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    IntelBurnTest 2.54 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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    IntelBurnTest Team / External Link

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IntelBurnTest is a popular CPU stress benchmark and stability testing application intended for any modern processor based on x86 or x64 architectures. Originally intended to be used by PC building enthusiasts, tech support personnel, and system administrators, this app provides everyone a quick and reliable way to not only test the stability and performance level of the CPU, but it also to easily compare CPU performance between different configuration.

The core of the application is its testing algorithm that places a great strain on every processing capability of your CPU, pushing it to the peak of its abilities and extracting more heat from him than every other synthetic benchmark utility such as well-known Prime 95 benchmark. By placing such a demanding workload on your CPU and causing it to reach its peak power draw and temperature, IntelBurnTest can also be used as a valuable system diagnostic and stability testing.

In just a few minutes you can easily observe if the overheating is affecting the long-term performance of your CPU (temperature throttling causing an automatic reduction in operating clocks) or if the motherboard power delivery hardware is providing insufficient electricity (sub-par VRM hardware or its insufficient cooling causing performance drops and glitches). Also, since this benchmark is also using a lot of RAM, it can also be used to troubleshoot this component of your PC.

IntelBurnTest uses the same stress test engine that Intel Corporation uses to test the stability of the CPUs that are sent to sale. By having this tool readily available in the public, anyone can make sure his core component of PC is working as efficiently as was intended by the manufacturer.

Installation and Use

Intel BurnTest is a lightweight portable application, enabling you to simply install it on any storage location in your PC by simply unpacking it from a compressed archive. While the 32bit application will work on all supported Windows operating systems, users can also use a purpose-built 64bit portable application.

The user interface features a single small screen with only several control tools, status indicator icon, and LinPack Output report window that will showcase the results of each stress test loop. Users can pick the desired stress level of the simulation, amount of test loops, and a number of CPU processing threads that will be in use. By simply clicking on the “Start” button you will start the benchmarking run, with each loop results focusing on the elapsed time and GFlops speed. Those results can be exported into a text log. At the end of the entire benchmark, users will be presented with the acknowledgment report, which will confirm if the CPU is working as intended or if it is experiencing some slowdown issues. Use this program at your risk. Be aware that stress testing of your CPU may cause damage to your PC components.

Features and Highlights
  • Accurate and reliable CPU stress test and benchmark utility.
  • A valuable tool for detracting issues with CPU, motherboard, cooling, or RAM memory components.
  • Real-time result output and stratus acknowledgment.
  • Real-time error checking.
  • Xtreme Stress Mode for ultimate stability testing.
  • Quicker benchmark runs than many other CPU stress test utilities.
  • Compatible with all x86/x64 CPU processors.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • An uncluttered interface that is Vista/Aero/7 friendly.
  • Compatible with modern Windows-NT based operating systems.
  • Stress Testing: Ensures system stability
  • Quick Results: Rapidly identifies performance issues
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use and configure
  • CPU Optimization: Helps identify optimal settings
  • Compatibility: Works with a wide range of Intel CPUs
  • High CPU Load: May cause excessive heat and power consumption
  • Limited Scope: Primarily focuses on CPU testing
  • No GPU Testing: Excludes stress testing for graphics cards
  • Single Vendor Support: Exclusive to Intel processors

  • IntelBurnTest 2.54 Screenshots

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    IntelBurnTest 2.54 Screenshot 1

What's new in this version:

- Linpack binaries updated (7-20-2012) + patched for AMD CPUs
- Improved effectiveness of Xtreme Stress Mode

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