How to disable Telemetry and Data Collection in Windows 11/10?

Spybot Anti-Beacon

Spybot Anti-Beacon

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Spybot Anti-Beacon is a standalone tool that was designed to block and stop the various tracking (telemetry) issues present in Windows 11/10. It has since been modified to block similar tracking functionality in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

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Spybot Anti-Beacon is a powerful PC software designed to safeguard your privacy by blocking and controlling various tracking elements embedded in Windows operating systems. Developed by Safer-Networking Ltd., the same company behind the renowned Spybot Search & Destroy, this application focuses specifically on preventing telemetry and data collection from Microsoft and other third-party sources.

Anti-Beacon is small, simple to use, and is provided free of charge. It was created to address the privacy concerns of users of Windows 11/10 who do not wish to have information about their PC usage sent to Microsoft. Simply clicking “Immunize” on the main screen of Anti-Beacon will immediately disable any known tracking features included by Microsoft in the operating system.

If any issues occur with your PC while using Spybot AntiBeacon, undoing the changes made can be done by clicking the “Undo” button in the main window. This will re-enable all tracking services.

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Did you know that:
  • Windows transmits personally identifiable information to Microsoft?
  • Windows monitors your system usage to deliver personalized ads?
  • Windows may utilize your internet connection to distribute updates, potentially consuming the bandwidth you've paid for?
  • Windows autonomously installs software it deems suitable for you?
  • All mainstream browsers communicate with their respective servers?
  • Numerous pre-installed software packages incorporate telemetry that communicates with external servers?
  • Telemetry Blocking: It efficiently blocks telemetry services and features that collect data about your usage patterns, system configurations, and more.
  • Disable Tracking Services: It allows users to disable tracking services like DiagTrack, WAP Push, and others that may be collecting data without consent.
  • Immunization: The software immunizes your system against potential privacy threats by adjusting various settings and configurations.
  • Customization: Users can customize which telemetry and tracking elements to block or allow based on their preferences.
  • System Restore: It provides the option to create system restore points before applying changes, ensuring users can revert if needed.
User Interface

The user interface of this program is straightforward and intuitive. It presents users with clear options to enable/disable telemetry blocking, view system status, and customize settings.

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The interface is well-designed, making it easy for both novice and experienced users to navigate and utilize its features effectively.

Installation and Setup

Installing this app is a simple process. Users can download the software from the official website or trusted sources like FileHorse, follow the on-screen instructions for installation, and launch the application. The setup wizard guides users through the initial configuration, allowing them to customize settings according to their preferences.

How to Use
  • Download and install the app on your PC.
  • Launch the application and navigate to the main dashboard.
  • Review the telemetry and tracking elements listed and choose which ones to block.
  • Customize settings based on your privacy preferences.
  • Apply changes and monitor system status regularly.
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Is Spybot Anti-Beacon compatible with all versions of Windows?
Yes, Spybot Anti-Beacon is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 operating systems.

Will using Anti-Beacon affect my system performance?
No, it operates efficiently in the background with minimal resource consumption, ensuring it does not impact system performance.

Can I revert changes made by Spybot Anti-Beacon if needed?
Yes, the software allows users to create system restore points before applying changes, providing the option to revert if necessary.

Does Spybot Anti-Beacon block updates from Microsoft?
No, the software does not block critical security updates from Microsoft. It focuses on preventing telemetry and tracking elements.

Is Anti-Beacon free to use?
Yes, Spybot Anti-Beacon is available as a FREE download with optional premium features for advanced users.


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The program is available as a FREE download with basic features. Users can opt for premium PLUS versions with additional functionalities at competitive pricing. Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus is $9.99.

How to activate my Anti-Beacon license?

To activate your Anti-Beacon License:

Navigate to the License section within the software and then click on the "Enter License Key" button.

Here, you can input the license key provided to you on the purchase confirmation page (as well as in the email and receipt).

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM: 2GB or higher
  • Disk Space: 100MB of free disk space
  • Effective telemetry and tracking blocking.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customization options.
  • System restore functionality.
  • Free to use with optional premium features.
  • Limited features in the free version.
  • Some advanced options may require technical knowledge.

Spybot Anti-Beacon is an essential tool for users concerned about their privacy on Windows operating systems. With its efficient telemetry blocking, customization options, and user-friendly interface, it provides effective protection against data collection and tracking. Whether you're a novice or experienced user, it offers peace of mind by ensuring your privacy is safeguarded while using your PC/Laptop.

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What's new in this version:

Live Monitoring:
- Introducing the Live Monitoring Feature. Witness every move attempted by unimmunized trackers.
- It's not just about privacy - it's about reducing your carbon footprint by minimizing unnecessary data transmissions.
- Now, you can visualize and halt intrusive telemetry connections in real-time, allowing you to regain control over your digital privacy.
- Plus, enjoy the added bonus of tracking your environmental impact with our Carbon savings estimation feature.

Over 120 Immunizers:
- With over 120 Immunizers, Anti-Beacon 4.1 takes privacy protection to a whole new level!
- We've expanded our database of blocked telemetry services to include: Opera SiteCheck, Game Analytics, Pushwoosh
- Microsoft Edge Follow Creators
-  Each Immunizer acts as a guardian, shielding your telemetry data from prying eyes.

Multilingual Support:
- We're breaking language barriers!
- Anti-Beacon now speaks your language, with support for over 20 languages.
- Your privacy, your way, in your preferred language.