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Light Image Resizer

Light Image Resizer

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Use the Light Image Resizer to resize pictures. The batch image converter for PC can easily convert your pictures into different formats. Select your output resolution, resize the original or create a copy, move and/or rename files or compress, choose a specific destination for your processed images. You can work on individual photos or edit large numbers of images by simply doing a batch resize in just one click. Light Image Resizer is Amazing image converter software for your Windows PC!

Extra settings
Add your own watermark to protect your work or add a copyright to photos with Html-like text formatting and transparency support. Customize pictures by converting them to sepia or add a border. Use the live preview to see what the final result will look like before actually processing the image. The ObviousIdea Photo Resizer/Picture Resizer works on files, subfolders, and folders, and supports RAW formats. With multi-core support integrated, you can convert images even faster. Launch the application easily from Windows shell explorer with a right-click on the image or folder.

Output and export
Photos can be added directly as attachments, individually or in a ZIP file, to email by using the publish function, without exceeding the maximum size permitted by email servers. Create PDF files from your images, like jpg to PDF; do this for individual or multiple images. Edit, create, export, backup new profiles with your favorite settings. The most popular profiles are already pre-defined, such as FULL HD resolution wallpaper images, iPod, NTSC, 640 x 480. Access to profiles in 1 click with the shell integration.

Digital frame
Transfer photos and optimize space on digital frames with the Digital Picture Frame Wizard. You can use the resize picture options to resize to the frame’s supported resolution, and add even more photos for viewing!

Features and Highlights
  • Resize pictures, resize photos and resize images – compress, convert, and easily create copies of your pictures
  • A fast batch photo resizer
  • High-quality results using ultra fast multi-core, photo resize technology
  • High-quality image resizing filters – Lanczos and Bicubic for best compression quality, and Linear for speed
  • Create e-mail friendly images or use them for internet publishing
  • Sort, rename or add a watermark to protect your pictures from being stolen
  • Use the profiles library – iPhone, iPad mini, forum, HQ
  • Create custom PDF pages!
  • Easily convert JPEG to PDF
  • New: redesigned interface
  • New: create a collage of several images for print or social networks
  • New: adjust brightness and contrast, change color depth (BMP and JPEG)
Note: In the demo version limited to 100 images.

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What's new in this version:

Light Image Resizer
- processing could get stuck when adding watermark for very large images with certain EXIF orientations
- dimensions displayed in log could be swapped for images with EXIF orientation
- resizing icon files (.ICO) could fail depending on the selected dimensions
- XMP metadata in certain JPEG files might not have been detected
- changing the background color with did not work in preview

- optimizations for handling ultra high resolution images
- better performance when adding watermark or border for EXIF orientations other than top-left
- remove unknown metadata properties if XMP packet is too large for JPEG

Light Image Resizer
- color profile could be incorrectly applied to embedded JPEG thumbnail in some cases
- command line parameter /OptimizeJpeg was not working
- slow thumbnail loading could interfere with processing, causing load errors
- manual crop could crash when loading very large images

- updated libwebp to version 1.3.2

Light Image Resizer
- “Adjust resolution for portrait” was not working for some portrait images with EXIF metadata
- displayed PDF paper sizes in centimeter were not rounded correctly
- orientation data may have been removed when customizing metadata leading to incorrect orientation
- wrong font may have been used when choosing some 3rd party fonts for watermark text
- output could be empty in rare cases when JPEG optimization failed for very large files

- processing should now be faster for large outputs when a maximum file size is set

Light Image Resizer
- add support for JPEG XR
smart watermark text variable for oldest and newest date (evaluating EXIF, IPTC and file dates)

- preview was showing an error if image was skipped due to selected policy
- minor interface glitches on Windows 11
- orientation issues with some Camera RAW photos
- output from CR3 files was garbled black and white in some cases
- generated filename could be wrong when there was a name conflict and “Split into parts” was enabled
- changing border options did not refresh preview
- pressing TAB key to navigate in metadata dialog could lead to a crash in some cases
- file extension was not considered when sorting, resulting in a different order than in Explorer
- output format was not respected when resize policy was set to else skip
- preview thumbnail could be displayed with wrong orientation during processing

- copy EXIF from CR3 when converting to JPEG
- internal handling of some formats
- updated libraries (IENv12)

Light Image Resizer
- Extend to square mode makes the image rectangular by adding blurred content (for Instagram) (sample image)
- Create animated GIFs from separate images with several transition effects (sample image)
- Rename action to just rename image files without changing content
- Manual visual crop for added images (sample image)
- Background removal (powered by
- Metadata customization: select which metadata to keep, or remove, or even override (for text based values) (sample image)
- New collage templates for stunning layouts (sample gallery)
- …and other improvements

Light Image Resizer
- Canon CR3 files could load with wrong orientation
- orientation could be wrong in some cases when converting JPEG to other formats
- wrong orientation for TIFF files with EXIF data
- interface glitches on some systems with Windows 7

Light Image Resizer
- saving in WebP format could fail due to missing system DLL
- “Adjust resolution for portrait” was broken for images containing EXIF metadata
- alpha channel (transparency) was lost when saving in Targa (.tga) format
- JPEG images in RGB format could load with wrong colors

- faster loading for watermark preview
- add hint for filenames in preview window if too long to display

Light Image Resizer
- increase limit for compression size
- updated detection for OS version and edition
- improved support for terminal server

