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What's new in this version:

Syncovery 9.39 (64-bit)
- Syncovery can now remember when a file was deleted. You can restore to a specific time and date in the past and get only the files which were not deleted at that time. Version 9.39 adds a checkmark “Remember deletion time and date” to the tab sheet Files->Deletions in each profile. This option should be used with “Move Deleted Files Into A Specific Folder…” but it can also remember the deletion date if deleted files are preserved in the “Older” folder specified on the Versioning tab sheet.
- The checkmark “Restore deleted items” from the General Filters tab sheet will now retrieve deleted files from both “Older” folders as well as “folders for deleted files”
- The checkmark “Restore deleted items” has also been added to the Restore Wizard, but it will only be shown if the Restore is based on an existing profile that uses versioning or a folder for deleted files.
- An inconsistent mix of 8-bit encodings (such as UTF-8 and Ansi) on (S)FTP servers and others can now be handled better, as well as an incorrect characters set choice on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog, tab sheet “Advanced”. However, support for deviating encodings is not 100% complete and only basic operations like listing, uploading, downloading, and deleting will work.
- Additional smaller improvements, such as a corrected tab order of controls on the FTP dialog

Syncovery 9.38 (64-bit)
- Adds a way to avoid lengthy “Getting History” for Google Drive for upload-only profiles. Please see the new checkmark on the Advanced tab sheet of the Internet dialog: “Upload Only – Don’t Get Updated Listing From Cloud Server (Beta)”. This checkmark requires the Changes Based Listing checkmark to be chosen also.
- Fixes a few cases where “Remember Results” of Binary Comparison did not work
- Adds an option to include unscheduled jobs in the Daily Summary emails
- Fixes a problem where a network connection configured on the Job tab sheet was not re-tried after an intial failure, even though the job is set to re-run after a number of seconds
- Adds ability to replace/update Azure BLOBs which are archived
- Adds checkmark to rehydrate archived Azure BLOBs where necessary (i.e. before download). The profile will finish with “rehydration pending” errors and needs to be re-run again after 24 hours to actually download the rehydrated files.

Syncovery 9.37 (64-bit)
- Should fix a problem where Ransomware protection kicked in when real-time had to copy only a few files (Too many replacements error)
- If chosen under “Security and Shares”->”Advanced” and/or “Alternate Data Streams”, Syncovery will upload .metadata-syncovery files to Amazon S3 for folders in cases where this previously wasn’t done (because empty folders aren’t supported for S3). Using the metadata files, empty folders can now be simulated.
- Fixes Google Drive to Google Drive copying problems with native Google Documents (an Office filename extension was added even though the document type was kept as native Google Docs). To keep native docs native, use the same Google account on both sides. That way, the copying will be done within the Google servers and the files won’t be downloaded and reuploaded.
- The PascalScript ConcatPath functions now also resolve and clean up double dots in paths, as in C:TestsSubOne..SubTwo.

Syncovery 9.36 (64-bit)
- Allows up to 12 files being uploaded in parallel to Sharepoint and OneDrive
- Adds a new checkbox to the Performance tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog: “Remove default threading limits and other program limits”
- On Backblaze B2, fixes renaming or moving multiple files simultaneously if each is over 5GB
- Fixes an MD5 mismatch error for Amazon S3 uploads with server side encryption
- Monitoring tool stability improvements and dark mode UI fixes

Syncovery 9.35 (64-bit)
- Adds a new Proxy setting for most cloud storages: “Use Windows Settings”. This will use the WinINet API rather than OpenSSL
- Fixes a bug when using compression when copying locked files, and the setting “Volume Shadowing: use for locked files”. The locked files would actually not be retried after the volume shadow was created.
- Fixes possible errors when using the Sz format with higher encryption levels

Syncovery 9.34 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 9.33 (64-bit)
- Adds a list of S3-compatible storage providers to choose from, on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog. Includes compatibility fixes for Linode Object Storage
- Fixes the scheduler sometimes starting profiles immediately, when it is started, rather than using the scheduled interval
- Fixes a few somewhat rare issues with history-based cloud listings

Syncovery 9.32 (64-bit)
- Now completely compatible with, an Amazon S3-compatible storage service
- Adds the ability to specify the column separator for actions log CSV files with Syncovery.ini entries like this
- ActionsCSVLogFile=C:TestsActions-$PROFILENAME.csv
- ActionsCSVLogFileColDelim=
- Fixes more uploading issues and folder deletion with Mediafire
- Fixes a bogus “CreateFile” error when Syncovery tried to copy to a folder before actually creating it
- Additional fixes

Syncovery 9.31 (64-bit)
- Can now import .dat files containing profiles from another backup tool
- The Multi Edit Tool can now set scheduling based on intervals
- “Run Profiles in Main Window” is now the default for new installations
- Uses fewer separate work threads for profiles that run in separate threads already (such as background jobs)

