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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    Mockplus Technology Co. Ltd, / Mockplus

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Mockplus is an all-in-one prototyping tool for Windows PC to create faster, smarter, and easier prototypes with simple drag-and-drop, supporting mobile, web, and desktop apps prototyping. With more than 100 built-in components, you will be able to design any software prototype. In addition, there are also Android 4.0 and IOS 7.0 styled-components available for designing mobile Apps.

Support multi-users working on the same project. One-click to sync the project to the cloud and the works of different designers will be combined. Enjoy the best team collaboration anytime and anywhere. One-click to send notification emails to members for reviewing the project. One can Comment and mark up the project easily.

Interactive prototyping
Quickly turn ideas into functional prototypes with components, icons, and interactions. Streamline design and validation process without a single line of code.

Unified collaboration
Create a more connected product design workflow. Bring designers, product managers, and front-end developers to work better and together.

Scalable design system
Build available, dynamic and reusable design systems. Establish consistency and predictability across the team. Easy to manage, maintain, share and iterate.

Mockplus provides 7 markup ways that make review easier, clearer and faster. One page can be edited by one person at one time. From the page state, you know whether someone is editing it now. When finished editing a page, change its state anytime you want to open the editing permission to other team members.


Mockplus Cloud
Free design collaboration and handoff platform that simplifies designer-developer workflow into a link

Mockplus DS
A collaborative platform where designers, devs, marketers, and teams can build, share and maintain the same design system at scale, you won’t find a better tool than Mockplus DS!

Mockplus RP
Create from sketches, diagrams, wireframes to hi-fi prototypes, and test your design ideas early on, all in one place

Mockplus DT
The vector-based UI design tool, to create beautiful designs for web and mobile apps. Work collaboratively with your teammates and build products that people love.

Mockplus Enterprise
The platform that truly boosts your creativity & productivity

Features and Highlights

Interaction design has never been so easy
The interaction design in Mockplus is totally visualized. That's WYSIWYG. With a simple drag-and-drop, one can build interactive prototypes effortlessly. A set of pre-designed components, including Pop-up Panel, Stack Panel, Scroll Box, SlidingDrawer, and Image Carousel enables you to create full interactions faster and easier.

Prototype like a Pro with extensive pre-designed components
The app comes with more than 3,000 icons and nearly 200 components. Just drag these components into the canvas for a combination to prototype your app ideas within a few minutes. Focus on design itself and no more efforts will be spent on making a component.

Test on native device instantly
Scan the generated QR code to preview prototypes on the native device instantly. No USB cable required. Publish the project to the cloud and you will get a shareable web link, which can be sent to co-workers & clients. It also supports exporting to HTML offline.

Code-free and get started right away
Just focus on design itself rather than the tool. You can get started easily without the risk of falling into the tool's slave by investing a lot of time and money on learning and training. With Mock plus, you don’t need to worry about programming knowledge anymore, let alone coding.


What is a website prototype?

A website prototype is a digital representation of how a website will look and function once it is launched. Using a tool like Mockplus, designers can quickly put together a demo by using a vast library of components, icons, and templates.

What is a paper website prototype?

A paper website prototype, as the name suggests, is a model created by hand on paper. However, it is challenging to fully capture all the UI details and interactions with paper prototypes, so many design teams opt to skip this step and move directly to creating digital prototypes with tools like Mockplus.

In which phase is a prototype of the website created?

The creation of a website prototype typically occurs after initial product ideas are formed and continues throughout the entire design process until the final development phase. It offers a user-friendly way to create prototypes, from sketches to fully functional prototypes, with its drag-and-drop feature.

How to share a website prototype with clients and others in Mockplus?

It makes it easy to share prototypes with clients and other stakeholders. A share link can be used to directly access the finished prototype, and HTML prototypes can be downloaded for offline sharing and testing.

What's the difference between a web prototype and an actual website?

A website prototype is not the same as an actual website. The prototype serves as a virtual demo, allowing designers to test ideas and make changes before developing the actual site. The actual website is the live version that visitors can view and interact with.

Note: In the demo version, export is disabled, print is disabled and you cannot publish projects.