- Light Image Resizer was not available in context menu for JFIF files

Light Image Resizer
- a wrong (shifted) file date could be set in some cases when “Keep original file date” was checked
- watermark or border could appear at the wrong position for some images (depending on their EXIF orientation)

Light Image Resizer
- apply compatible properties to IPTC and XMP when customizing metadata
- prevent main window from appearing quickly when run with /minimized parameter

- displayed saved space was wrong for files that were just copied without processing
- some image formats other than JPEG were fully processed even if not neccessary (due to original size)
- color profile was not applied when updating EXIF thumbnail
- application could hang under some conditions when using both /minimized and /run parameter

Light Image Resizer
- add filename mask variables for original filename in upper case (%FUP) and lower case (%FLO)

- load “fried” PNG (non-standard format used by iOS)

- crash could occur on some systems when processing multiple files due to synchronization issue
- relative folder path was not working from command line
- backup of overwritten file could fail if input and output format were different (i.e. PNG to JPG)

Light Image Resizer
- added command line parameters: Size, KeepQuality, Progressive

- default to LZW compression for TIFF to avoid out of memory issues
- better reliability for update check
- add notice for AVIF files if codec is missing

- original image could have wrong orientation in preview
- wrong dimensions could be applied to image depending on its EXIF orientation
- a crash could occur when using Center mode and padding was applied

Light Image Resizer
- profile could be empty in some cases
- some images could have a wrong orientation in preview
- processing could hang in some cases if multithreading was disabled

Light Image Resizer
- add read support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files

- support local UNC paths in filelist

- “The handle is invalid” error could occur when using Center mode
- out of memory could occur when loading very large interlaced PNG files
- large JPEGs with EXIF orientation other than 1 (top left) could lead to endless processing
- unlock prompt could appear with missing email if license data was stored for all users
- ICC color profile could get damaged in rare cases on certain system locales
- action was always reset to its default (create copies) when set via command line parameter

Light Image Resizer
- output filename tag %F-Date for original file date

- processing large multi-page TIFF files could lead to crash
- memory leak when cancelling process with multi-page files
- processing could crash due to potential double free error
- saving manual crop could crash if lossless mode was toggled before
- WebP loading failed if there was no codec (i.e. Windows 7)
- loading of file info (date) could fail for very long paths
- time zone issue with file date for watermark tags depending on locale
- deadlock if EXIF tag used in filename mask or watermark text was returning very long text

Light Image Resizer
- some resize policy options were broken, which could result in some images being inadvertently resized
- when undoing a lossless crop, the save button was not always disabled, which could lead to a crash when clicked

Light Image Resizer
- certain malformed or damaged TIFF files could cause the application to crash
- watermark text position was not saved correctly
- Crop mode was missing background color selector (used for images smaller than target dimensions)
- corrected some mistakes in contextual help

Light Image Resizer
- policy options added to skip files which are smaller/larger than target dimensions

- processing could hang when aborting from a warning prompt (for example warning about bad quality)
- unable to create a collage when “Recreate folder structure on destination” was enabled
- preview form was not closed when switching to collage mode
- wrong filename could be shown in log when choosing to rename already existing file
- collage was misaligned when using slash layouts

Light Image Resizer
- watermark can now use both image and text at the same time

- high memory consumption when adding lots of files, which could lead to out of memory issues
- no appropriate error was reported in some cases when disk was full
- output from certain source formats (like JPEG2000) could be empty in some cases
- metadata was not copied when source file was PSD
- metadata tags with UTF-8 encoding were not correctly decoded when used in watermark text
- memory corruption could occur in some cases when handling EXIF metadata
- IPTC tags in watermark text could just display “N/A” when IPTC was disabled in Misc tab (not copied to output)
- drag & drop from some older (non-Unicode) applications was not working

- log can now be scrolled without having focus

Light Image Resizer
- support for reading Canon .cr3 raw files

- clicking cancel during processing and then continuing could lead to a crash
- undoing a manual crop did not disable the save button, which could cause a crash when clicked
- context help was broken for some controls
- mouse scrolling in help window worked only if it had focus
- screen width & height were not updated when resizing animated GIFs, leading to enlarged background

- validate API key when entering
- clearer message for errors during background removal
- when undoing a manual crop, the crop selection is now displayed again automatically
- use LZW compression for TIFF output when converting from other formats
- log proper error in case dimensions are too large for output format

Light Image Resizer
- manual crop crashed in some cases when saving
- division by zero when size is set too small
- collage preview was not correct for sizes smaller than 1000
- sometimes preview was not loading on first try
- preview was not showing split lines when using split in parts option for transparent images

- when doing a manual crop the thumbnail in the list is now updated
- changed collage size in preview will apply to dimensions in main window
- when adding HEIC files and a required codec is missing a notice is shown

Light Image Resizer
- background can now be filled with a color when using background removal

- dimensions could not be set to values smaller than 1.00 in/cm when Mode was set to Stretch
- potential deadlock when processing is cancelled
- deadlock when cancelling overwrite prompt
- wrong dimensions could be output when processing certain raw files
- out of memory issue when outputting files with huge dimensions

Light Image Resizer
- link was not clickable
- Some dialogs were not scaled to DPI correctly

Light Image Resizer
- Load fallback for Fuji raw files (.RAF) from newer cameras did not work
- Installer was unable to close the application while update form was showing