Simply recover forgotten passwords for RAR archives created by RAR!

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Passper for RAR

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With Passper for RAR (Rar Password Unlocker) app, you can simply recover forgotten passwords for RAR archives created by RAR and WinRAR regardless of the password complexity. Passper for RAR innovatively designed 4 attack methods according to the different situations people usually face. Choose a suitable method will greatly shorten the password recovery process. Download RAR Password Recovery Tool for Windows PC now!

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Dictionary Attack
Recover the password based on the built-in or customized dictionary. Generally speaking, it's the fastest method.

Combination Attack
Identify your password by combining all the characters you choose - numbers, symbols, lowercase/uppercase letters, etc.

Mask Attack
Search for the correct password according to the information you set - password length, the part you may remember about the password, etc.

Brute-Force Attack
Try all possible password combinations to get the correct password. If you don't have any information about the password, you can use this method.

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How long will it take to recover a RAR password?

Generally speaking, a password cannot be recovered instantly. Passper for RAR (Rar Password Unlocker) may take from minutes to days/weeks/months to decrypt a password, depending on your computer performance, the complexity of the password, and the attack mode you chose.

Recover RAR Password in 3 Steps

Step 1. Import Password Protected File
Import the password protected RAR file to the program.

Step 2. Choose One Attack Type
Choose one attack method that suits your situation.

Step 3. Recover RAR Password
Start recovering the password for the RAR file. After the recovery, the password will be displayed on the interface.

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Recover RAR passwords at high speed with an advanced algorithm. Take advantage of multi-core CPU and NVIDIA G80+ GPU to accelerate the recovery process.


How long will it take to recover a RAR password?
The time required to recover a RAR password depends on the attack mode you choose, how much information you know about the correct password, and your PC's performance. Dictionary Attack is the fastest mode, while Brute-Force Attack typically takes longer. Additionally, having more GPU cores on your PC can significantly increase the password recovery speed. For more details about password attack modes, please refer to the user guide of Passper for RAR.

Which attack mode should I choose if I know some password information?
If you remember part of the password, we highly recommend using the Mask Attack. This method is more time-efficient compared to the other three attack modes.

Can I decrypt my RAR archive without Internet access?
Yes, you can decrypt your RAR archive without needing an internet connection.

Is there any possibility that my RAR archive could be damaged by this program?
No, your data will remain unaffected during and after the decryption process.

  • High Success Rate: Effectively recovers passwords for RAR files.
  • Multiple Attack Modes: Offers four different attack modes (Dictionary, Mask, Combination, and Brute-Force) to suit different password scenarios.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive interface suitable for users of all technical levels.
  • Fast Recovery Speed: Utilizes advanced algorithms to enhance recovery speed.
  • Compatibility: Supports all RAR file versions, including RAR5.
  • Limited Free Version: The free version has restricted features and capabilities.
  • Resource Intensive: Can consume significant system resources during the recovery process.
  • Success Not Guaranteed: Extremely complex passwords may still be difficult to recover.
Note: Cannot recover any passwords in the demo/free version.

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