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  • Latest Version

    NovaBench 5.5.1 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

  • Operating System

    Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

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    Novabench Inc. / External Link

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Novabench is a freeware benchmark test for Windows and macOS. It quickly tests your computer's capabilities (CPU, Graphics, RAM, and Storage). It has been trusted by millions since 2007.

Test the speed of your computer with Novabench, a free benchmark program for Windows computers. Novabench is designed to quickly run comprehensive tests of your computer components. The CPU, RAM, GPU, and disks are tested to produce a detailed breakdown and an overall system score. Your results can be submitted and compared with others online. Verified scores can be shared on your online Nova Bench profile.

Novabench Screenshot 1

Testing your computer is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Compare your results online to look for potential problems.

Tune, upgrade, or repair your computer based on your results.

Novabench is a robust tool for analyzing computer performance. This guide will assist you in getting started with Novabench, enabling you to gain insights into your computer's performance.

Download and Install Novabench
Begin by downloading Novabench. Once the download is complete, double-click the installer file and follow the prompts to install the software.

Launch Novabench and Initiate Tests
After installing Novabench, you can launch the program by either clicking on the Novabench icon on your desktop or searching for it in the start menu.

When Novabench opens, you will be prompted to start a new performance analysis. Click on the "Start Benchmark Tests" button to commence the process. Novabench will conduct a series of tests on your computer to assess its performance.

View the Results
Upon completion of the analysis, Novabench will present the results in a user-friendly format. You can examine detailed information about each test, including scores and performance metrics.

Compare and Optimize
Based on the performance analysis outcomes, you can make adjustments to enhance your computer's performance. Novabench offers various tools to assist you in comprehending your benchmark results, such as online comparisons. Utilize our CPU tuning guide and GPU tuning guide to assist you in making performance enhancements.

Repeat the Analysis
To verify the impact of your modifications, you can repeat the performance analysis and compare the results to your previous analysis. That's it! With Novabench, evaluating and optimizing your computer's performance becomes a straightforward process.


Do all versions conduct the same tests?
Yes, all versions of Novabench perform the same benchmark tests. Upgrading to a higher version provides access to additional analysis information and utilities not available in the free version.

How do upgrades function?
Upon purchasing an upgrade, simply sign in to the Novabench application to activate the Plus or Pro features associated with your purchase.

How many licenses do I need?
If you are an individual user, a single Plus license is sufficient. However, for teams, each user of Novabench requires a separate Pro seat. Team seats can be reassigned as needed.

Looking for Novabench 4?

Ever since its launch in 2017, Novabench 4 has been a popular choice for performance testing. However, computer technologies have advanced significantly since then, with the introduction of new instruction sets, the growing prominence of ARM processors, and notable progress in storage, GPUs, and other areas. Starting from February 2023, Novabench 5 will replace Novabench 4 as officially supported benchmarking tool.

While test results obtained with Novabench 4 remain applicable for x86-64 architectures, Novabench 5 offers improved precision in new areas that were not covered by its predecessor, such as memory latency.

Updates for Novabench 4 will no longer be provided, and only existing license holders will be able to download and utilize Novabench 4. Furthermore, the option to submit scores online using Novabench 4 is no longer available.

Pricing for individuals and teams

Basic - Free for personal use

The essentials to benchmark your system.
  • Full benchmark suite
  • Basic comparison
  • Personal use only
  • Results submission required
Novabench Plus - $35/year

Powerful performance tools for enthusiasts.
  • Full benchmark suite
  • Advanced comparison
  • Offline mode / private profile
  • Bottleneck test
  • Temperature & power utilities
  • Personal use only
Novabench Pro - $99/year/user

The complete performance suite for professionals and teams.
  • Full benchmark suite
  • Advanced comparison
  • Offline mode / private profile
  • Bottleneck test
  • Temperature & power utilities
  • Novabench Portable
  • Novabench Command-line
  • Licensed for commercial use
  • Comprehensive Performance Analysis
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Customizable Benchmark Tests
  • Detailed Results Reporting
  • Network Testing Capabilities
  • Limited Free Version Features
  • Lack of Advanced Hardware Monitoring
Note: Requires .NET Framework and DirectX.

