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jv16 PowerTools

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Macecraft, Inc. / External Link

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jv16 PowerTools is an awesome PC System Utility Software for Windows designed to make your computer work faster and smoother, in a measurable way. jv16 PowerTools is a software toolkit designed simply to make Windows fast. Download your 14 days, fully functional, the free trial version of jv16 PowerTools today, and see how much faster your computer can run. It comes with no bundled software, no adware, no-nonsense.

System Cleaner is designed to scan your computer for temporary files, left-over files from the software you have already uninstalled, and even unnecessary system files that may clutter your system. This system utility is also designed to do comprehensive registry sweeping. A common cause for computers running slow after extended use periods, which makes it a good practice to perform on a regular basis.

jv16 PowerTools can help:
  • Automatically fix common Windows errors
  • Reduce computer startup time
  • Easily take beautiful screenshots
  • Free up space by finding duplicate files and cleaning temp files
  • Increase privacy by blocking ads and unwanted websites system-wide
  • See system info and much, much more!
There are many factors that can affect the speed of your Internet connection. Luckily, with the help of Internet Optimizer, you can see improvements in just a few minutes, with little effort required. Simply set the process off with a single click.

Software Uninstaller does not just list the same software listed in the Windows Control Panel. PowerTools app digs even further by scanning your Windows registry and all your hard drives for data related to currently installed software and left-over traces of software you thought you had already uninstalled.

Features and Highlights

System Cleaner
Scan and clean your computer of errors, left-over traces of software, and general junk resulted from everyday use.

Internet Optimizer
Perform benchmark tests to find and activate the fastest settings for your computer and your network connection.

Software Uninstaller
Scan and remove all left-over and unneeded software that currently resides in your system.

Download jv16 PowerTools now. It comes with no bundled software and no adware. It’s free to try for 14 days and the trial version does not have any feature limitations or any other such restrictions. If it says it found an error from your system, you can fix it without being forced to buy it.

That’s right, jv16 PowerTools is not free.

But it only costs $19 USD per year with a subscription that gives you all the updates and latest versions without any additional fees. And we also have a lifetime license for just $49 USD as a one time payment that gives you a perpetual license to use it forever, also including all new future product updates and upgrades for free.

Note: 14 days trial version.

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What's new in this version:

jv16 PowerTools
- Change log not available for this version

jv16 PowerTools
- New tool: System Examiner
- New tool: Screenshot
- New tool: Update Fixer
- Major improvements to System Fixer
- Major improvements to Software Uninstaller
- Major user interface improvements
- System Fixer's and System Cleaner's category view now also shows the total number of items
- Improved the way the program UI scales to different screen resolutions

- The number of found items could be incorrect. This was purely a cosmetic issue, caused by some parts of the UI counting all found items incorrectly.
- Selecting and unselecting items from the result list in System Fixer and System Cleaner could cause the category selector (left list) and the main result list (right list) to get confused what items should be selected and what unselected.
- The progress screen could have modules that say "starting" until the end of the scan. This was a cosmetic problem, the modules were ran, but their status was not correctly shown in the user interface.
- Software Uninstaller doesn't automatically sort the list of found software in a smart way.
- The main action button of Task Manager could contain the wrong text caption. It should update based on which tab of the tool is open, but it always didn't.
- In systems with multiple screens, the screen selection setting was not properly saved in the Settings > General Settings

jv16 PowerTools
- Running System Cleaner multiple times in one session could cause it to find the same files to clean each time
- Known bug fixed: Using some tools such as Duplicate Finder or File Wiper could show a blank screen during the operation instead of the progress screen. This is a cosmetic issue as the tools are actually working correctly, there is just no progress screen.
- Running System Cleaner multiple times in one session could make it never complete the scan

jv16 PowerTools
Feature Improvements:
- Added Startup Timer to the main tools menu
- Improved File Deleter’s ability to delete locked files
- Added an option to File Deleter to also delete any folders that become empty during the removal of data
- Moving between the different tools now works faster and smoother

- Known bug fixed: The check boxes and radio buttons could flash white when mouse cursor moved over them when the app was in Dark Mode
- The progress value could be drawn outside of the progress circle during the first seconds of the progress being visible
- Main Menu > Tools > System Fixer menu option didn’t work, and didn’t get translated if non English UI was active
- Writing a search term to the search field of System Fixer, System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller could fail, because the caret could be sometimes moved to the beginning of the typed word, making it impossible to write the desired search term
- Restoring a minimized jv16 PowerTools could cause some of the texts in the user interface not to be drawn correctly
- The tools menu had some tools listed in a different order than in the main navigation menu
- The caption of the Settings window could first show up properly capitalized, but then convert to all lower case letters
- Using the Quick Finder could cause its area on the UI to get resized incorrectly

jv16 PowerTools
- New tool: Startup Timer. Startup Timer is a new standalone tool which allows you to measure exactly how long it takes for Windows to start and also to see which apps are slowing the system startup the most.
- Improved the performance of the System Fixer and System Cleaner
- Initial Setup now runs faster
- Closing the program now happens faster
- Updated many translations, including Dutch, Finnish and Swedish
- Improved the progress reporting of Software Uninstaller
- Improved the accuracy of Software Uninstaller
- The System Fixer's dummy folder detection module now detects more left-over folder types
- The tools now open and close smoother with less UI elements moving around

