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iMyFone AnySmall

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Download iMyFone AnySmall 1.0.1

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    iMyFone AnySmall 1.0.1 LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    iMyfone Technology / iMyFone AnySmall

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The iMyFone AnySmall Video Compressor is an impressive tool that offers powerful compression capabilities without any loss of quality. Whether you are running low on storage space or need to share a large video file, this compressor can quickly and securely reduce the size of your video while preserving its high quality.

With just one click, you can compress your video to any desired size and keep the quality intact. Additionally, you can compress multiple videos at once to save space and make them easier to share.

This compressor is also capable of compressing images without any loss of quality, which further reduces the amount of storage space required. iMyFone AnySmall for PC can also compress audio files while ensuring that you receive them in the highest quality possible, making them easier to store and transfer. With over 1000 available formats, you can store your files in any format that suits your needs.

We are pleased that the review team from FileHorse can recommend such an excellent app from iMyFone company, for quick and easy video compression of your files!

Main Features

  • Access it on both your phone and computer for convenience.
  • Free up valuable storage space on your devices with compression.
  • Benefit from additional phone-exclusive features, such as one-click sharing.
  • Compress multiple files at once with ease.
  • Enjoy a significantly faster compression speed.
  • Customize the settings for individual or multiple files.
  • Choose the desired compressed file size for greater control.
  • Ensure compatibility with any video platform, including Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook, Hotmail, Viber, iCloud, Discord, and more.
  • Meet your various compression needs effortlessly.
  • Support all file formats.
  • Maintain the high resolution of your videos even after compression.

How to Use

Step 1: Choose Your Video
First, select the video that you want to compress and upload it to AnySmall.

Step 2: Select Your Compression Mode
Next, choose the compression mode that best fits your needs and intended use.

Step 3: Wait for Compression
Sit back and wait for the compression process to finish. Once it's complete, your compressed file will be automatically saved for you.


How can I compress my video without losing quality?
To compress your video while maintaining high quality, simply upload the file to AnySmall and click the "Start" button. The compression algorithm is designed to reduce the file size while preserving the picture and audio quality of your video as much as possible.

What's the difference between the free trial and full version of AnySmall?
The main difference is the limitation of functions. For example, the free trial version on PC/Laptop only allows you to compress one video, while the full version has no limits.

Can I resize my video to fit different social media or email platforms?
Absolutely! It can resize your video to fit various platforms such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook, Hotmail, Viber, iCloud, Discord, and more. Just upload your video, select the compression mode, and click start compression. You can also specify the expected size after compression to perfectly fit any platform.

Will my compressed videos have a watermark?
No, AnySmall for Windows 11/10 does not add a watermark to any compressed videos.

How long does it take to compress a video?
The time it takes to compress a video depends on factors such as the size, duration, resolution, bit rate, encoding mode, and device performance. Typically, a 10-minute video can be compressed in under a minute. Larger files may take longer.

Can I specify the compressed size when compressing multiple videos at once?
Yes, you can upload multiple videos at once and choose the compression method or desired size. It will automatically compress the videos in batch and generate high-quality compressed videos for you.


Free Trial

  • Free download
  • Compress 1 video
  • Compress video without watermark
  • Customer support

Full Version - $19.99/year

  • Unlimited times to compress videos
  • Compress multiple videos at once
  • Customize the video size after compression
  • Save compressed video without watermark
  • Free upgrades
  • Money back gurantee
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Powerful compression capabilities without loss of quality
  • Ability to compress videos, images, and audio files
  • Easy-to-use interface with one-click compression
  • Customizable settings for individual or multiple files
  • Compatibility with various video platforms and formats
  • Available on both phone and computer for convenience
  • Faster compression speed compared to other tools


  • Full version requires a paid subscription at $19.99/year
  • Free trial version only allows compression of one video
  • Compression time may vary depending on file size and device performance

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