Syncovery 9.29 (64-bit)
- Improved speed for the “Find Renamed Files” step
- Reinstates functionality of the “Different Delay for Older Versions” on the Exact Mirror Settings dialog box. This feature didn’t actually have any effect in recent Syncovery versions
- Implements re-uploading of files to DropBox if committing the batch fails

Syncovery 9.28 (64-bit)
- Implemented batch uploads to DropBox, greatly increasing upload speed when uploading many smaller files, and reducing HTTP errors and the necessity for retries
- Bug fixes

Syncovery 9.26 (64-bit)
- Adds complete support for Dark Mode. Colors and various new dark and light themes can be chosen by clicking on the Gears toolbar button and choosing “Themes and Colors…”

Syncovery 9.25 (64-bit)
- Some work in preparation for Dark Mode has been made; separate color sets for light and dark mode can be chosen
- MEGA SDK updated and made more stable
- Fixed a rare DB update error
- Now processes file listings from cloud services even if incorrect UTF-8 byte sequences are found
- Fixed filenames from WebDAV sometimes not being decoded (and containing %20 instead of spaces)
- Fixed clean-up of unneeded synthetic backup files sometimes not working
- Contains a bug fix restoring split zip files
- Additional improvements

Syncovery 9.23 (64-bit)
- The SmartTracking and cache databases can now hold paths up to 30,000 UTF-8 bytes long
- Fixes polling of cloud servers (for two-way real-time syncs), which did not seem to detect changes in subfolders and did not work on Mac
- Additional smaller fixes, including those from the Linux version 9.23

Syncovery 9.22 (64-bit)
- Implements retries for failed E-mail notification sending
- Automatically tries different SMTP ports and TLS settings if a notification can’t be sent
- Fixes a database error being shown a job’s final result summary caused by a path that is too long for the database. This error will still be logged, but not as the final result summary
- Additional smaller fixes

Syncovery 9.21 (64-bit)
- Adds support for Azure Shared Access Signatures (SAS URIs)
- Adds the /CSVLOG=xxx command line parameter, which will log all copying, deleting and other actions to a CSV file. This can also be chosen by a Syncovery.ini line such as ActionsCSVLogFile=C:TestsActions-$PROFILENAME.csv

Syncovery 9.20 (64-bit)
- Now supports synchronizing folder timestamps in two-way profiles
- Also now supports synchronizing NTFS permissions in two-way profiles. To enable this, please see at the bottom of the Advanced tab sheet of the Security and Shares dialog
- The Security and Share dialog has been redesigned, with new two-way sync related settings on the Advanced tab sheet
- A new checkmark for permissions: “Compare permissions of existing items only if recently accessed”. This should speed up the scanning/comparison phase without missing any changes in NTFS security setting
- The Syncovery Remote Service has been updated to also support this new checkmark and include only the NTFS security info for recent items in the listing
- The new feature “Copy Pinned Files Only” can now be chosen separately for the left and right sides
- Better handling of HTTP error 416 when uploading to Box (which can sometimes occur if a chunk is re-uploaded after a timeout or server error)
- Improved TGPuttyLib and compatibility with the Sz format in conjunction with “Verify copied files”
- When copying from an Internet Protocol to another Internet Protocol and using the Sz format for compression and/or encryption, previous versions would actually do the Sz processing twice (once during download and then again during upload), resulting in a redundantly double-Sz’ed file. This has been fixed
- The new version can now correctly unpack/restore such redundant double-Sz’ed files

Syncovery 9.19 (64-bit)
- Adds two new settings to the “General Filters” tab sheet, which are mostly relevant when copying the local OneDrive folder: “Skip Offline Files” and “Copy Pinned Files Only”. Pinned files are those with the checkmark “Always keep on this device” in Windows Explorer
- Adds the FileCopy function to the PascalScript language

Syncovery 9.18 (64-bit)
- Synthetic Restore doesn’t need to extract zip files to a temp folder any more, instead it extracts only the required blocks directly to the destination file
- Fixes a cloud upload error “Uploading to a folder that has not been read”

Syncovery 9.17 (64-bit)
- Can now generate new private/public key pairs for use with SSH/SFTP
- Fixes a bogus “duplicate folder” error with Microsoft Azure which could occur when folders had been created with other software, or the Azure management console
- Fixes uploading errors to Google Cloud Storage
- Cloud stability improvements

