Turns low-resolution, blurred, old and damaged photo and video into HD!

Remini for PC

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Remini for PC is a lightweight but powerful photo enhancement tool that was originally released exclusively for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS that can enhance old and low-quality photos into high definition, restoring sharpness, color and vibrance to otherwise unusable photos.

However, its usefulness, speed, and single-click operation have attracted many PC users who can run this mobile app directly on the monitors of their desktop and laptop PCs with the help of modern Android emulators. Remini is known today as one of the best apps for rescuing old or blurry photos to the incredibly sharp and useful state.

  • It can enhance old photos and low-quality photos to high-definition
  • It can enhance photos taken with old cameras or mobile phones to like with up-to-date cameras or mobile phones
  • It can repair blurred photos to clarity
  • The app is capable of repairing blurred videos, allowing you to playback previously captured videos with a clear picture on a larger display device
  • It also provides more AI-related image processing functions, waiting for you to discover

Since all of us are known to take photos in a hurry, this kind of tool is a must for everyone who wants to bring life to compromised photos that would be otherwise be marked for deletion. The app can remove blur, noise, and smeared areas, restore texture quality (especially detail on people’s faces), add punchier colors, extract small detail such as strands of hair, increase the resolution, and perform many other restoration procedures.

In addition to de-blurring badly shot photographs or coloring black and white photos, Remini (also known as “Remini - AI Photo Enhancer”) can also do wonders with videos and apply a wide array of AI-powered filters that will make any bland picture ready to be proudly shared on social media or used in school or work projects.

Getting Remini up and running on PC is a simple process that requires PC users to first install any of the modern Android emulators. Two of the most famous ones are Bluestacks and LDPlayer. Both come with automated installers that will guide users through the installation with few on-screen instructions and have easy-to-use emulation managers that can be easily set up for both regular phone displays and larger tablet resolutions.

It can then be installed either by using an official APK archive or simply firing up Google Play Store app that is preinstalled in the emulator, logging into Google Account, and simply downloading Remini from its official store page.

Remini for PC is 100% FREE and can be enjoyed on a wide array of modern PCs. This is achievable because Android emulation is not demanding and can be done even on modest PC configurations and older laptops.

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