Snagit screen capture allows you to grab an image or video


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What's new in this version:

Snagit 2018.2.2
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2018.2.1
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 2018.2.0
- Added French language
- Added cursor view to Eraser tool to show area that will be erased
- Added corner handle to round rectangle shape to allow for adjustable corners
- Resolved error when changing audio devices on Microsoft Windows 7
- Resolved crash when resetting default styles under the Urban Theme
- Resolved bug preventing users from selecting 'Choose a destination folder' in the Dropbox share dialog
- Resolved crash when creating a GIF on Microsoft Windows 10 (1803)
- Resolved bug preventing Snagit from working properly on systems running Microsoft Windows 7N
- Resolved bug where disabling system audio also disabled microphone audio for video recording
- Resolved bug where users could not update the background color if a custom color was previously selected
- Resolved bug preventing GIFs from being saved with special characters in the file name
- Resolved French and German language characters from displaying correctly in Snagit banner messages
- Resolved bug that occurred when using scrolling capture on Google Chrome window with certain system DPI settings
- Resolved video capture fail with error 18

Snagit 2018.1.1
- Fixed moving the video selection area, so new location is recognized
- Increased Twitter character limit to 280
- Improved Canvas Snapping performance while zoomed
- Fixed hotkeys to work with function keys when Snagit does not have focus
- Fixed crash when deploying Snagit with custom output paths and allow installed outputs folder to be created when using environment macros
- Fixed OneNote output to save settings for future
- Updated stamp cursor to reflect Stamp Tool icon
- Updated offline PDF help documentation
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2018.1.0
- Added snapping for objects on canvas
- Better support for auto-selecting PowerPoint and Word windows during capture
- Changes to wording and layout in trial and unlocking workflow
- Floating properties in Snagit Editor now always shows font name
- Added extra-low frame rate setting for video recording
- Can again use the enter key to start a crosshair selection
- Adjusted some dark theme button and tab colors
- Deploying with a theme will launch Snagit with that theme selected
- Fixed an issue in Snagit Editor where tool switching created a new quick style
- Added function to recognize your USB webcam when internal webcam is corrupted
- Fixed menu in video tab of capture window to show default microphone device
- Fixed an issue where Snagit Editor was not writing to some hidden setting files
- Fixed several Smart Move issues when using Undo and Redo
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to capture the cursor on Windows 7 64-bit
- Snagit Editor no longer needs to be manually focused for Ctrl-C to work on first launch
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2018.0.2
- Fixed an issue where Snagit sometimes prevents Enterprise machines from creating User Profiles
- Added option to disable automatic crash dump generation for Enterprise users
- Updated all unlock buttons on trial countdown screens to say "Enter Software Key"
- Changed button text on initial screen to "Sign In to Start Trial" and "Enter Software Key"
- Fixed a crash on launch when Windows Media Feature Pack is not installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows N
- Fixed a crash in Snagit Editor when in-app messages are updated
- Fixed a crash on Windows 7 when processing video captures
- Updated Grab Text results window to support exiting via Esc key
- Fixed an issue that could cause Snagit to be slow and unresponsive at startup

Snagit 2018.0.1
- Fixed issue where sometimes arrows had no arrowheads and would create a new Quick Style
- Fixed floating text properties so now they show font name consistently
- Fixed crash when canceling a video initialization
- Changes to German UI layout
- Fixed Copy All so it works when Cutout effect is selected
- Fixed photo quality auto-fill so it no longer ignores transparency
- Fixed crash that could prevent the Snagit Editor from launching
- Fixed crash that could occur when trying to sign into Snagit
- Fixed issue that could cause Snagit to prevent Windows from shutting down
- Fixed memory leak in the TechSmith updater

Snagit 2018.0.0
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 13.1.4
- Change log not available for this version

Snagit 13.1.3
- Updates to address potential security issues
- Fixed a bug that could cause the capture window to become unresponsive if the trial had expired

Snagit 13.1.2
- Logging into Snagit and the outputs for Google Drive, YouTube, Screencast, and Relay will now send you to your default browser instead of a sheet in Snagit
- Improved the Photo Quality Auto-Fill beta feature
- Can again deploy with custom presets and preferences
- With Always Shrink to Fit on, resizing Editor will adjust the zoom level. That setting will also be remembered between launches
- Fixed an issue that would result in an error when trying to record the screen on some Windows 7 machines
- Fixed an issue that would cause recording to stop after 10 minutes when controls were minimized
- Fixed an issue causing the login screen for Evernote to be blank
- Fixed a crash on startup that was related to tool themes
- Fixed an issue that would cause some settings to reset after rebooting
- Deleting the Snagit folder in My Documents will no longer prevent deleting auto-saved captures
- Can now update your translated files by re-importing a translated XLIFF file
- Fixed a crash for some users when exporting for translation
- Made the Snagit Updater more reliable
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 13.1.1 Build 7662
- Fixed an issue with QuickEffects not visible after updating
- Fixed an issue with Editor opening even if preview was turned off
- Improved upload speeds
- Fixed an issue with some full-screen capture situations
- Fixed an issue causing "OLE Initialization failed" errors in German locale versions
- Fixed issues with signing-in after updating
- Fixed a memory leak causing slow capture time
- Fixed a crash after the first All-in-one video recording
- Fixed a crash with default audio devices when deploying with AppV
- Fixed an issue with captures after completing a Fixed Window capture
- Fixed an issue causing crashes with magic wand selection
- Added a hotkey for Copy All
- Fixed an issue causing selection tool to freeze
- Fixed an issue causing Zoom and Resize windows not to close
- Fixed an issue preventing deployment of Editor Tool Themes when using a custom reg file
- Fixed an issue causing an error when switching webcam during recording
- Fixed an issue causing the Getting Started checklist not to update
- Fixed a crash when sharing to Google Drive
- Fixed an issue causing self-repair to be triggered in enterprise deployments
- Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 13.1.0 Build 7494
- Panoramic capture now in the All-in-one workflow
- Performance enhancements

