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Passport Photo Maker

Passport Photo Maker

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You definitely have an ID or two. And, perhaps, you hated the experience of taking your picture for it. Well, imagine this process stripped away from all its inconveniences. Then you get Passport Photo Maker - software that, you guessed it, allows you to make ID photos all by yourself. Equipped with a wide range of tools, Passport Photo Maker is like a digital photo booth where you have complete control over virtually anything.

Features and Highlights
ID Portfolio at Your Disposal - First and furthermost, It has a substantial library of photo formats for almost any ID type for a number of countries. Up-to-date information grants you a perfect photo for a US passport, a Schengen visa, Canadian driving license - the list goes on. All you have to do is to add your picture and choose the ID type you need. The software detects your face in the picture, then rotates it, and applies the borders automatically. You can add a corner or a rounded mask if necessary.   
Perfect Your Photo - If you still think that Passport Photo Maker can't rival regular photo salons and booths, consider this - what if your ID picture is just plain unflattering? Would a salon employee be willing to work on it? Hardly. With Passport Photo Software, you can fix almost any flaw that made its way to your ID picture. Correct contrast, brightness, and saturation adjust colors and sharpness for a better result - after all, you'll be showing this picture around for quite a while. Erase minor blemishes, remove the red-eye effect - with Passport Photo Maker you can do it all with just a few clicks.
Comply with the Requirements with Ease - You made a mistake and took a photo wearing informal clothing? Use Passport Photo Maker to remedy that. This software allows you to change your outfit with an item out of a vast digital wardrobe. Put on a formal garment, adjust it, and you are ready to go. Since different countries have different standards, the color of the background can also become an issue. In Passport Photo Program you can easily change the background of any picture. Pick any preset color or choose a different one if requirements dictate it. No hassle, no effort - just a click.
Print Smartly to Save Smartly - There is no need to waste costly paper with the app. Use different layouts for your photos or create one of your own to better control the pictures distribution and the whole printing process. Fit however many ID pictures you want, even if they are of different types, to save paper. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.
Run Your Business Smoothly - Beside little perks like retouching photos and using different layouts, It has a mighty potential as a business tool. Create and maintain a client database, set prices, monitor the orders, review, and analyze the profit - all within the same software.
Passport Photo Maker is software that comprises two tools for the price of one. It is a feature-packed digital photo booth and a powerful business asset.

Note: 10 days trial version.

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