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Intel Performance Maximizer

Intel Performance Maximizer

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Intel Performance Maximizer (IPM) is an official overclocking tool for a select range of Intel processors that can help users of all knowledge levels to extract maximum performance from their CPU chip. Built from the ground up to serve the needs of both home and business users (such as gamers and professionals who want faster CPU) this app manages to put the CPU into the wide range of tests that will determine the maximum stable frequency it can run on the long-term basis.

Note: It will be discontinued as of April 24, 2023. For an alternative overclocking experience explore Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility.

Some of the data it collects is the stability of the maximum frequency, availability of the power delivery, and the effectiveness of the processor cooling, which all, in the end, contribute to the maximum automatic overclock this app can deliver.

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There are numerous ways users can extract additional power from their CPU (such as smartly managing active apps, pausing or disabling various system services, boosting cooling, and more), but the most reliable long-term solution is overclocking. However, overclocking is a difficult process that involves not only manually tweaking very important settings in the PC BIOS (some of them which can permanently damage the CPU or motherboard if the user is not careful) and then each overclock has to be checked for long-term stability.

This often means boosting the CPU to a higher frequency and then running stress tests or benchmark software for hours to note if the entire PC is running well and without errors, crashes, and reboots. The stability of the PC is especially important to professional users who want to have extremely stable PC configuration when they start working on large 3D rendering or video processing projects, some of which can last even up to a day of hard work that can’t be interrupted.

Intel Performance Maximizer for PC streamlines the process of overclocking by automatically tackling each of the required steps by itself. The app even creates a new temporary partition on the local storage, thus preventing the OS files to be damaged in the case of the crash. It can overclock the CPU and start testing stability on its own, requiring users only to leave the PC alone until the app reports its findings.

There are no configuration options and no way to force the app to overclock the CPU past its point of stability. After all machine learning-assisted tests are done, the app will simply offer to the user if he wants to accept newly tested CPU frequency. At that point, the only two buttons offered by the app are “Finish” which will accept the boosted frequency, or “Rerun Test”.

Intel Performance Maximizer is optimized to work only with the latest generation of Intel processors from Intel Core X-series, 9th and 10th generation series.


Easy to use: IPM is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to those who may not have extensive knowledge of overclocking. It provides a simplified interface that guides users through the overclocking process step by step.

Automatic optimization: It automatically analyzes your system's hardware and tests different overclocking configurations to find the optimal settings for your CPU. This can save users time and effort compared to manual overclocking.

Improved performance: When used correctly, overclocking can result in significant performance gains in applications that benefit from higher CPU clock speeds, such as gaming and certain professional workloads.

Stability testing: It includes stability testing to ensure that the overclocked settings are reliable and won't cause system crashes or instability. This can help users avoid potential issues associated with manual overclocking.


Limited compatibility: IPM is only compatible with specific Intel processors and chipsets. Not all Intel CPUs are supported, so you'll need to check if your CPU is on the list of compatible models.

Limited control: While the tool is designed for ease of use, it may not offer the same level of control and customization as manual overclocking. Experienced overclockers may prefer to fine-tune settings themselves for maximum performance.

Warranty concerns: Overclocking, even when done using tools like IPM, can void the warranty on your CPU. Intel's warranty typically does not cover damage caused by overclocking, so users should be aware of this risk.

Heat and power consumption: Overclocking can lead to increased heat generation and power consumption. Users should ensure that their cooling solution and power supply are sufficient to handle the additional demands of an overclocked CPU.

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