Shared Styles / Themes:
- Switch between sets of quick styles and colors in the color picker
- Define multiple sets of quick styles per tool and share those sets with other users within an organization

Background Auto-Fill:
- Updated selection tool to automatically fill the backgrounds after moving or deleting content from your captures
- Allows you to easily change around or remove objects from screenshots without having to recapture

Magic Wand:
- Select a point and adjust the tolerance to select like colors
- Works with Background Auto-fill

Translation Workflow:
- Extract text from callouts and text markup within Snagit and get the text translated by exchanging an XLIFF file

Capture Info:
- Take any capture and automatically add on the application name, version number, when it was captured and on what OS

Bug fixes:
- Supporting the latest changes Microsoft has been making to Windows 10
- Better selection areas with the capture crosshairs
- Touch improvements for multi-touch devices like Surfaces

Snagit 13.0.3 Build 7011
- Installation process improvements, including instances where .NET needs to be updated
- Improved detection of app windows, including Microsoft Office 2016 products
- Fixed crash that occurred when files open in the Editor were deleted from the hard drive
- Fixed crash that resulted when importing and using Arabic fonts Fixed issue where outputs were not installing if Snagit was running
- Fixed instance where Editor wasn't presenting after a capture
- Added graphic to OneClick toggle in Capture Preferences
- Improved process of manual Snagit key entry
- Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 13.0.2
- Added a way for Snagit to take precedence of Print Screen and other hotkey
- Added labels to the Editor toolbar icons
- Added functionality to remember the last tool used when working with multiple captures
- Added ability to set a hotkey to stop video capture
- Fixed a crash from a conflict with third-party audio programs
- Fixed a crash when pressing the ESC key to exit the All-in-One and video recording toolbars
- Fixed a crash when right-clicking while editing callouts
- Fixed an issue where the highlighter tool was obscuring content
- Fixed an issue where Save As… preferences were not retained
- Fixed an issue where Presets were not sharing to selected printers
- Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 13.0.1
- Added a link to TSC Privacy Policy to About Snagit area (located in Help file menu)
- Added ability to Share images, videos and GIFs to Twitter
- Fixed a crash when Snagit opens on systems with Jaksta installed
- Fixed a crash when a Video Selection capture area extends across multiple monitors
- Fixed a crash when Snagit opens on Windows 7 N edition
- Fixed an issue with Snagit not remembering last capture settings after shutdown
- Fixed an issue during installation that resulted in Snagit being set as the default printer
- Fixed an issue where exporting GIFs to Google Drive and Program outputs resulted in file being saved with incorrect extension (MP4)
- Fixed an issue with All-in-One capture preview not showing context menus (e.g. right click menus)
- Fixed an issue where trial users were not being routed to the correct sign-in window
- Fixed an issue where mouse could stick on capture HUD when using webcam
- Fixed an issue where an external webcam's mic could not be utilized
- Fixed an issue where AutoSave dialogue presented twice for unsaved files when closing Editor
- Fixed an issue with Quick Styles where scrolling became stuck at the bottom of the window
- Fixed an issue with access to Snagit when conditions arise that block access to
- Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 13.0.0

New design for capture:
- Updated ability to start a capture from within the editor
- New on-the-fly capture interface

Panoramic capture:
- Capture tall, wide or infinitely scrolling content using this innovative scrolling capture method
- New, streamlined capture preset creation and use
- Effects side panel with property drop downs
- Quick Styles are customizable – add, delete, reorder

- New crop tool
- New text tool
- Color picker
- Auto-resizing canvas
- New magnify tool

- Removed Flags
- Make tray collapsible

- Launch a capture from within Editor
- Light and dark theme editor and capture window
- New Share History
- Ability to add share destinations to the toolbar
- Improve performance when dealing with images with 10 or more items on the canvas
- Eliminate crashes with large images - improved performance
- Multi-edit images can be edited with acceptable performance
- Outlined text
- New callout shapes
- New and updated stamps

- Ability to record webcam video while preserving Snagit’s real-time encoding
- Toggle between webcam and screen video during recording
- All built-in webcams and standard USB webcams will be supported

Animated GIF:
- Create a GIF from a video recording
- Presets and custom GIF settings available
- Option to "Fade to Black" on GIF start and end
- Option to "Dither" GIF colors
- Make GIF from a selection of a video
- Saving and sharing via outputs to any destination that supports animated GIF.
- Ability to capture fullscreen video at dimensions greater than 1080p
- Supports image capture on 5K monitors
- Higher frame rates for video capture
- Easier video editing
- Adjust DPE of capture before capturing

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