- The category selector in System Fixer and System Cleaner does not always work properly
- The result listing of System Fixer and System Cleaner can start to flicker if items are unchecked
- In some rare cases, the app could display 'SharedButtons' as the caption of each button This could happen if updating jv16 PowerTools to a new version failed to replace some files
- The loading graphic could sometimes show up in a location other than the center of the app window
- Using the categories menu in System Fixer and System Cleaner to hide items from the result list could sometimes fail, because all of the manually unchecked categories were automatically re-checked by the app
- Using the Analyze button in Software Uninstaller could sometimes automatically select only some of the unused apps instead all of them

jv16 PowerTools
- Greatly reduced the time the program spends on showing the spinning loading animation when moving between tools
- In the case you update an older version to a new version and your license is not automatically applied, you can now open My Account and click Apply, without the need to reinstall the program or to use the My Account's Reset feature first.
- Moving between the different tools is now much faster and smoother, with less UI elements updating or moving around
- Many new System Fixer scanner modules enabled. The scan now takes a bit longer, on average two minutes, but it can now find much more different types of system errors

- The program could display 'your trial period has ended' during the Initial Setup phase of the program, which could be inconvenient
- System Fixer fails to find certain types of errors, such as broken shortcuts
- In some systems, System Fixer's and System Cleaner's result list could flicker every few seconds
- The 'working, please wait' text can move while a tool such as System Fixer or System Cleaner is scanning
- In some cases, when the Scan Progress screen would show up, it could display incorrect texts like 'lblCaption' or 'edtStatus' for a brief moment before the actual content was displayed
- In Windows 11, jv16 PowerTools would automatically create the Desktop Right Click menu option for jv16 PowerTools, but there was no way to remove it since the option to remove it in Settings > System was not visible if using Windows 11
- Some parts of the Settings screen could be invisible in the program was used in a very small resolution screen
- Installing the program over an older version without first uninstalling the old version, could in some cases lead to 'installation is corrupted, please reinstall jv16 PowerTools' error message to be displayed
- Uninstalling software with the Software Uninstaller could cause the waiting graphic to move around in the UI while it loads
- Main Menu > Help > Support or Main Menu > Help > Discussion Forum did not work
- My Account could display 'License expires: (unknown' if you owned a 'for life' license. This was entirely a cosmetic issue and all perpetual licenses were honored. This issue is now fixed and My Account should now correctly display 'License expires: never' for such licenses
- Main Menu > Tools > Maintenance > Flush caches and rerun Initial Setup did not always work. It could just restart the program without performing the Initial Setup as requested
- The default ignore list of Duplicate File Finder and Big File Finder could contain registry keys. While having registry keys in the ignore list didn't cause any problems, having registry keys in the ignore list of file searches didn't really make much sense either, hence this is now fixed
- It was possible to resize the category listing of System Fixer so small, the listing was no longer visible
- During a scan, such as System Fixer or System Cleaner scan, the progress indicator could get stuck to 1%. This was a cosmetic issue and did not mean the actual scan was stuck
- It was possible that the Dashboard's hard drive content analysis did not show the detailed data, this could especially happen if user had used Tools > Maintenance > Flush Cache feature

jv16 PowerTools
- New tool: System Fixer. System Fixer looks for Windows and system related errors, lists them for you to review and can automatically fix them for you.
- New tool: Quick Finder. Quick Finder sits directly in the jv16 PowerTools navigation panel and in the Widget and allows you to quickly find and open files. For example, did you just download "invoice.pdf"? Just type in 'invoice.pdf' or 'invoice' to Quick Finder and hit Enter, and the app instantly opens it for you. Or just write the search word and wait a second, and jv16 PowerTools opens the folder containing the file for you. If you don't like to use Windows Cortana to find files, this is the feature you have been looking for.
- New feature: Settings Export/Import. If you want to move jv16 PowerTools to another computer, or uninstall it in order to install a new version, you can now use the Settings Export to create a backup of your app settings.
- New feature: You can now easily add 'Open with Command Prompt', 'Open with Notepad' and 'Take Ownership' options to the Right Click menus of Windows from the new jv16 PowerTools Settings > System tab.
- New feature: jv16 PowerTools Desktop Menu. Right Click your Windows Desktop and you will now have jv16 PowerTools menu there, with shortcuts to the most common Windows tools such as Task Manager and RegEdit. And, of course, to start jv16 PowerTools. Only available for Windows 7 to Windows 10.
- New feature: Software Uninstaller now contains an Analyze button which will detect which of your installed software and games you haven't been using for a long time. This can get in handy when deciding which apps you should uninstall.
- New feature: The Widget now supports activity tracking to show how long you have been using your computer and it can also suggest when you should take a break.
- New feature: The Widget now shows you the battery status and can notify you to stop charging the battery when it reaches 80% to improve the longevity of the battery by never fully charging it.
- New feature: Right Clicking the main app navigation menu now brings up a rich menu to choose which tools should be visible on the menu as well as other handy features.
- New feature: Software Uninstaller has a Show Data button that shows all the installation data of the selected apps, such as the files and registry data they have created.
- Tools now open smoother with less user interface elements changing position during the transition between different screens within the app.
- Added an option to Settings to show and hide the social media and contact icons from the navigation menu. Previously, it was only possible to hide these icons via the Right Click menu.
- Added an option to use Courier type font for the data finding and searching related input text fields.
- Changing the tab in Settings now also automatically scrolls the horizontal tabs scroll bar.
- System Cleaner now displays a better worded notification before it automatically restarts your computer, and it allows you to cancel the restart by clicking the Cancel button.
- An expired trial version of the program now allows basic usage, such as System Cleaner scanning, but not cleaning. Previously, an expired trial version would only show the My Account page.
- Applying a license in My Account now shows the proper 'please wait' message while the license data is being checked.
- Improved the speed of cleaning data in System Cleaner.
- Improved the way the program and the Widget handle cases of the system screen resolution changes.
- All the boxes within the Settings screen are now scrollable with the mouse scroll wheel without the need to click the box first.

