Professional workflows require the use of multiple applications and windows!

NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager

NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager

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    NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager 204.26 LATEST

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    Marian Marinescu

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager is a Windows system utility that allows Windows users to organize their desktop surface for maximum productivity by optimizing their workspace layout, easily managing content on multiple desktops, creating virtual desktops, and accelerating daily workflow with the help of streamlined features and functions.

Since this application is focused on serving the needs of professional users in various creative fields, NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager was meticulously built from the ground up to be stable, reliable, easy to use, and fully compatible with a wide variety of professional apps in the fields of design, photo-editing, visual production, architecture, and many others.

NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager is offered to professional users either as a part of NVIDIA RTX Enterprise/Quadro driver packages or as a standalone app that can be freely used by any Windows user.

The app provides a wide array of solutions for maximizing desktop real estate, with flexible tools for managing multiple productivities or monitoring apps either on one screen or several. Professional users are often very sensitive to their working environment, and this app provides them with a way to always keep their work applications in a perfect state on their desktop. Users can set up their preferred app position on the screen once and then be assured that they can always return to the work next morning with their apps welcoming them already arranged on the screen and ready to be used.

Manufacturing - Mechanical Engineer
Maximize screen real estate to focus on CAD projects while easily keeping tabs on Slack, email, PRD changes, product revisions, and PLM release status.

Media and Entertainment - Modeler / Animator
Create different software layouts for the various stages of production like texture editing, mocap cleanup, animation, lighting, and rendering.

Architecture, Engineering, Construction - Marketing Manager
Efficiently create compelling marketing and sales collateral by partitioning dual monitor displays to simultaneously see your favorite content creation tools and full-scale architectural renders.

Finance Trader
Never take your eyes off the market by simultaneously keeping track of technical charts, adjusting financial models, watching live news, communicating with brokers, and executing trades—all in one view.

Information Security - Video Wall Operator
Easily organize multiple status screens on a video wall to focus and manage hotspots in your security command center as situations unfold.

While Windows OS users have access to some alternate solutions for advanced desktop management, NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager represents an all-in-one solution for both novices and seasoned PC users. This includes flexible windows snapping to predefined or custom desktop regions, user profiles for various workflow needs, in-depth windows management, and even support for hotkeys that can instantly trigger actions for a lightning-fast rearranging of the desktop area.

NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager is 100% FREE and can be downloaded on any modern PC that has a modern Nvidia RTX graphic card installed. The software will sadly not run on any older Nvidia GTX graphic cards or PCs with AMD or Intel GPUs.