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Samsung Recovery

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Samsung Recovery

  -  35.39 MB  -  Freeware
Samsung Recovery is a highly competitive Backup and Recovery manager app that can help users of all knowledge levels to easily create backup points for their main and secondary drives and restore the contents of the hard drive any time they have experienced unexpected data loss, hard drive failure or some other event.

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To provide better security to every one of its users, It also provides a built-in tool for making secure backups of your entire hard drives, selective choosing of backup directories, and even tool for easier backup or reinstallation of software driver packages.

Primarily offered to users of Samsung laptops, Samsung Recovery for Windows PC is a complete package for data recovery and backup for anyone running a modern Windows OS, either at home, school, or work, but only if you are actually running Samsung hard drives!

This limitation exists because this software is taking advantage of the special Samsung Recovery Area found in Samsung hard drives, which is responsible for making sure your data remains protected in situations when the drive becomes unreliable or affected by malicious software. It is important not to attempt formatting the entire hard drive when any data loss occurs, because that format will also wipe the data from this important Recovery Area.

While this application was built and optimized for Windows 11, it can safely be used on all modern versions of this OS that were released up to today (Windows 10 and 11).


If you encounter problems with your Samsung Windows PC or if it is not functioning correctly, it provides a solution to reset your device and revert it to a previous state. It offers features for backing up your data, performing a system reset, and restoring the Windows operating system.

It is advisable to establish a routine for creating backups when your PC is in good working condition, especially if you intend to make significant changes. This practice ensures that you have a reliable backup on hand in case your Samsung Notebook model, such as the Galaxy Book or Galaxy Tab Pro S, experiences any issues. Additionally, you have the option to reset your Microsoft account password if you have forgotten it.

Note: Samsung Recovery is not available on all Galaxy Book models.

Create a backup

Your Windows PC offers the capability to safeguard all your data and vital information by transferring them to an external storage device. As previously emphasized, it is advisable to establish backups at regular intervals to ensure preparedness for unforeseen circumstances.
  • If you wish to proceed, connect an external storage device to your Windows PC.
  • Subsequently, click on the Start icon, and then access Samsung Recovery.
  • Choose the option "Back up computer."
  • Specify a name and description for the backup image. Then, pick the connected storage device and click on "Initiate backup."
  • The backup process will require a few minutes to finish. Upon completion, select "OK."
Installation and Use

Itcomes in a setup package that weighs just over 100 MB, and it features an automated installer that will help you transfer the app onto your local storage. However, the default distribution method of this app is inside a compressed ZIP archive that you need to unpack somewhere on your PC.

Once active, Samsung Recovery Solution will present to you a very simple main window that features buttons for activating three of its central features – Restore, Backup, and management of System Software (backing up and reinstalling device drivers on your PC). Backup feature is split into two modes – a full backup that will create 1:1 copy of the entire selected drive, and Data Backup where you can selectively pick which directories to protect.

Restore feature also comes with support for several modes of operation. You can perform Complete Restore that will return your hard drive into the state when you made the selected backup point, or even return the computer into its “Initial Status”, a mode of operation when it exited the factory with a fresh OS. This all can be done in moments, requiring from you just a few mouse clicks and a few minutes of time while your hard drive is becoming reshaped.

Features and Highlights
  • The official data backup and restore the application of Samsung Corporation.
  • All-in-one solution for creating the backup and restore points for your Samsung hard drives.
  • Optimized for use on Samsung laptops.
  • Built from the ground up to reliably serve both home and corporate users.
  • Restore your OS to the initial factory status or return to any previously recorded backup point in minutes.
  • Reinstall or backup device drivers necessary for stable OS operation.
  • Available on Windows 11/10. Compatible with newer versions of Windows OS.
  • 100% FREE!

Data Recovery: It can help you recover deleted files or data from your Samsung computer. This can be extremely useful if you accidentally delete important files.

System Restore: You can use this tool to restore your Samsung computer to a previous state, which can be helpful if your system becomes unstable or encounters issues after a software update or installation.

Factory Reset: It allows you to perform a factory reset, which can help in resolving serious software issues and returning your computer to its original state.

Backup and Restore: You can create backups of your important data and restore them when needed, which is crucial for data protection.

System Image Creation: It may enable you to create a system image, which can be used to restore your entire system to a specific state.

User-Friendly: The interface is typically user-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of users, including those with minimal technical expertise.


Limited to Samsung Devices: Samsung Recovery for Windows is exclusive to Samsung devices, limiting its usefulness to users of other brands.

Limited Features: While it covers basic recovery and maintenance tasks, it may not have as many advanced features as third-party recovery or backup software.

Performance Impact: Running recovery or backup processes can slow down your computer, and the program may not always be optimized for speed.

Compatibility: It may not always work perfectly with the latest Windows updates or hardware configurations, leading to compatibility issues.

Dependency: Relying solely on Samsung Recovery means you might not explore other potentially more comprehensive or feature-rich recovery or backup solutions.

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