- Cleaning data with the System Cleaner or applying settings of Internet Optimizer could cause the app to quickly display an 'All is done' message box, and after that display a progress screen that could be visible for a long time. This was very confusing as the user would not know whether the operation was still ongoing, already completed or failed.
- The tool names could use incorrect capitalization in some translated versions. For example, 'Support' button could say 'support'.
- The list of running apps in Dashboard or Widget could contain app names with incorrect capitalization, such as 'FACEBOOK' instead of 'Facebook'.
- The Widget's summary bar is blank when using the normal mode (i.e. not Dark Mode), because it is using a white font on a white background.
- Starting the Internet Optimizer would show the quick progress animation before the privacy confirmation question has been answered by the user, which could have caused the user to incorrectly assume the operation already started before the privacy confirmation was given.
- The Statistics area in Dashboard could incorrectly use too small fonts
- The list of translations was not fully visible in the Settings in some screen resolutions
- The 'Please wait ...' panel could change position while a tool page was opening which could look unpleasant.
- Some of the navigation panel buttons could be partially cut off due to insufficient horizontal space on some screen resolutions when using a non English user interface.
- Fixed typos and grammatical errors from the English and Finnish user interface texts.
- It was not possible to hide the Task Manager tool from the navigation menu. Unchecking it from Settings > General > Tools would hide it for some time but it would always come back.
- Some parts of File Splitter tool's user interface could not be translated because the texts were missing from English.txt
- The Widget could start in English even if jv16 PowerTools itself was used in non English user interface mode
- Sometimes a tool could open with only the top part of the UI visible. Resizing the program window would fix this cosmetic issue, but now the bug causing this is also fixed.
- Running the System Cleaner scan could either crash the app (potentially closing it without any error message) or freeze it. This was a rare issue that required very specific conditions to occur before it was triggered. Nevertheless, it's now fixed.
- System Cleaner could report zero issues found in a case of a very slow computer and/or a system with a lot of errors or unneeded data. This was because if the main scan experienced a timeout, the processing data to the screen would also timeout, hence not displaying any results found before the scan timeout occurred.

jv16 PowerTools
There are three new tools:
- File Renamer can rename many files at the same time. For example, you can name files based on static text plus a counter such as "image 1.png", "image 2.png" and so on. You can also perform Find and Replace within file names, for example, easily rename a large collection of files with underscores in their names such as "the_amazing_adventures_of_catgir.avi" into "The Amazing Adventures Of Catgirl.avi"
- File Splitter can split large files into smaller parts, for example to make it easier to upload or send them. You can split files by size, for example making every piece less than 100 MB, or you can simply split large file into 10 equally sized pieces. If you want to split files, the File Splitter can do that for you.
- File Merger can merge previously split file parts back into the original large file
- This version also includes many performance improvements. The program now starts and runs faster on most systems. There are also many accuracy related improvements, such as better detection of running apps in the Dashboard and Widget, better detection of installed apps and their data in Software Uninstaller and better detection of certain types of system errors in System Cleaner.

jv16 PowerTools
- Improved the accuracy of System Cleaner's 'Registry error relating to' feature. Previously it could list data such as 'Registry error relating to Microsoft', which doesn't really provide you any value.
- Reduced the system resources usage of the jv16 PowerTools Widget
- Improved the accuracy of detecting the names and icons of running apps in the Dashboard and the Widget
- Minor improvements to the overall accuracy of System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller
- The program now opens up faster. In most systems, the difference is negligible but in systems in which the starting time has been slow, it is now up to 25% faster
- Software Uninstaller scan now works faster, on average it now takes 30 seconds, previously with the last version it took 42 seconds
- Some of the confirmation message boxes now show the expected answer by highlighting the default option
- Comes with many updated translations, including Dutch, Finnish and Swedish

- The program could display 'The ordinal 4369 could not be located in the dynamic link library' error message. This was a rare bug, only affecting specific systems. So far, we received seven reports of this issue. However, in the affected systems, this bug made it impossible to use the app.
- The program could display an 'access violation' error message when performing the System Cleaner scan
- System Cleaner could get stuck on displaying the 'updating the results list ...' at the status bar. This was a cosmetic issue, however. This message being visible did not prevent you from using the app in any ways.
- If you unselected all but one category from the System Cleaner results, the user interface could enter a loop where the results list got emptied, then updated correctly, emptied again, and so on.
- System Cleaner scan's starting screen could remain on screen for too long, incorrectly letting the user to think the scan might not be starting correctly. This was entirely a cosmetic issue.
- Installation of jv16 PowerTools didn't always create a System Restore Point.
- Scrolling the navigation panel could fail and possibly show an 'out of range' error message.
- The final screen of Software Uninstaller could have the checkboxes in wrong locations, especially if the tool is used more than one time per session
- Clicking the Close button of System Cleaner could cause the program to display 'access violation' error message
- The program could generate an empty file called 'jv16 PowerTools Version Checker' to its installation directory
- 11) Starting System Cleaner with any browsers running will cause the program to show a confirmation whether browser can be closed to allow browser data cleaning. However, if you chose 'cancel' from this confirmation box, it could cause the program to hang for a few seconds, incorrectly display the scan progress screen and only then return to the dashboard.
- 12) Dashboard's RAM section displayed the amount of RAM available to Windows. This could be a smaller number than the actual amount of installed RAM, which caused some confusion. This is now fixed and the dashboard will now display the total amount of installed RAM.
- 13) The text of the circular progress element in the progress screen, such as when scanning the system, could sometimes be drawn to the left side of the screen.
- 14) Sometimes the program failed to correctly fetch the icon of a running application, causing the CPU or RAM listing areas of the Dashboard to show either a missing or incorrect icon.
- 15) Scrolling the Dashboard's list up and down immediately after the program has started, could cause the scrolling not to be smooth and the CPU usage high for a few seconds