Also Available: Download Mockplus for Mac

What's new in this version:

Mockplus Classic
This time, we've released a series of new features, improvements and fixes:
- Mockplus Cloud UI 2.0 that makes the UI more intuitive and minimalist
- Introduced Annotations to offer a new way to convey design intentions to devs
- Upload images to explain your task comments further
- Optimized task creating to improve user experience
- Increased the speed of downloading, exporting and printing an online PRD

Developer handoff:
- We've introduced a new feature called Annotations, which allows you to directly write a detailed description for any layers, groups and elements of your design to convey design intentions to devs in Review mode. So, devs can instantly check designs along with annotations in the Development section as well.
- We also updated the UI style which gives a whole new look, making the UI more intuitive and minimalist.
- Added support for clicking the unresolved comment number on the left Project Tree to take users to the Comment mode and see the unresolved comments.
- Added a new right-click shortcut to rename a design page when selecting it in Storyboard
- Support quickly switching to the last or current artboard using shortcuts "Alt + Left/Right click"
- Added a new prompt to tell users that a non-empty project folder cannot be deleted
- Added a new “Shift + mouse wheel” shortcut to move the canvas horizontally
- Improved page zooming. The selected page is now zoomed from the center of the current view
- Improved image quality when downloading assets at different scales
- Improved the collapsing and expanding of the Project Tree. When parent nodes are collapsed, the child node will also be collapsed at the same time.
- Fix: Percentage specs may not be correctly switched in Safari browser when using shortcuts "Command + number"
- Fix: The interactions of your downloaded HTML prototype may get lost, even when you've first added interactions to your imported Adobe XD files in "Prototype" mode
- Fix: The artboard name of your RP files may be different when being published to Mockplus Cloud
- Fix: When sharing the RP files via the embed link, the link resetting may not work
- Fix: Collaborators may not add a comment to a PRD
- Fix: The size of assets downloaded under Storyboard mode is different from the ones downloaded under the single page mode
- Fix: The CSS variable name of the fonts is not shown in Development mode after linking the project with the design system library
- Fix: Some new users cannot create a free team in some cases when they don't have one

Team/Project management:
- Improved batch operations. You can now batch move or deal with your projects even under a project group
- Adjusted the project permissions of Collaborators. Collaborators can now share and preview the projects they create.
- Improved the prototype uploading. When you click "+" to upload a prototype on the left Project Tree, you can choose to cancel the uploading.
- Adjusted the access permission of Collaborators and Guests in the Storyboard mode of RP prototypes. The "Edit" button is disabled.
- Improved the membership approval. A new popup is added to confirm the changes when trying to change the groups or joined projects that new members can access after the approval.
- Fix: Your actions like clicking "Created date" or "Last updated" in Recycle Bin may not work

Task management:
- Improved task searching in the empty status
- Design systems
- Added support for showing how many times your Symbols are used in your Sketch files
- Introduced a new feature to share your design system with your team members via a single link

- Fix: The page turner of your PRDs may not work
- Fix: Your inserted RP design page may be reloaded when adding headings to your content
- Fix: When uploading a local document with many pages, it may load forever
- Fix: The edit toolbar of your inserted design image may be overlapped on the top toolbar of the document editor

Axure plugin:
- Support taking the Axure files with the same file name as one

Figma plugin:
- Support recognizing the rotation angles of your Figma files in the landscape or portrait orientation
- Added a new prompt to guide users when choosing a deleted project on the plugin
- Improved the frame group creation. When the frame group name exceeds the character limit, the "Create" button will be disabled.
- Fix: The "Upload high quality assets" setting may not work after you've selected it
- Fix: When uploading high quality design files, your downloaded assets may have a 1-pixel deviation
- Fix: You may get stuck at 20% when uploading files
- Fix: The frame asset on the top may not be recognized

Photoshop plugin:
- Added a new setting option to upload your design files at a high quality
- Support downloading high quality assets when choosing "Upload high quality assets" in the plugin
- Fix: Your assets may be changed from a rectangle into an ellipse after uploading
- Fix: Part of your asset content may get lost when aligning strokes to the center in your assets
- Fix: The color of your asset may be changed after setting its opacity in the plugin
- Fix: You may fail to upload files when marking layer groups of your design files as exportable

Adobe XD:
- Fix: The default team may be incorrectly selected when users log in for the first time

Mockplus Classic
- Change log not available for this version

Mockplus Classic
- Change log not available for this version

Mockplus Classic
- Change log not available for this version

- Change log not available for this version

New features:
- Support importing images with the ".jpeg" extension

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that you may not select or save files on macOS Catalina
- Fixed the crashing issue that some svg files may lead to Mockplus on some devices