Syncovery 9.16 (64-bit)
- Compressed Archives/Package filenames are no longer encrypted. Only the contained files will be encrypted. The zip/sz archive itself will have a regular name with file extension, such as Backup 12884.12888.33554434.12888-2020-10-02 This change also fixes an error 217 when the archive is copied to the destination.
- Fixes hangs with the Mega API
- Adds a caching mechanism for IP addresses (resolved domain names) to reduce DNS queries and/or operating system function calls
- Stability and hang reporting improvements with multithreaded operations
- Google Cloud Storage authorizations are now requested with a higher level again to allow metadata manipulation of existing files, such as timestamp setting
- Various additional improvements and bug fixes

Syncovery 9.15 (64-bit)
- First Mac Release of Syncovery 9
- Cloud Cache Databases for Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and OneDrive/Sharepoint/Graph now store an addition flag to confirm that empty folders have been scanned and confirmed to be empty. This allows Syncovery to work correctly even if the subfolder selection for an existing profile is modified by the user, and some folders aren’t present in the cache yet. Syncovery 9.15 will have to re-confirm all empty folders once when you run a cloud based profile the first time after updating. This can result in a longer folder scanning process (only once per profile).
- Should fix an issue where Syncovery would not see some folders on OneDrive
- Various additional minor improvements and bug fixes

Syncovery 9.12 (64-bit)
- The Sz format can now be used for Synthetic Backup
- Web GUI improvements
- Windows only: one-way jobs can now be set to ignore files that have a different size but identical timestamp
- Windows only: prevents windows from appearing offscreen
- Windows only: fixes a possible Range Check Error when using the experimental “Pure SSH” transfer method

Syncovery 9.11 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 9.09 (64-bit)
- Adds SendHTTPRequest PascalScript function
- Fixes locked files errors in Sz packages not triggering a volume shadowing
- Various bug fixes and stability improvements with cloud connectors, especially Google Drive

Syncovery 9.08 (64-bit)
- For Google Drive and Sharepoint/OneDrive/Graph, adds a checkmark on the second tab sheet of the Internet dialog that allows to use the changes-based listing “Except For First Scan (scan folders directly if cache database is empty)”. This choice is on by default for new profiles, to avoid lengthy history processing
- Fixes a possible lockup when the max. number of profiles per process is set to 1
- Fixes unnecessary logging to Syncovery_realtime_status_log.txt, which could cause it to become quite large

Syncovery 9.07 (64-bit)
- Adds support for team folders in DropBox Business. Use the upper Browse button on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog to switch from your personal DropBox to the team root folder
- Fixes a error “Unsupported MultiSz version” in the Syncovery Remote Service when unpacking incoming Sz packages
- Automatically reduces SFTP upload block sizes if larger sizes are incompatible with the SFTP server
- Avoids trying to download Google Drive internal links (which cannot be downloaded or exported)
- Additional bug fixes

Syncovery 9.06 (64-bit)
- Reduces the upload buffer size for TGPuttyLib to fix compatibility problems with some SFTP servers
- File timestamps are now rounded to whole seconds when uploading via SFTP using the SecureBlackBox implementation
- Enables Syncovery to handle FTP or SFTP folders with mixed filename encodings (where UTF-8 and Windows ANSI are inconsistently mixed)
- Fixes email notifications sometimes not being sent, or not containing the log file as attachment
- Additional bug fixes

Syncovery 9.05 (64-bit)
- Uses a new, advanced ETA algorithm that takes different copying speeds of smaller and larger files into account, as well as different speeds for uploading and downloading, and also measures the speeds of additional actions such as deletions and renames, and takes them into account
- A new checkmark “Empty Folders” on the Sync Preview allows you to hide and show empty folders, and also prevent the creation of empty folders (if you forgot to remove the Empty Folders checkmark in the profile and you don’t want them)
- No longer attempts to upload files over 100 MB to Google Drive for conversion into native Google Docs. Instead, the original file format will be preserved on upload. Also falls back to unconverted uploads if the converted upload fails (rather than retrying many times)
- Uses a newer version of Windows’ Browse for Folder Dialog
- Adds UseBinaryCompToAvoidCopying variable for PascalScripts
- More quickly skips over folders that can’t be deleted
- Fixes a problem that could occur if the folder for deleted files was on the top level of a cloud strage (such as /Deleted)
- Fixes progress reporting for larger file uploads to MEGA
- Fixes setting timestamps via TGPuttyLib reporting errors despite being successful
- Additional fixes

Syncovery 9.04 (64-bit)
- Contains updated libraries for Internet Connectivity, especially for FTP. All protocols can now verify SSL/TLS server certificates correctly, including hostname verification
- Fixes notification emails sometimes being sent although not selected for that case, and includes a more precise reason why the email was sent or not in the log file