jv16 PowerTools
- Change log not available for this version

jv16 PowerTools
- New tool: File Wiper allows you to delete files in a way the files cannot be recovered with data recovery products
- New tool: File Deleter allows you to delete locked and otherwise write-protected files
- New tool: Web Blocker allows you to block ads and websites of specific types, such as social media websites
- New feature: The program now supports password protection. You can now define a password in Settings and if you do so, the program will require a password input before it can be used
- The temporary file cleaning feature of the System Cleaner has been fully re-designed and implemented. You can now choose exactly how you want temporary data to be cleaned within Settings > System Cleaner
- Major improvements for the performance and accuracy of the Software Uninstaller
- Major improvements to the overall user experience for example by having the user interface to better communicate to the user what is happening
- Improved the user interface of the File Finder, Big File Finder and Duplicate File Finder for easier and faster use
- Improved the overall responsiveness of the UI
- Improved the way the category selection works in System Cleaner. Before, selecting or unselecting a category could cause a long delay with 'please wait' box covering the screen. This is now much smoother and there is no 'please wait' screen needed
- Added an option to disable all tips and warnings from the app. This is now available in the Settings
- Added an option to hide the navigation panel category texts. This is in Settings > General
- Added an option to change the program's language to the Settings. Previously, it was only available in the app's main menu, but a key setting like this should also be available in the Settings screen. Now it is
- Improved the support for smaller window sizes in the Settings screen
- Changed the default configuration of the Software Uninstaller not to list built-in Windows apps or any Microsoft related products. This greatly improves the scan speed of the Software Uninstaller and in most cases, there is no need to list these anyway. The setting can be adjusted from Settings > Software Uninstaller
- Improved the way the program works with smaller screen resolutions
- Added support for scroll bar for the navigation menu. It will be visible only when needed, that is, the app window size being smaller than the space required to show all the navigation icons
- Added an option to keep completed modules in the scan progress screen. This is now enabled by default. Previously, completed modules were removed from the screen which could have made following the progress of the scan more difficult to follow
- Double clicking a results row in System Cleaner now opens the item's registry key in RegEdit or folder in Explorer
- Improved the sizing and scaling of the System Cleaner's category selector
- Improved the way the program communicates what it is currently doing to the user
- The program now explains better if the Initial Setup needs to be run again. This needs to be done if the system configuration has changed too much since the time Initial Setup was originally run, for example, after a big System Cleaner cleaning session
- System Cleaner's category listing now uses the same font as the rest of the UI
- Duplicate File Finder now supports finding duplicates of specific size and/or duplicate files that have not been modified within a given number of days
- Improved support for systems with multiple monitors
- Finder, Big File Finder and Duplicate Finder now remember the previously used search from paths
- Dashboard's CPU and RAM usage areas now display a color key legend in every screen size
- Clicking any button of a message box now closes the box faster
- You no longer need to click Close to end the installation process of the app, it now happens automatically
- System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller now display a popup tooltip panel allowing you to read the long result text rows easier
- Improved the detection of software left-overs in Software Uninstaller
- The program now starts with a fade-in effect
- Comes with improved Finnish, Dutch and Russian translations

- Cleaning the system with the System Cleaner could cause the cleaning process to complete so fast you cannot uncheck the 'Restart computer when done' option in the progress screen, leading to an unwanted system reboot. The process going to fast bug is now fixed, plus the Settings now contain an option to disable the restart altogether.
- Changing the search options in Finder, Big File Finder and Duplicate Finder did not always update the screen contents correctly without having to resize or maximize the application window
- The dashboard could show an empty CPU usage value inside the circular element when the app starts
- Going from Software Uninstaller to Uninstall Software screen and then clicking the Back button could cause the app to remain in 'Please Wait' stage until any new tool is opened
- The program could start without properly initializing its main user interface until any tool is opened or the app window resized
- Using the Dashboard's Finder Panel's top right corner button Right Click > Finder option to open the Finder tool, caused the tool open but with the UI incorrectly initialized
- Scrolling the Dashboard's list up and down immediately after the program had started, could cause the scrolling not to be smooth and the CPU usage to be high for a few seconds
- In the My Account tool the Buy Now and Apply buttons could both sometimes display the default button frame, when naturally only one button should ever be the defined default button
- Starting the Software Updater could have shown the Finalizing step too early, causing it to remain on screen for a long time while the tool is loading
- The translations menu did not show the name of some languages, such as Japanese and Korean, in these languages, only in English
- The UI of the Big File Finder did not scale very well for small app window sizes
- System Cleaner results might not get automatically selected in some systems, even if the option was checked from Settings
- The program could display an 'integer overflow' error message if the program was run in a system that had been running for over six days
- The program could display an 'access violation' error message when started. However, this was a very rare bug and it was not system specific, meaning simply starting the program again would allow you to use the app
- If you pressed Ctrl + S before the main program window was fully loaded, it could cause the app display an Access Violation error message
- It was possible to double click the Clean And Fix All or Uninstall button of the Software Uninstaller while a confirmation message window was visible and this could lead to unexpected outcomes, such as an empty software uninstallation confirmation screen. This bug was entirely cosmetic
- If the program was started on a non-English Windows, it would first start automatically in that language, then convert back to English and then back to the ystem language only when the main dashboard was shown after the Initial Setup
- Software Uninstaller could list the same app twice, if it had a special character in its name. For example, 'Forté Agent' and a duplicate entry as 'Forte Agent'
- If you clicked the top right X button of the message box to restart jv16 PowerTools after changing its language, the app wouldn't close or restart, but instead it remained on screen with possibly half translated UI
- Clicking Software Updater from the main menu did not open the tool
- Quickly clicking between Task Manager and some other tool could make the app to display only a blank screen and without any way to continue to use the app other than restart it
- System Cleaner could display duplicate error categories in its categories listing
- Fixed some typos from the English user interface