Also Available: Download Novabench for Mac

  • NovaBench 5.5.1 Screenshots

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    NovaBench 5.5.1 Screenshot 1
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  • NovaBench 5.5.1 Screenshot 3

What's new in this version:

NovaBench 5.5.1
- Fixes an issue where the storage score may be negative in rare cases
- Minor polish and improvements throughout

NovaBench 5.5.0
- Novabench 5.5 is our most significant v5 update yet. It includes a brand-new test report, making it easier to understand if your computer is performing as it should.
- The test report expands the online comparison toolset by integrating a comprehensive pass/warn/fail checklist for a more detailed system performance analysis

Adds Test Report with Pass/Warn/Fail checklist: Quickly evaluate key performance aspects of your system:
- System Rank: Comparative percentile ranking of your system against all tested systems
- CPU Performance: Assessment of CPU score, clock speed, temperature, and power consumption
- GPU Performance: Evaluation of GPU score, potential bottlenecks, frame stuttering, temperature, and power consumption

NovaBench 5.4.4
- This is a bug fix release to address minor user experience issues reported by some users

NovaBench 5.4.3
- Improves detection of GPUs in certain configurations
- Improves account sign-in
- Minor bug fixes and polish

NovaBench 5.4.2
- Improves display of online results database and part information for easier comparison
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 5.4.1
- UI improvements throughout
- Improved scheduled test and sensor logging config on Mac & Linux
- Fixes sensor readings on macOS 14.1.1+

NovaBench 5.4.0
- Adds local comparison tool to easily see the difference between test results
- Improves sensor compatibility with new processor models
- Fixes sensor results on macOS Sonoma
- Minor updates and improvements

NovaBench 5.3.0
- Adds CPU stress test utility
- Adds sensor (temperature/power/battery) command to CLI
- Minor updates and improvements

NovaBench 5.2.4
- This release is for Windows only
- Fixes an issue with sensor logging showing an error message on some systems

NovaBench 5.2.3
- Add custom names and notes to your results
- Improves storage test compatibility
- Updates documentation

NovaBench 5.2.2
- Adds CPU and GPU efficiency metrics to test results
- Adds new System Info page

NovaBench 5.2.1
- This update focuses on increasing the accuracy and reliability of the benchmark results, based on your valuable feedback
- Fixes an issue with specific GPU/driver combinations, where the compute test could terminate early, resulting in an incomplete GPU score
- Improves the sequential read/write accuracy of the storage test for specific NVMe devices
- Users with impacted configurations may notice a slight increase in GPU or Storage scores with this version

NovaBench 5.2.0
- temperature, power, and usage logs and charts
- battery health logs and charts
- online temperature comparison

- Small bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 5.1.1
- Further improves GPU compatibility
- Fixes issues searching for certain CPUs in the database

NovaBench 5.1.0
- Adds Advisor, a new way to understand your benchmark results
- Improves online comparison tools
- Improves hardware detection and compatibility
- Fixes stalled tests on some system configurations
- Various bug fixes and improvement

NovaBench 5.0.6
- Ongoing improvements to hardware compatibility, including improvements to GPU measurement
- We appreciate your feedback, please reach out if you're experiencing any issues
- On Windows versions before 5.0.5, if Novabench 4 was already installed, its start menu icon may have been removed while installing Novabench 5. v4 remains installed alongside v5, and can be accessed from the Program Files folder.

NovaBench 5.0.0
- Completely redesigned and rebuiltVersion 4.0.9 (10/01/2021)
- Fixed issue submitting scores to Novabench.com

NovaBench 4.0.9
- Fixed issue submitting scores to Novabench.com

NovaBench 4.0.8
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.7
- Added temperature support for new processors
- Improved hardware detection on some systems
- Improved graphics test stability on some devices
- Improved Pro charts performance
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.6
- Fixed service error on some Windows locales
- Added custom test name to CSV/Excel exports (Pro)
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.5
- Improved Pro charts performance
- Improved GPU detection on some systems
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.4
- Added temperature support for new CPUs
- Improved OpenCL test compatibility
- Security issue in installer addressed by upstream vendor
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.3
- Fixed installer error on some configurations
- Improved battery compatibility (Pro)

NovaBench 4.0.2
- Added Battery Wear History feature (Pro)
- Added GPU Compute to CLI (Pro)
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.1
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.0
- Redesigned interface
- CPU tests updated for new processor features
- New Direct3D 11 graphics test
- New OpenCL GPU compute test
- New disk read speed test
- Score comparison site improved
- New .NBR file format
- New Pro features

NovaBench 3.0.4
- Score submissions are now done over SSL
- Improved clock speed accuracy in some cases

NovaBench 3.0.3
- Changed branding from Novatech Network to Novawave Inc.
- Fixed possible overflow bug

NovaBench 3.0.2
- Fixed graphics asset extraction bug
- Fixed various minor bugs
- Uninstaller is now code signed

NovaBench 3.0.1
- Fixed score submission error experienced on some systems
- Fixed Aero glass disabling on some systems

NovaBench 3.0
- All tests rewritten for cross-platform compatibility
- Added Direct3D 9 and RAM Speed tests
- Interface improvements
- .NBR file structure changed to XML
- Online score database improvements

NovaBench 2.0.1
- Unicode bugfix
- Processor name support improvement

NovaBench 2.0
- Online score submission improvements
- Interface improvements

NovaBench 1.0
- Initial Release

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