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MSI Gaming APP

MSI Gaming APP

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MSI Gaming APP allows you to customize your MSI GAMING graphics card's performance with a single click. As you would expect from a gaming product, all MSI GAMING graphics cards are in Gaming Mode and ready for action out of the box.

By using the, however, you gain access to a high-performance OC Mode profile for more demanding gaming sessions and Silent Mode for quiet performance during light use. Have you discovered the clever piece of software called the tool yet? If not, you're missing out on some seriously cool features and yes, even some additional performance! If you own one or more MSI GAMING graphics cards, be sure to give the MSI Gaming App a try!

Features and Highlights

Treat your eyes!
Clicking on the little eye icon in the top right tab will allow you to adjust the screen contrast to the visual experience you need. Simply open the tab and select one of the following modes for a better visual experience.

Unleash the LED Dragon
If you're the happy owner of one of the most recent GAMING graphics cards, there's a good chance it features the MSI Dragon LED light. This is without a doubt the cherry on top of the already visually stunning Twin Frozr V cooler. You can easily control the LED lighting effects by using the LED tab in the program to set the right ambiance for your gaming moments.

Ready for VR
To get the best VR experience, you need your PC to deliver maximum performance. The software gets your PC primed for VR use in just a single click by setting all key components to high performance settings and making sure other software do not impact your VR adventure.

On-Screen System Information
Keeping an eye on your system's performance can be very helpful to make sure everything is running smoothly or if not, what is causing performance issues. It includes an option to monitor things like FPS, clock speeds, usage, and temperatures of your GPU, CPU, and VRAM in real-time while playing your game. You can choose which information you want to display on your screen so you only see what's relevant to you.

Keep your eyes on the prize
Ever wanted to casually watch a stream while gaming or encountered a level you just can't beat so you need to watch a walkthrough on YouTube? MSI Dragon Eye allows you to watch a YouTube video or Twitch Stream while simultaneously playing a game. It's really simple too! You just add a link into the Dragon Eye application and select the size, position, audio volume, and transparency and start gaming. Using a few hotkeys you can start/pause your video or adjust the volume.


Performance Optimization: It allows users to optimize their system's performance by adjusting CPU and GPU settings. This can help improve gaming performance by allocating more resources to the game.

Gaming Mode: It offers a "Gaming Mode" that can automatically configure your system settings for gaming, including turning off unnecessary background processes to free up system resources.

RGB Lighting Control: For MSI hardware with RGB lighting, the app provides control over the lighting effects and colors, allowing users to personalize the look of their gaming rig.

System Monitoring: You can monitor your system's performance, including CPU, GPU, and RAM usage, as well as temperatures, through the app's monitoring feature. This can help you keep an eye on your system's health while gaming.

Fan Control: Some MSI Gaming App versions offer fan control options, allowing you to adjust fan speeds to maintain optimal cooling during gaming sessions.

Easy to Use: The app typically features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.


Limited Compatibility: The program is designed specifically for MSI hardware, so it may not work with other brands of components or systems.

Reliability Issues: While it can be useful for some users, the app has occasionally been reported to cause stability issues or conflicts with other software and drivers.

Limited Customization: Advanced users may find that the customization options in the app are somewhat limited compared to other third-party software.

Updates and Support: The app's development and support may not be as active or up-to-date as third-party alternatives, which could lead to compatibility issues with newer hardware or software updates.

Note: Requires .NET Framework. Requires MSI Gaming series graphics card and MSI Gaming series motherboard.

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What's new in this version:

- Modify 100 series LED control.