jv16 PowerTools
- New Tool: Big File Finder. This tool allows you to easily find old and obsolete files from your computer, not only by their size but also based on when the files were last used. This tool is especially handy in finding old downloaded files that could be deleted
- New feature: Dark Mode! Finally, the user interface supports Dark Mode. By default, the program automatically detects whether the Dark Mode is enabled in Windows and if it is, jv16 PowerTools starts in Dark Mode, too. You can also force the Dark Mode to be always used from the Settings
- New feature: System Cleaner categories view allows you to easier see what results were found and also select them by category
- New feature: Task Closer has been renamed to Task Manager and it now allows listing of running apps or processes, and it supports hiding of system related apps
- Improved the overall cleaning performance of the System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller scans. For example, Software Uninstaller now finds up to 100% more data relating to installed software
- Improved scan progress accuracy reporting
- Improved browser tracking and advertising cookie detection and cleaning
- Improved the safety of the System Cleaner scan by introducing a new safety option to the Settings
- Major improvements to the user interface of the Finder and Duplicate Finder tools
- Added an option to disable automatic reboot after System Cleaner scan. This is in Settings > System Cleaner
- The scan progress screen now has uniform path capitalization and better column width management
- After you download an updated version of the program via Tools > Check For Updates > Download New Version, the new version's setup file is automatically started
- The Buy Now button in the Dashboard now uses the same mouse cursor (hand point) as the Buy Now button in the top window panel. It makes sense to use the same for both
- Improved the accuracy of detecting installed software which do not correctly register themselves to the system, such as Forte Agent
- The buttons now use better visual style and are bigger for improved readability
- You can now open the main menu by right clicking the top window bar. Previously, the only way to open the main menu was to click the menu button in the top left corner
- All the main tools now offer more information what they do and how they work
- Finder and Duplicate Finder tools now remember if you change their Ignore Words settings. Before, the Ignore Words list was always restored to the default. Now the default list is only used when the tools are first used, and if user changes the ignore settings, those are remembered
- Added a greetings text to the Dashboard, explaining how to use the product. This will be especially useful for first time users
- The user interface of all the major tools now contain tips to help first time users and the added jv16 PowerTools logo in the results lists can also be Right Clicked to show the main menu
- The installer now creates a start menu shortcut also for the Widget
- Software Uninstaller's Right Click > Show Data, as well as the uninstall confirmation screen now show the data alphabetically sorted, making it much easier to read
- When a result list is updating, status bar no longer display the number of items selected as this number might be currently being updated
- Improved data sorting in the result list. If rows contains same data in one column, the next column's data is automatically used for sorting
- Duplicate File Finder now also displays the more detailed progress per running scan module
- The Settings screen now better supports smaller screen sizes and resolutions
- Added a Size column to the Finder and Duplicate Finder results listing
- New navigation bar icons and other general user interface improvements

- Fix: Software Uninstaller could miss some installed software, especially if the software's name included 'for windows', one example of such missed installed software was Seagate's 'Seatools for Windows' which was not listed by Software Uninstaller at all
- Fix: The app could incorrectly show in the bottom bar that a new version of the software is available for download
- Fix: It was not possible to translate some elements of the Dashboard, because the texts were missing from the translation file (English.txt)
- Fix: The bottom part of the Dashboard could display an empty panel when an updated version release was detected
- Fix: Some used settings of the hard drive information in Dashboard could make content of the Dashboard not to be fully visible
- Fix: The scan progress could go up to 50% and then display the results. This could look misleading and let user think the scan only ran the half way. In reality, this was simply a cosmetic issue, the scan was fully run, the scan progress reporting simply did not work properly. Nevertheless, this is now fixed
- Fix: The word 'MB' was not translated in Task Closer
- Fix: System Cleaner could in some cases incorrectly display the default entry name of a registry entry as 'hkey_rootkey -' instead of the normal 'hkey_rootkey - @' format. This was a cosmetic issue and did not affect the way the System Cleaner worked
- Fix: The circular chart element in Internet Optimizer could contain visual artifacts
- Fix: The Task Manager's automatic task closing feature was showing an invalid scroll bar in the middle of the tool page
- Fix: The top right corner button's 'Move this panel up' and 'Move this panel down' did not work for the Statistics panel in Dashboard
- Fix: The description text of System Cleaner could contain incorrect numbers and the caption of the Fix button was not updated correctly
- Fix: The progress starting and ending graphics could contain visual artifacts such as horizontal lines
- Fix: The results search panel could show up before the actual results were visible in Software Uninstaller
- Fix: Dashboard's Right Click menu option 'Hide CPU and RAM using apps' did not work in all cases without restarting the app
- Fix: The System Cleaner could fail to delete software left-over type items
- Fix: The System Cleaner could under some circumstances delete temporary files which were unselected from the results list by the user. This was a rare bug and only affected temporary file cleaning, not any other data type
- Fix: Widget's option to not show itself in the list of running apps did not always work
- Fix: Some texts within the UI had typos
- Fix: Hiding some hard drives in Dashboard using the Right Click menu worked, but if you tried to then show them again, the content of the hard drive bars remained empty
- Fix: Choosing Select All when all the items of the result list are already selected, or choosing Select None when nothing is selected, could still have caused the program to show a Please Wait popup and cause few seconds of processing time when clearly none were required
- Fix: Uninstalling software could in some cases show an incorrect warning about the uninstalled software being similar with software that is not being uninstalled
- Fix: The top right corner panel buttons of the Dashboard could display incorrect color when the mouse cursor is over them

