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Kami for Chrome is a highly regarded productivity app that can help users of all knowledge levels to take full control over their documents, and easily annotate and mark them up for any learning or teaching lesion they wish to organize for themselves. Built from the ground up to be compatible with the Google ecosystem of cloud services, Kami users can effortlessly upload, manage, and shared their files from Google Drive and Google Classroom. Founded in 2013, today this app has managed to expand across the entire world, attracting over ten million users consisting of over 10 million students and educators. In addition to a wide variety of tools and services aimed at students who wish to optimize their time when learning, reduce costs and effort of learning, the app also fully supports advanced features aimed to reduce the load of managing students for teachers, schools, and school districts.

Kami for PC is very simple to use, requiring users only to download the extension for their Chrome Web Browser from the Chrome Web Store and create a new account on the official Kami website. From there, users are free to start exploring Kami for Chrome web app that provides quick access to all possible school tasks, easily share documents with other students, gather finished tasks, perform in-app grading, engage in collaborative sharing,  and much more. All of that is done without any need for classroom paper printing, and with full data privacy.

Why Kami?
  • Provide students with documents that they can complete using the full array of Kami tools.
  • Have students return completed documents to you for in-app grading.
  • Present a document on-screen and use Kami as a digital whiteboard overlay
  • Share a document within teams or across the whole class for collaborative annotation, discussion, or debate.
  • Reduce or totally eliminate the need for classroom printing.
  • Support inclusive learning with tools for Special Education.
  • Full compliance with privacy and data security.
  • Ads-free with advanced tools available for upgrade.
Some of the available tools include the ability to auto-sync files with Google Drive, built-in OCR for scanned documents, PDF exporting, priority email management, Text to Speech function, extensive Comment, and Annotation support, free Drawing and Inserting shapes, and much more.

While the app offers a free tier of use, most of its functionality is unlocked with the $99 per year tier that aims to support one teacher and up to 150 of his or her students. This tier is also needed to unlock the ability to insert images, voice, videos, equations, and comments into the shard files, as well as to access education services such as Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas. The stylus support for free drawing, marking, and annotating is supported in all tiers of the Kami app.