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NFT Art Generator

NFT Art Generator

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NFT Art Generator is an easy-to-use online destination for Windows PC where users of all knowledge levels can create and distribute their unique NFT creations. Created from the ground up to provide users (even visitors without an account) access to streamlined tools for the creation of brand-new layered images and avatars that can be instantly verified for their layer rarity and offered on the marketplace as unique NFT assets.

The platform offers streamlined smart contracts that are tied to Ethereum or Polygon, enabling anyone to lazy mint their assets into NFTs, and establish a contract with additional presale and “reveal later” modifiers.

It supports images, gifs, and videos and deploys to Ethereum or Polygon

The core of the experience on the NFT Art Generator platform is its art generator that can empower users to create not only individual creations but also whole collections that can be offered on the blockchain marketplace. Editor features simple-to-use controls and eye-catching UI elements that can be easily masted in mere seconds. The dashboard features three main areas – Layers picker on the far left (Background, Body, Head, Face, Item, and user-specified layer tool), main canvas in the middle where users can see how individual elements will be layered, and on the far-right Layer controls (name, layer rarity, image rarity, and blocked traits).

In order to create their first creation, users can simply play with layer and image rarity sliders and see the generated results via the integrated Preview button in the lower-left corner. Once accustomed to controls, users can refine their sliders and choose to generate entire Collections of artworks.

Customize and deploy a smart contract to Ethereum or Polygon

NFT Art Generator app has built-in tools for importing large libraries of images, GIFs, and videos that will be used for the generation of NFT content in the format of the user’s choice. The platform provides all of its users access to layer and attribute rarity controls, Metadata service (and viewer) that streamlines compatibility with Ethereum, Solana & Cardano Blockchain, and much more. Asset generation can be done without the creation of a new account, and the web app will also automatically save all progress enabling users to return to their work with perfectly preserved layers, configuration, and files.

No coding is required, at all. Create your layers, import your assets, click Generate, and you are done!

NFT Art Generator Software is a great tool for artists who wants to step into the world of the NFT generation. The FREE version of the service provides access to up to 100 generated assets. Premium tiers dramatically expand this limitation and add access to the Smart Contracts feature that can list NFT creation on the marketplace. The platform takes a 4.9% fee for NFTs sold during the initial sale.

Up to 100 Asset Generated (FREE)
  • 100 unique combination
  • Unlimited Previews
  • Collection Generation
  • ETH & SOL Metadata
  • Generated Gif
  • Banner Collage
  • With watermark
  • Limited Chat Support
Up to 1000 Asset Generated ($179)
  • 1000 unique combination
  • Unlimited Previews
  • Collection Generation
  • ETH & SOL Metadata
  • Generated Gif
  • Banner Collage
  • No watermark
  • Priority Chat Support
  • Assets and metadata upload to IPFS
  • Lazy Minting
  • Smart Contract deployment
  • Smart Contract management
  • Embeddable Mint Button SDK
  • Hosted Minting Page
  • Easy creation of NFTs
  • Streamlined smart contracts
  • Supports various media formats
  • User-friendly interface
  • No coding required
  • Free version available
  • Premium tiers offer extensive features
  • Limited free asset generation
  • Premium tiers are costly
  • Platform fee for NFT sales

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