jv16 PowerTools
- Change log not available for this version

jv16 PowerTools
- Change log not available for this version

jv16 PowerTools
- The program could randomly crash, that is, either show an Access Violation error message, or simply close itself without any error message. This was not a dangerous issue, that is, there was risk of damage to your system. The issues causing this have been now fixed, nevertheless.
- Running the System Cleaner with the "Do not list temporary files which could be dangerous to delete" safety setting disabled (it is enabled by default), could damage Windows 10 Start Menu's pinned tiles feature (which is also not enabled by default).
- System Cleaner could get stuck to the final "Please wait" phase. This bug was relating to many factors and did not happen often, but the more results are found, the more likely this was to happen.
- In rare cases, the "The scan took x seconds and found a total of z registry errors" etc text in the System Cleaner results screen could contain wrong numbers. This could happen if the ignore list feature was used, and some found items were ignored but they were still counted as found errors - which is technically correct, but would be confusing.
- Running the System Cleaner could get stuck to five or more minutes in some systems. This bug was relating to incorrect (read: slow) processing of certain type of data, only found on some systems.
- After returning to the Dashboard, there could be a delay of few seconds during which the UI would not respond
- Scrolling the Dashboard area up and down could cause the running apps list to flicker and use a lot of CPU time
- Dashboard and Widget app listing could show apps with "< 1%" and "0%" CPU usage which is both superfluous and potentially confusing
- If you hid the hard drives from the Dashboard, it was required to restart the app to be able to see them again
- Dashboard or the default view of tools could display a horizontal scroll bar, which is not visually very pleasing to see if not absolutely needed
- Task Closer's software column could contain empty items, which is not visually pleasing
- If you clicked the button to start a tool while it is already scanning, this would abort the already running scan which makes no sense. For example, if you click System Cleaner button from the menu, while System Cleaner is already scanning.
- The result list search feature could become visible before the results, making the user interface to look confusing
- Running the Finder after Duplicate Finder could cause the Finder results list to incorrectly include the Duplicate ID column. This was simply a left-over from running the Duplicate Finder and entirely a cosmetic issue.
- It was possible that more than one instance of the app could be started at the same time, and if that happened, the app could hgave simply closed without any error message
- The program could show an error message about Access Violation when closed
- Using the result list search feature did not always work. Especially if you opened a tool, such as Software Uninstaller, wrote a search word, then close the tool and do it again, the second time the search would not start unless you hit the Enter key.
- Check For Updates UI looked bad, because it did not scale to larger window sizes and could contain clipped texts
- Registry backups query box could be shown at awkward times
- In Windows 10, the app's progress on screen and the task bar progress could get out of sync, with the task bar progress showing a larger value than what is on the screen.
- The total RAM and CPU usage number did not always match the sum of the three sections displayed in the circular charts on Dashboard
- The Languages menu could sometimes be missing from the main menu
- The Dashboard did not scale properly after the app window has been maximized, or there was a delay of many seconds
- On some screen resolutions, the Dashboard did not display any running app icons
- The Dashboard and the Widget could incorrectly show a running Synaptics Device Driver as "Synaptics Device Dri"
- System Cleaner could list non existing hkey_local_machinedriver keys as invalid
- During the Initial Setup, the app could lose and gain focus many times, which caused unpleasant looking flickering
- Clicking the top right corner app window buttons could cause them to remain stuck with the click color
- The program could show information about a new version multiple times
- The result list search bar could sometimes be shown below the buttons bar, even though the buttons bar should always be at the bottom of the window
- The program window could fail to show up at all, if the screen resolution had been dramatically changed since the last time the app was last used
- Using the selection features, such as Select All while the result list is being filtered, could cause the selected number in the application's status bar not to be updated correctly
- The Settings window could sometimes have incorrectly sized elements
- Using the System Cleaner could in some rare cases cause file system issues to be picked up by Microsoft's SFC utility. These issues are not actual file system errors, but cases where jv16 PowerTools corrects an error in a way that SFC utility disagrees with and therefore reports the correction by jv16 PowerTools as invalid. Since this could be confusing to users, we have disabled this form of error correction from jv16 PowerTools for the time being.
- In some rare cases, running the System Cleaner could remove a non working AutoDesk licensing service module. This happens because the module is not working correctly. However, if it is removed, AutoDesk software will stop working and need to be reinstalled. While this is technically not a bug in jv16 PowerTools - it removes a non working service module from the system as designed - the issue is now fixed by ignoring such AutoDesk related services.

- Major improvements to the safety of System Cleaner, especially relating to ignoring data of installed software
- Major improvements to the responsiveness and overall smoothness of the UI
- Major user interface improvements in both how the overall user interface looks like, but especially how easy it is to use
- Entirely rewritten hard drive information area in the Dashboard now shows more detailed data
- Highly improved Settings window user interface
- Reduced the CPU usage of the Widget
- It's now possible to change the order of the dashboard content. And there is also more freedom to choose what is displayed there
- The result list columns are now sized based on their content. And, if you don't like this, you can also choose them to be equally sized. This option was added to Settings
- Improved the way the Dashboard scales to smaller app window sizes and screen resolutions
- Check For Updates now shows the Change Log if a new version is available
- Initial Setup information message now better explains what it does and why
- Moving the app window will automatically close any currently open message boxes

