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NVIDIA Control Panel

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Download NVIDIA Control Panel 8.1.958

  -  8.25 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version:

    NVIDIA Control Panel 8.1.958 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 10 (64-bit)

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    NVIDIA Corporation / NVIDIA Control Panel

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  • Details:

    NVIDIA Control Panel 2023 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

NVIDIA Control Panel is a driver utility that can help PC users of all knowledge levels to take control of all aspects of services that are handled by their Nvidia graphics processing unit. This includes not only generic settings tied to the current display output resolution during regular desktop work in Windows OS, but also all other aspects of the graphic generation such as managing 3D settings for video games and other 3D-accelerated apps, adjusting desktop color settings, multi-monitor tools for setting up display arrangements and rotations, handling built-in audio settings (which is used when GPU is sending both video and audio data via its HDMI port), and much more.

It is important to note that the NVIDIA Control Panel Desktop is the part of every official Nvidia driver, and therefore should be automatically installed on any PC with Nvidia GPU. However, in certain situations the access to this driver utility can be lost, forcing users either to reinstall a full driver package or to just go and find the new installation only for this app. In some cases, reinstalling or updating an official driver may cause a PC to start behaving differently, especially if the driver files become damaged, corrupt or missing, or if the new driver is unstable and may lead to system freezes or crashes. In those cases, the best procedure is just to reinstall this app and leave the rest of the driver alone.

NVIDIA Control Panel offers straightforward (if not a bit aged) user interface where all the app sections are clearly showcased on the left “Select a Task…” selector. Each of the available tabs that are separated into three general groups (3D Settings, Display, and Video) open window with a wide variety of configurations and presets, often with a visual preview of the newly made changes. While the general users will not find much reason to visit this app after successfully setting their optimal desktop resolution and color space, PC gamers will find this app invaluable since it allows full access to rendering customization and setting up detailed presets for each detected video game.

How to fix NVIDIA Control Panel not opening on Windows 11/10
  1. Restart the NVIDIA Control Panel process
  2. Restart the NVIDIA Display Driver Service
  3. Upgrade your NVIDIA Display Drivers Software
  4. End Nvidia Display Container Process
  5. Update NVIDIA Display Driver or Graphics Driver
NVIDIA Control Panel is 100% FREE and should be used by any Nvidia GPU users who directly manage their GPU. While it is part of all official driver packages, this app can also be installed in a standalone manner with just a few simple clicks. The app will not function on PC systems that have only AMD or Intel GPU cards. It requires the presence of Nvidia hardware.

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