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Nero USBxCopy

Nero USBxCopy

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Nero USBxCopy is a lightweight backup manager that focuses all of its attention on allowing users of all knowledge levels to quickly and easily copy data to multiple USB devices. With full support for all modern file formats, storage form factors (USB Sticks, USB hard drives, and SD cards), and a secure erase function that can completely remove data from a connected storage drive, this software can help users at home, school or work to quickly deploy their variable data on a large number of external storage devices.

USBxCopy app is distributed online as an automated installer that can be quickly deployed on any modern legacy desktop or laptop PC. Once up and running, users will first need to learn how to manage its main dashboard which features two main sections.

First on the left side of the screen are all the settings for Source data that need to be copied. This includes a folder picker, stats about loaded files, and advanced functions that the app can perform (pre-format target drives, verify copied data, automatically eject USB sticks when copying is completed, and more). The second section is on the left and it features all the target drives that this app will attempt to copy data. Each detected drive is showcased with its drive letter, a status description, detailed storage listing, an Open Explorer button, or a Cancel button for excluding it from the copy list.

Once a source folder is selected and drives are loaded, users can simply click on a large “Start” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen to start the copy procedure. Data (including bootable ISO files) are transferred to target drives simultaneously, making the entire copy procedure as fast as possible. A Copy time and Verify time estimation counters are showcased immediately above the list of target drives.

All in all, Nero USBxCopy is a simple and straightforward application that can greatly help users who manage a large number of USB sticks in their daily work.  Instead of manually deploying files on portable drives, this app can easily load them all simultaneously, quickly, and securely.

It can be tested for free, but full functionality is unlocked only after the user purchased the full version of the app. Nero USBxCopy can be purchased either as standalone software or as a part of Nero Platinum Suite which hosts more than 20 apps created by Nero AG.

Note: Requires registration for the 7 days trial version.