During the quality control for this version, we have also identified a few bugs in the new version. These are all cosmetic issues with no real user impact or risk and will be fixed in upcoming versions. These issues are:
- The progress indication of System Cleaner working, that is, actually cleaning the system, is not accurate. For example, it can remain at under 5% for some time, and then suddenly complete. This is simply a cosmetic issue, it does not mean that the cleaning failed or did not complete.
- The circular chart elements in Internet Optimizer may contain visual artifacts
- The text of the circular progress element in the progress screen, such as when scanning the system, can be sometimes drawn to the left side of the screen. This issue is evident if the window is resized during the progress screen being visible.
- Sometimes the program fails to correctly fetch the icon of a running application, causing the CPU or RAM listing areas of the Dashboard to show either a missing or incorrect icon
- In some screen resolutions or application window sizes, the top of the navigation menu does not have enough top margin
- In some screen resolutions or application window sizes, some texts on the screen can be partially cut off due to not enough space
- The top right corner panel buttons of the Dashboard can display incorrect color when the mouse cursor is over them
- Lastly, the speed of the program can be slower than before, because of the additional safety checks and improved accuracy. We will address with more optimizations in the near future as well.

jv16 PowerTools
- Fix: Performing a full system cleanup with the System Cleaner can take a very long time, with the progress indicator seemingly stuck at 90% or at 99% in some systems
- Fix: System Cleaner does not always find all the possible temporary files for removal
- Fix: If you do a full system cleaning with System Cleaner, and then run the scan again, it can still show more items to clean. This can repeat for many times, if not forever
- Fix: System Cleaner can fail to detect some broken shortcuts
- Fix: Some parts of the Settings window UI are not rendered correctly in all screen resolutions and application window sizes making some texts of check boxes invisible
- Fix: The Check For Updates screen can display a blank screen on some systems
- Fix: If you abort a system cleaning session, the checkbox about restarting computer remains visible on screen for a few seconds while the progress screen should only contain information that the operation was aborted. This is a cosmetic issue, but fixed now nevertheless
- Fix: In some systems, starting the app or running the Initial Setup could cause Windows to display error message saying "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer"
- Fix: When a message box is shown, it will by default display the blinking text caret (cursor). It can look a bit confusing as to why there is one. It's now fixed. You can still place the caret there by clicking the message box text with your mouse cursor and select text for Ctrl + C
- Fix: Running jv16 PowerTools on a screen with a very small resolution (e.g. 800x600 px), the navigation panel can be drawn without any content (no icons) and no texts

- The scanning and cleaning speed of System Cleaner is now a lot faster
- The program is now compatible with the upcoming Windows 11
- Improved the Software Uninstaller's ability to find and delete left-over data
- The setup executable now also has the executable file information fields set, such as file comments
- Reduced the size of log files created during System Cleaner usage
- Added "Check For Updates" also to the Tools menu of the main window. Previously, it was only under the Help menu
- Comes with updated Dutch, Polish, Russian and Swedish translations

jv16 PowerTools
- The System Cleaner can get stuck at 90% progress seemingly forever when scanning. This bug only affected some users, but for them, it was very annoying as it basically prevented them from using the tool
- With some users, the program fails to start entirely, or it starts but the entire UI is unresponsive and clicking any of the tool buttons does nothing. This was a very rare bug with only six people reporting it. We were able analyze the problem and it was caused by specific hardware configuration causing the UI initialization code to fail. It's now fixed
- The hard disk type (HDD vs. SSD) detection in the main Dashboard does not work correctly in all systems
- In some systems especially with a lot of registry errors, starting of the program can take unusually long
- The Widget can display List Index Out of Bounds error message
- When uninstalling software, the Software Updater icon can be incorrectly highlighted as the currently active tool in the navigation panel. This is purely a cosmetic issue
- The English user interface contains a few typos and grammar mistakes. They should all be fixed now
- Within Windows Control Panel's remove apps, jv16 PowerTools version number can be incorrectly listed as 5.x, it should be 6.x
- If you kill jv16 PowerTools using the X button from its Dashboard listing of apps, this does not start the Widget even though normally closing jv16 PowerTools would start it
- The automatic sizing of the Widget window does not work properly
- If you enter the Settings view in Widget, the Right Click menu will no longer display most of the Hide/Show menu items
- The save button in Widget's Settings view uses different colors compared to the other buttons in the Widget
- In some screen sizes, the default jv16 PowerTools window size might be too tall, getting partially covered by the Windows taskbar
- Starting the app with a command line parameter (such as jv16PT.exe -SoftwareUninstaller) does not always work
- One System Cleaner scan module is called "Scan automatically while starting software", which, makes no sense because of the incorrectly added word, it has now been fixed to "Scan automatically starting software"
- Even with the Do not create any backups option selected from the Settings, the program can still create backups
- Settings "Show search panel by default" does not work. Even if unchecked, the search panel is visible in the tool results view
- 18) Fix: It's not possible to close the Search panel in Task Closer. Clicking the X button does not do anything.
- Settings "Show the reason why each item was found as invalid or safe to remove" does not work. That is, unchecking this option does not hide the reason column from System Cleaner UI
- Using the Finder to search for only registry data causes the scan progress screen to still display file system paths and the program says these file system paths are being searched. This is a cosmetic bug, the file system paths are not searched if you tell the Finder to only look for registry data, however the user interface incorrectly says file system is also searched
- Using the Right-Click menu is impossible in the message popup window because the menu gets automatically closed
- Opening a registry key with Finder's Right-Click menu option can show error message saying the registry key does not exist - even if it does exist
- Software Updater does not display the number of items in the bottom left corner of the window status bar
- The Widget has a small memory leak which causes its RAM usage to increase slowly but surely if it is running for a long time
- Even when a tool is open, the tool's navigation panel tooltip would say something like "click here to open the tool". As the tool is already open, the tooltip could be confusing
- When the navigation panel is minimized, the buttons may not display any tooltips at all
- Killing an app with the Widget can sometimes kill it correctly, but it still remains listed as a running app (because the list does not get refreshed correctly)
- Using the result filter bar can cause the program to crash with an Access Violation error message