New features:
- Support replacing the LOCAL FILE of a collaboration project WITH its Cloud version
- Support importing images IN JPEG format FOR Image Carousel component

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that an Input component cannot be selected AND entered WHEN a Popup Panel pops OUT IN the previewing mode

- Optimized the positional strategy WHILE copying AND pasting a component
- Optimized the UPGRADE PROCESS WHEN a Team OR Enterprise account has expired

New features:
- Support generating specs (size, spacing, etc.) automatically when you design
- Added the device frame of iPhoneX during preview

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue on the minimum height of the component library
- Fixed some program crash issues on Mac OS

New features:
- Support custom image sizes when exporting images
- Support setting component visibility on the outline

- When exported, images are stored according to their structure in the project tree

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that Mockplus may crash when a Stack Panel is referred circularly
- Fixed other bugs

New features:
- Added the option to search projects on the cloud

- The panel of Auto Data Fill can be freely dragged
- Optimized the performance of publishing project

Bug fixes:
- Fixed other bugs

New features:
- Added SVG components

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that the last column of a Table may not be widened
- Fixed the issue of the noise on main menu icon

- Fixed some errors that may occasionally occur in syncing
- Fixed the issue that an error may be reported when the properties of a Checkbox is being set

- Change log not available for this version


New features:
- Support resetting the URL after publishing a project
- Support moving components only horizontally or vertically by holding down the “Shift” key

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that some icon components are still visible when the group they are in is hidden
- Fixed the issue that components in My Libraries cannot be deleted sometimes
- Fixed the issue that an error may be reported after publishing a project

- Added the functionality to view the thumbnails of component styles in style libraries
- Optimized the speed of merging collaboration projects
- Optimized the speed of publishing projects


New features:
- Added Component Style to save and reuse styles of components quickly and easily
- Released Team and Enterprise Editions for your better team collaboration

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that a crash may be caused on macOS while editing color of components on the Color Panel
- Fixed other bugs


- Added the functionality to adjust the width of columns in batches when using Table components
- Components over a Table component can be directly selected
- Optimized the visibility strategy of Table component when hiding the group

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that edited text in Table components cannot be saved sometimes
- Fixed the issue that an error may be reported when previewing on Mac OS
- Fixed other bugs

- Support shortcut keys (such as Tab, Up and Down) for Table component
- Support copying and pasting text between Excel and Table component
- Support adding rows and columns of Table component in batch by drag-and-drop
- Added the Width and Height properties for cells in Table component
- Support several Table styles

- Optimized the way of dragging and dropping Table component
- Optimized the way to input text of cells in Table component
- The default color of new folder will turn green to distinguish it from other pages on the project tree
- Fixed the inconsistency issue of options on Control Panel when previewing projects in HTML and desktop

Bug fixes:
- Fixed some bugs

Mockplus 3.2.9

- Optimized software stability

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that a crash may be caused while dragging guidelines on Mac OS
- Fixed the issue that the indentation of pages in project tree may be occasionally incorrect
- Fixed the issue that the exported demo package may not get started from its first page while previewing
- Fixed the issue that settings for the thickness of Tab Bar cannot be applied
- Fixed the issue that texts of Line and Arrow components cannot be entered by double clicking
- Fixed the issue that texts of Line and Arrow components may get lost after copying/pasting the components
- Fixed an issue where the Image component may be misplaced when its size exceeds the canvas
- Fixed the issue that the coordinates of Keyboard component may be displayed incorrectly
- Fixed other bugs

Mockplus 3.2.8
New features:
- Added Table component, which supports visual settings of rows, columns, and cells, with text wrap option and different style settings for table border, border color as well as background color, etc.
- Added two sets of avatar resources (66 in total) for auto data filling.
- Fixed some other bugs.

Mockplus 3.2.6

- Unified display/hide strategy for Groups
- Added the option to hide page thumbnails
- The revision history and backup recovery of team project support exporting to .mp file

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the issue that file may fail to download when synchronizing the team project
- Fixed the issue that the deleted pages may appear again when synchronizing the team project
- Fixed the issue the guidelines may get lost after zooming
- Fixed the issue that the toolbar does not display in HTML preview
- Fixed the issue that the markups may get lost when exporting to images
- Fixed the issue of menu cannot pop up or may be dislocated on multi-monitor
- Fixed the issue that some users are unable to run Mockplus on Mac

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