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Nero DuplicateManager Photo

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Nero DuplicateManager Photo

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    Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2023 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Nero Inc / External Link

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Nero DuplicateManager Photo is a simple but highly effective photo management application that can help users quickly optimize their photo libraries by detecting and deleting duplicated or similar images. This issue can easily happen to anyone, even professional users who often connect to their PC various storage devices (portable hard drives, USB sticks, media cards) and handle various backup archives.

After a while, a duplicate set of photos can easily appear, which can not only waste space on the local drives but also cause browsing photo libraries harder with more potential locations hosting the same or very similar image files.

Nero DuplicateManager Photo is distributed online as an automated installer that can quickly be deployed on any desktop or laptop PC running all modern versions of Windows OS. Once installed, the app will present its main dashboard to the user and allow it to select which folders on local storage or connected storage devices need to be scanned. Once the scan is started, the app will perform a very quick search that can compare thousands of image files in mere seconds.

Finished scan results are showcased in two main tabs – Duplicated Images and Similar Images.  The first results in Duplicated Images tab are focused on images that are truly identical – same name, same file size, and same content. Users can compare the found matches, pick which images to keep and which to save, and see detailed information about each match by clicking on the “Detail View” button. While the app can automatically purge additional copies, users can also manually delete them by clicking on the small trashcan icon.

The second tab with “Similar Images” will not show only exact copies, but also photos that are very similar one to another in the data that they carry. The procedure for purging multiple copies are same.  Once finished with the removal of duplicated or similar photos, the app will showcase the amount of storage space that was freed up by deleting unneeded files.

It is important to note that all deleted files are not immediately lost forever, since the app just moves them to Recycle Bin location, where users can still restore them if needed.

Nero DuplicateManager Photo is a premium app that is focused on one specific use case scenario, but it does its job extremely well. It can scan vast quantities of photos quickly, and it offers users a visual way to compare detected copies.

Note: Requires registration for the 7 days trial version.

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