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Download Screamer Radio 1.8242 (2022-07-26)

Screamer Radio

  -  4.3 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version:

    Screamer Radio 1.8242 (2022-07-26) LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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  • Author / Product:

    David Zidar / Screamer Radio

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Screamer Radio provides you with a way to stream local and international radio stations right to your Windows PC. There is little reason to listen to commercial FM radio anymore; it is an old medium that provides almost no choice of music and is saturated with ads. For the last couple of years, there has been an alternative, streaming internet radio. An alternative that has been somewhat complicated to use. Screamer Radio attempts to remedy this problem by bringing most of the required steps into a single, easy to use, freeware program. It is portable too!

Features and Highlights
  • Listen to thousands of radio stations from many countries
  • Quick search by name or part of URL
  • Navigate by tags
  • Star your favorite radio stations
  • Connect to any radio station you want as long as you have a URL
  • Sleep timer
  • Automatic stop after playback has been muted for 10 minutes
  • Automatic stop when a desktop workspace is locked
  • Shoutcast and Icecast MP3
  • Icecast OGG Vorbis
  • WMA
  • This feature will help you avoid wasting bandwidth by stopping playback when you leave your computer or if you mute Screamer Radio and forget about it.
  • AAC and AAC+
  • Will stop playback after a countdown of 20, 40, or 60 minutes.
Note: Requires .NET Framework.

  • Screamer Radio 1.8242 (2022-07-26) Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Screamer Radio 1.8242 (2022-07-26)
- Fix URL not being updated when changing stream

Other changes:
- The optional Google Analytics tracking has been completely removed
- The list of licenses has been updated

Screamer Radio 1.7265 (2022-07-17)
New features:
- Show album art provided by Shoutcast stream (try Soma FM for instance)
- Added setting to always show station list on startup
- Added option to copy album image URL

- Improved how Screamer connects to stations, AAC+ streams connect faster
- Improved keyboard navigation using tab, should be much more usable
- Improved stream log making it more consistent
- Improved add/edit station dialog, now using proper input validation
- Now using high quality album art scaling which looks better on high DPI screens
- Small album art images are cached in settings and restored when restarting to avoid a network request
- Improved perceived performance when interacting with search results and clicking tags
- Improved startup performance by loading more settings asynchronously
- Improved performance in various other ways
- Added 256x256 icon sizes

Other changes:
- Updated to .NET Framework v4.7.2
- Updated to BASS v2.4.16.1
- Replaced BASS.NET with ManagedBass
- Replaced Caliburn Micro with MVVM Toolkit
- Removed last traces of Windows Forms, now using WPF for everything, even system tray icon
- Code signing certificate is replaced, the old one expired
- Modernized code base in many ways
- Massive internal refactorings to make the code more well structured

Bug fixes from preview channel:
- Fix failures to connect to streams because of duplicate header values
- Tray notification did not handle empty titles
- Copying text to clipboard using WPF API requires retries
- Connecting to stations could block the UI thread

Screamer Radio 1.0 (2019-11-22)
- Show warning for users with old .NET Framework versions, upcoming releases will require .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer

Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug affecting notifications in application
- Fixed bugs when importing stations with no website URLs

- Added more internal error handling to prevent crashes
- Some internal improvements
- WIll now automatically check for upgrades at most once per day, not every startup

Screamer Radio 1.0 (2019-10-07)
- Fixed an issue that could cause the program to crash when clicking the tabs

Screamer Radio 1.0 (2019-10-06)
New features:
- Added always on top toggle to view menu
- Added output device selection to audio menu
- Added visualization frequency setting, can now also be turned off
- Prevent computer from sleeping while playing (can be changed in settings)

- Better grouping of settings in settings tab
- Moved settings to view menu
- Moved view menu next to help menu

- Improved scroll bars, they now behave like normal scroll bars
- Level visualization rewritten from scratch, should use much less processing power
- Better looking drop down boxes

- Removed 32-bit restriction, will run as a 64-bit process on 64-bit systems
- Some minor performance improvements

Screamer Radio 1.0 (2019-02-04)
New features:
- Add "Center window" menu option to system tray menu
- Automatically center the window if it starts up off screen

- Change of output device no longer requires stopping playback
- Default output device will automatically switch when the system device setting changes
- Window centering should now work on high DPI screens
- Improve how browsers are launched when clicking links

Bug fixes:
- Fix race condition when closing
- Fix internal exception when reading stream metadata
- Fix crash bug in about tab

- Upgrade BASS to version 2.4.14

Screamer Radio 1.0 (2018-10-01)
Minor tweaks:
- Restore volume on restart even if the last played station can not be loaded
- More detailed error messages when sound subsystem fails

- Internal component updates and code improvements

Screamer Radio 1.0 (2018-09-21)
Bug fixes:
- Fixed issue when loading history on startup
- Fixed startup deadlock issue

- Will no longer wait forever to read/write files

Screamer Radio 1.0 (2018-09-01)
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a few internal bugs caused by race conditions
- Playback was not stopped when desktop was locked
- Connect to random crashed when station list was empty

- Refactored file I/O with improved locking mechanism
- Some other internal refactorings
- Removed some legacy ClickOnce code
- Remove .NET assembly signing, code signing is enough
- Upgraded dependencies

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