Syncovery 9.03 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 9.02 (64-bit)
- Fixes rare hangs in https transfers
- Now also available in French
- Contains new Syncovery File System Monitoring Service v1.20, now also in 64-bit, with updated CBFS Filter driver v2017.0.22.108
- Fixes dialog element sizes when using the “Enlarge user interface” feature
- Fixes accessing Google Drive Shared Drives with Chinese and other International characters in the drive name
- Adds support for default user rights when using the integrated User Management feature (via an INI file entry like NewUserRights=,5,6,8,)
- Fixes the obsolete SCP and the experimental “Pure SSH” protocols
- Allows up to 10 parallel uploads or downloads to and from DropBox (use carefully – can cause penalty delays)
- Adds the first instalment of a REST API – when the browser based web interface is active, you can use profilelist.json to get a machine readable profile list with status and scheduled times etc. This read-only profilelist.json can be accessed without authentication if you use the INI file lines SkipProfileListAuth=1 or SkipProfileListAuthForIP=
- Fixes some registry entries being made although the program is used in portable mode
- Additional smaller improvements

Syncovery 9.01 (64-bit)
- Improved getting and setting of file attributes and timestamps, which should result in a slight speed advantage and improved reliability of timestamp setting after files have been copied, especially with non-Windows drives (such as network drives or driver letters provided by third party apps).
- The Graph protocol can now access multiple users’ OneDrives, provided that the user is a Site Administrator for these OneDrives, or that Syncovery is given domain specific App Registration details and Admin Consent is granted via (email us for detailed instructions).
- Adds new PascalScript hooks OnCanRunProfile and OnGetNextRunTime, as well as a few helper functions
- Log-on, Log-off, and shutdown/reboot jobs can now be run via the service
- Some Retry? questions during file copying now have a better dialog box with timeout and the ability to choose “Always retry” or “Never retry”
- Background jobs run by the scheduler will now also show the copying rate
- Various additional improvements

Syncovery 9.00 (64-bit)
- Includes a new SFTP Implementation called TGPuttyLib, based on PuTTY by Simon Tatham. This will allow very fast transfer speeds
- The Sz file format can now be used with packages containing more than one file. The Remote Service has been updated to version 9 with the ability to extract Sz packages.
- The multi-file Sz format is now used for archiving json history files from cloud servers that support the changes based listing. The advantage is that json files no longer need to be unzipped prior to processing them, because they can be read from the Sz file directly.
- Three new checkboxes on the Gears toolbar button menu: “Minimize to Tray” and “Run Profiles in Main Window” and “Hide Sync Preview While Copying” (under Running Options). Please note: the GUI uses a square tray icon, while the Background Scheduler uses the traditional round icon. Both can coexist at the same time, which is by design.
- A new way to run profiles is available in the Profile Overview context menu: “Run in Background With Preview”
- More detailed status reporting for background jobs in the profile overview, with copying rate and ETA
- Can now set Unix Permissions when using FTP or SFTP (see the second tab sheet of the Internet dialog in the profile)
- A new option is available under Files->More in the profiles: Copy Only XXX MegaBytes per run
- In Real-Time mode, Syncovery can now regularly check Internet based folders for changes. This works best with cloud storages that use a changes-based listing method: Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, DropBox, and Box.
- On other storages, Syncovery can check the base folder for changes regularly, and scan subfolders if they have new modification timestamps. However, most servers will not update folder modification timestamps correctly across the whole hierarchy, so that a regular full scan would still be necessary. To avoid this, Syncovery itself can ensure that parent folder timestamps are updated when it uploads to an Internet server. It will do so in real-time two-way profiles, or if the option “Touch parent folders” is chosen on the Folders tab sheet in the profile. This technique might not work with some types of servers (such as FTP, Amazon S3, Azure – but SFTP is fine).
- The new behavior can be chosen on the Real-Time Settings dialog, on the new tab sheet “Internet Folders (Polling for Changes)”. The new features are also available as separate options, when you scroll down on the “Folders” and “File Age and Size” tab sheets.
- Can upload NTFS security settings and Alternate Data Streams for folders to storages like FTP or Google Drive, by putting them in .metadata-syncovery-MD5 files. These settings can be applied back to local folders on restore/download.
- Can include NTFS security settings and Alternate Data Streams for files in Zip and Sz files. Options for thes features have been added to the Security and Shares dialog as well as the Alternate Data Streams dialog.
- Can upload symbolic links to storages that do not support them, by storing them in .$symlink files. New checkmarks for this feature have been added to the General Filters tab sheet.
- Supports High-DPI monitors with hi-res graphics and fonts
- Supports “Shared with me” items on Google Drive. Use the topmost Browse button on the Internet Protocol Settings dialog to choose between your main Google Drive and Shared with me items (and possibly additional Shared Drives or Team Drives).
- Allows minimizing while building file list
- Is generally more responsive. All network accesses are now performed in separate threads. Profiles can be canceled even while Syncovery is waiting for a response from the network or server.

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