activating Proportion > Adjusting Full Body scale for an old Standard character with body resized does not keep individual scales for different body parts
- Applying Flatten All Layers on multi-selected clips will remove some random clips. Feedback Tracke
- Error in the Transform track after executing Insert Frame
- Error in the Transform track after executing Delete Range
- CPU threads over 50 will cause motion-related functions to lose effect like applying motion, modifying motion, etc. Feedback Tracker 1, Feedback Tracker
- Unable to use the Curve Editor to change the character's Path Position curve from non-linear to linear under the influence of Pick Path. Feedback Tracke
- The camera in the toolbar needs to maintain its start position when Motion Director starts and stops
- Skin color can be baked to the Diffuse map when Skin Color is deactivated
- Activating subdivisions on the eyeballs and turning the head will cause a delay in the motion of the eyeball's reflective highlights
- The facial slider parameter cannot be adjusted with the mouse wheel, up/down arrow keys, and page up/down keys
- If Motion Director does not have data, and Add Macro is launched in Replay mode, then the Add button is disabled
- After using waypoints to move the character and when two waypoints are close to each other, the viewport does not show the waypoint, however, the character continues to move in its direction
- Flatten All Motion with Constraints has no effect on props
- Applying DRM motion to the characters, saving the rlPose using Content Manager, and applying the pose makes a blocking message appear
- Opening the application without launching Motion Director, deploying two characters with iMD applied on either one, and using Ctrl+R leads to a lack of data for the Speed info
- Unexpected reflective artefacts exist for videos exported from certain projects
- Using F10 to preview a particle project causes visual discrepancies with the particle effects in the viewport
- Application crashes when rendering video with physical simulation of certain hair. Feedback Tracker 1, Feedback Tracker 2, Feedback Tracker 3
- The Content Manager initializes failed on a weak internet connection

iClone 8.0.0511.1
One stop character animation:
Body animation:
- No tool can be faster and easier than iClone for creating quality character animation with smooth motion blend, interactive target reach, footstep system, and mocap data correction.

Facial animation:
- Powerful facial tools with proven proficiency on muscle level facial editing, facial puppeteering, multi-pass facial mocap, and accurate lip-sync animation.

Motion director:
- Dreaming of animating characters like playing games? Motion Director lets you smoothly pilot your 3D characters with XBox or PS game controllers, mouse click waypoints to direct movements, or just let AI control autonomous behaviors.

Device live:
- Lens, layout, and control 3D scenes like a movie director with iClone. Connect and map all UI commands to custom peripheral devices. Operate drone camera with a gamepad, fade or switch lights with knobs and sliders, scrub timeline with Space Mouse, or trigger performances with the push of a button.

Motion live:
- Motion LIVE for iClone is a full body motion capture platform that connects motion data streams from all industry leading mocap devices, to simultaneously animate 3D character faces, hands and bodies. Additionally, users can choose to export their animations as FBX or BVH, or Live Link to other 3D tools like Unreal Engine.

Comprehensive Realtime Production:
- iClone is like a swiss army knife for fast animation production with a powerful character animation system and beyond including all critical features for storytelling, scene construction, physics simulation, multi-camera directing, and visual effects.

Extensive add-ons:
Character creation:
- iClone is perfectly coupled with Character Creator (CC), enliven all character types made by CC and also access shared folders for character assets, motion data, and facial resources between iClone and CC

Pipeline | plugins | scripts:
- iClone provides an open API for python scripting, Unreal Live Link, and free plugins for NVIDIA Omniverse render and more

Pipeline to 3d universe:
- iClone and CC seamlessly work together as one big design-to-animation character platform and greatly ease the in-and-out productivity with many other 3D applications

iClone 7.93.5904.1
- Exporting Game Base Characters in USD format results in a loss of animation, reset of character position, with offset to the hair and eyeballs
- No suitable thumbnails for ActorCore MaterialModifier.iSubstance

iClone 7.93.5902.1
- Added: Compatibility with IC Omniverse Connector v7.93
- Added: New MaterialModifer.iSubstance for Actorcore characters. ActorBuild and ActorScan characters can use RGB Mask and Color ID Mask to quickly partition the materials and adjust colors.
- Note: There is currently no support for Toon Figures Vol.1 content pack
- Added: AccuLips now works for Actorcore characters (ActorBuild and ActorScan)
- Note: There is currently no support for Toon Figures Vol.1 content pack
- Added: ExpressionPlus now works for Actorcore characters (ActorBuild and ActorScan)
- Note: The current priority is to give support for upcoming content packs. For packs that have already been released, please wait for the next Smart Gallery content update announcement.
- Enhanced: Optimized Restore Project order of operation: When the saved project is designated for restore, the process will run from start to finish without interruption from pop-up messages.
- Fixed: Saved projects not appearing in the File > Recent Projects list
- Fixed: Bake All Substance Textures command for Subtance materials does not obey the settings for Substance Output Size, instead it is overriden by Preference > Realtime Render Options > Max Texture Size.

Facial Animation:
- Fixed: Viseme Track > Talking Style Editor settings are not being saved with iTalk, iMotionPlus, and FBX files
- Note: Talking style settings are currently baked frame by frame when saved, which will cause the preset to reset to Global_100. If you need to store the preset settings, then you'll have to save the scene as an iProject. Feedback Tracker

- Added: New Resource Map section under Modify > Material for content production
- Added: New hotkey (Shift + B) for Paint Material tool

Export FBX:
- Enhanced: Export FBX > Blender Preset will now export JSON files
- Fixed: Characters exported with the Export FBX > Unity Preset from iClone have different bone names compared to exported FBX characters from Character Creator (also using Unity Preset)
- Fixed: Failure to export embedd ToKo_Lewis (AccuLips_Demo_Lewis_ToKoMotion.iProject) to FBX

- Fixed: iClone crashes as a result of executing Export FBX on certain characters with the Unreal or Unity preset. Feedback Tracker
- Fixed: Certain audio files imported via Create Menu > Create Script > Audio File crashes iclone. Only uncompressed audio WAV files are supported for the time being. Feedback Tracker1, Feedback Tracker 2
- Fixed: iClone crashes as a result of applying Paint Material to objects that have undergone Consolidate Materials
- Fixed: Application crashes as result of applying certain eyebrow content (i.e. Old_Sparse.rlHair from Beard & Brows Builder pack) and exporting the character in FBX format to Unreal.

iClone 7.92.5425.1
- 36 new expressions loops (.iTalk) for the Replica Studios plug-in. Several bug fixes..

iClone 7.91.5223.1
- Morph Creator not launching when a prop is selected and Modify > Animation > Morph Creator button is pressed. Feedback Tracker 1, Feedback Tracker 2, Feedback Tracker 3

iClone 7.91.5208.1
- Compatible with the enhanced Smart Gallery, and bug fix

iClone 7.81.4501.1
- FBX asset renaming is now structurally compatible with Unreal

- Unable to pick bones in the viewport under Edit Motion Layer mode
- Picking a Substance material causes some projects to crash
- iClone and Character Creator crashes from repetitive docking and undocking of the Smart Gallery, Curve Editor, and Live Link panels
- Some projects lag on playback
- UV adjustments not taking effect for some props
- Some characters exported in FBX fail to load into Blender
- $time variable not working for Substance materials in iClone
- Displacement channels can't utilize Substance materials and Bake Substance Texture is disabled
- Sbsar blurriness caused by failure to set the output size

iClone 7.72.3818.1
- Compatible with Smart Gallery plug-in

- GI settings on default project for better visual quality

- Incorrect teeth position, twisted thumbs, and visual flaws of the inner eye corner for Jody