- Major speed improvements to all the main features: Initial Setup, System Cleaner scan and Software Uninstaller scan. These speed improvements are focused on the outliner systems. In other words, the average speed of each tool remains about the same, but in systems which had terribly slow Initial Setup or Software Uninstaller scan times, there should be major improvements.
- Moved a lot of data processing from the main jv16 PowerTools executable to a helper executable residing in the same application folder. This improves data processing speeds and improves UI responsiveness, for example during Initial Setup.
- It is now possible to select multiple items from the result list using the Shift key. Click first item you wish to select, press down the Shift key and then click the second item, and all items between the two items will be selected.
- Added an option to select items by search word.
- The message boxes now allow you to select the text for easier copying. For example, when in Software Uninstaller > Right Click > Show all data, you can simply select and copy with Control + C the data you want.
- Added an option to open a running app's folder. To do this, simply Right-Click the app in the Dashboard or Widget and choose Open in Explorer.
- The application and the widget now close down faster. Before, there could be a delay of few seconds.
- Improved the UI update smoothness of the Widget.
- It is now possible to select multiple items from the result list using the Shift key. Click first item you wish to select, press down the Shift key and then click the second item, and all items between the two items will be selected.
- Made the option of killing apps from the Dashboard or Widget easier to notice.
- If jv16 PowerTools is set to automatically start after software uninstallation reboot, the widget should not automatically start for a few seconds before the reboot happens.
- Improved the smoothness of the Initial Setup progress display.
- The Widget will now set its default data update speed based on the computer speed. Previously, the Widget could use 10%+ of CPU simply to update its data, because it was updating too frequently and with slower computers this would cause substantial CPU usage.
- Improved the classification of running apps within the Dashboard and Widget. These features should only list running user apps, previously they could sometimes also list system apps as they were not all correctly detected.
- Added an option to not show the Widget within its list of running apps.
- Keeping the mouse cursor over any apps of the Dashboard's or the Widget's will now display the app's filename.
- Improved detection of Big Fish game launcher games.
- Saving the result list as a text file now also includes the column captions.
- Software Uninstaller will now display the installation size of small apps in KB, instead of saying 0 MB.
- Improved Software Uninstaller's accuracy in detecting installed software data, such as publisher names.
- Added a select icon to the result lists, such as System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller to allow easier and faster selection of items.
- We have noticed some users not realizing that the jv16 PowerTools button at the top left corner of the app window is the main menu. We have now addressed this by adding a tip text about it.
- System Cleaner's Domain Whitelist now also ignores sub-domains. Before, adding would only whitelist that, anything like cookies could still be listed by System Cleaner.
- Clicking the Download button in Check For Updates screen will now take you to the direct download page. Before, the Change Log page of the new version was opened. Now the program has a separate button for opening that page to read more details of the new version.
- There can be a delay of a second or few after clicking the Start button in Finder. During this time, the app seems frozen. It's not frozen, but this is not properly indicated. This is now addressed with an added Please Wait message and also by making the starting of search faster.
- Deleting a lot of data with the Finder result screen can take some time. However, during this time there is no progress indication. Addressed by adding a Please Wait message.
- Improved the Software Uninstaller's ability to avoid automatic reboots when uninstalling software.
- Added an option to display the dates within the app in the format of year . month . day.
- Comes with many updated translations, including Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish and Thai.

jv16 PowerTools
- Fix: The program can display Access Violation and Privileged Instruction error message when starting, or when the Widget starts. This mainly happens with systems that have a third party application called WindowBlinds installed. This is a cosmetic issue, that is, it does not cause any harm to the system. Nevertheless, it is an annoying and it is now fixed.
- Fix: Uninstalling jv16 PowerTools can leave up to three Widget related files behind to the C:UsersxxAppDataLocal directory. This is now fixed, and any previously left behind files will also be removed by this version's uninstaller.
- Fix: The capitalization of some of the navigation menu items can be wrong when using the program in other than the English user interface
- Fix: The Widget's setting in jv16 PowerTools Settings window does not work properly. For example, you cannot re-enable Widget from the Settings if you have disabled it via its "Exit and never show again" feature.
- Fix: The tooltips shown by the left navigation panel mixes English with translated texts. This only happens a Non English UI is used.
- Fix: The dashboard can show gibberish (such as 0xB21A12) as the RAM manufacturer name
- Fix: The automatic updates do not work. This feature has now been entirely re-written and it is now working. If enabled, you should automatically receive all the hotfix and small updates to the program from now on. Major new updates still require a manual download and installation.
- Fix: The program can display a cut message saying "if the download didn't start, go to https://". The message should include the correct address. This is now fixed.
- Fix: Software Uninstaller can incorrectly remove a shared software installation directory. For example, if you have Firefox and Thunderbird installed from Mozilla, uninstalling one can cause the incorrect removal of the shared c:usersxAppDataLocalMozilla directory.

- Major accuracy improvement: Software Uninstaller finds on average 25% more data relating to installed software, and System Cleaner contains a new registry cleaning scan module.
- Major performance improvements: Initial Setup now runs on average 20% faster and System Cleaner about 10% faster
- The dashboard now shows whether your hard drives are old style mechanical hard drives or SSD. For SSDs, it will also show whether the drive is SATA SSD or NVMe SSD.
- The program now attempts to detect Windows shutdown and if one is detected, the program now handles that more gracefully. This applies to both the main jv16 PowerTools and the Widget.
- You can now

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