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Mockplus RP

Mockplus RP

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With Mockplus RP, you can easily create a range of prototypes, from sketches to hi-fi, all in one place. This fast and free online prototyping tool enables you to quickly bring your ideas to life.

Features and Highlights

Customizable Templates: With over 500 web and app templates, you can present your ideas in just seconds without starting from scratch. These templates are fully customizable to fit your needs.

Ready-to-use Icons and Components: An extensive library of pre-built static and interactive UI components and icons make it easy for you to design without having to create each element from scratch. Mockplus RP saves you hours of time.

Unlimited Assets: Store frequently used colors, fonts, and interactive components in your library for easy reuse across prototypes and teams. No more repetitive work.

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Wide Range of Designs: Create designs at all levels of detail, from sketches and flow diagrams to low-fi wireframes, mockups, and hi-fi prototypes with simple drag-and-drop. Present ideas to stakeholders and clients at different stages with ease.

Realistic Web and Mobile App Prototyping: With a full set of popular web and mobile app artboards and frames, including custom options, you can preview and test your designs as if they were real, on your laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Animate Designs: Turn static images into testable, interactive prototypes with lifelike interactions, animations, and mobile gestures like Tap, Swipe, and Slide. No coding required.

Mimic Real User Experience: With the "Main artboard + sub-artboard" design suite and component states and containers, you can create dynamic content such as pop-ups, overlays, and scrollable pages that simulate the user experience of your final product.

Map Out Flows: Quickly diagram UI/UX flowcharts with pre-made shapes, symbols, and elements, and finalize onboarding, login, buying, and user flows with simple drag-and-drop.

Preview and Test on Real Devices: As a web-based tool, itallows you to validate your designs on real devices with a simple link, previewing and exploring prototypes on both web and mobile devices.

Collaborative Editing: All team members can work on the same prototype simultaneously, ensuring everyone is up-to-date with real-time co-editing. No more save conflicts or edit confirmations.

Responsive Design: With responsive design tools, you can create prototypes that look great on any device, automatically fitting to desktop, tablet, and mobile phone screens.

Access Controls: Assign roles to control access and permission levels with ease, even allowing first-time users to manage projects, resources, and team members effortlessly.

How to Use
  • Create an account: Go to the official website and sign up for an account. This will give you access to the tool and all its features.
  • Start a new project: Once you have logged in, you can start a new project by clicking the "New Project" button.
  • Choose a template: You can choose a template from the library of 500+ web and app templates to get started. You can also start from scratch if you prefer.
  • Design your prototype: Use the drag-and-drop interface to add and customize icons, components, and assets to your design. You can create low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes, and you can use the tool to animate your designs.
  • Test your prototype: You can test your prototype on real devices by accessing it from a link. You can also preview it in the tool to see how it will look on different devices and screen sizes.
  • Share your prototype: Once you are satisfied with your prototype, you can share it with others by sending them a share link. You can also download it as an HTML prototype for offline sharing.
  • Collaborate with others: You can invite others to collaborate on your project and work together in real-time. You can assign access controls to control the permissions of your team members.
Mockplus RP is a user-friendly tool, and its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to get started and create prototypes quickly.

How to make a prototype?
  • Step 1. Conduct research and create information architecture
  • Step 2. Create a project
  • Step 3. Drag and drop widgets to create prototypes
  • Step 4. Create an interactive prototype
  • Step 5. Preview and test your prototype
  • Step 6. Share the prototype

Can I use Mockplus RP for free?
Yes. It comes with a basic free/demo plan that allows you to create 10 active projects and invite another 9 members completely for free, forever.

Can I use Mockplus RP only for me?
Yes. This program is ideal for both individuals and teams.

What makes Mockplus RP one of your best prototyping tools?
Mockplus RP team pays close attention to every possible detail to streamline your prototyping process, such as the user-friendly icon and template library, considerate design annotations, unique artboard suite, near-real interactions, and so on. There are also many more advanced features to shine your brands and ideas.


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  • User-friendly interface
  • Abundant built-in templates
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Interactive design preview
  • Limited advanced design features
  • Occasional glitches and crashes
  • Steep learning curve for beginners

In conclusion, Mockplus RP is a comprehensive and versatile prototyping tool that allows you to bring your design ideas to life in a matter of minutes. With a library of 500+ web and app templates, 3000+ icons and components, and unlimited assets, you can create prototypes with ease.

From sketches, wireframes, and flowcharts to high-fidelity prototypes, it provides all the tools necessary to design, animate, and test your designs on real devices. With its real-time co-editing feature, access controls, and responsive design, Mockplus RP is an ideal solution for teams looking to streamline their prototyping process and bring their designs to life.

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