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Download Syncovery 10.7.2 (64-bit)

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What's new in this version:

Syncovery 10.7.2 (64-bit)
- Adds an option to follow .lnk links on the tab sheet General Filters
- Fixes one case where the OnActionComplete PascalScript hook was not called after moving a file

Syncovery 10.7.0 (64-bit)
- Adds Citrix Sharefile as cloud storage
- Allows using the Graph protocol to connect to Sharepoint sites with an external guest account

Syncovery 10.6.17 (64-bit)
- Fixes a super rare hang condition

Syncovery 10.6.16 -bit)
- Fixes compatibility with FTP servers that disconnect when Syncovery tries the SITE UTIME command
- Can handle incomplete DropBox listings better, as well as conflicts that occur as a result of incomplete cloud cache databases

Syncovery 10.6.15 (64-bit)
- A double-check for deleted files is no longer done unless specifically chosen under Files->Deletions in the profile
- The Windows installer no longer uses WMI functions

Syncovery 10.6.13 (64-bit)
- Complies with a new Google Drive API requirement to pass access tokens as HTTP header

Syncovery 10.6.12 (64-bit)
- Fixes a problem with the integrated user management treating all users as admins

Syncovery 10.6.11 (64-bit)
- Fixes a problem with Box authentication when 2-step authentication is enabled

Syncovery 10.6.10 (64-bit)
- Fixes a problem caused by the new file size check for Google Drive downloads, which caused downloads of converted Google documents to fail

Syncovery 10.6.9 (64-bit)
- Fixes an error “invalid status file” in the Monitoring Tool which could be caused by different Syncovery versions using a different status file encryption key

Syncovery 10.6.8 (64-bit)
- Adds a double-check of downloaded file sizes from Google Drive

Syncovery 10.6.7 (64-bit)
- Now uses folder stub files for Azure BLOB Storage that are compatible with other apps, fixing a possible “duplicate folder” error

Syncovery 10.6.6 (64-bit)
- Adds file masks for Block Level Copying and Versioning
- Support GPG for decryption, if you install gpg4win
- Includes a stability fix when using real-time with cloud servers which are regularly checked for updates (for two-way syncs or to download from cloud, not for mere upload jobs)

Syncovery 10.6.2 (64-bit)
- Fixes minimizing Syncovery from the Copying Progress dialog if profiles are run with separate pop-up windows (not in the main window)

Syncovery 10.6.1 (64-bit)
- Fixes progress reporting of jobs running in the “background with preview” when running in Citrix mode

Syncovery 10.6.0 (64-bit)
- Adds a PGP decryption feature

Syncovery 10.5.11 (64-bit)
- Fixes restoring from zip files with “Verify copied files” turned on

Syncovery 10.5.10 (64-bit)
- Allows to disable editing by adding PrefsReadOnly=1 to the [Main] section of Syncovery.ini
- Allows forcing Citrix mode by adding Citrix=1 to the [Main] section of Syncovery.ini

Syncovery 10.5.9 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 10.5.8 (64-bit)
- Adds the capability to rename, move, and delete files using the Remote Service (see the new checkmarks under Files->More in the profile)

Syncovery 10.5.7 (64-bit)
- Shows the last run’s duration as part of the result summary
- Adds the OnProgress PacalScript hook

- the Guardian service not restarting after installing Syncovery updates
- unnecessary restarts required when installing updates
- DropBox token expiration when downloading extremely large files

Syncovery 10.5.6 (64-bit)
- The result summary now shows the total file size for deleted files in addition to the file count
- Syncovery now allows to sync .url files with Google Drive (unless Create Links to Online Docs is chosen, in which .url files are reserved for these links)
- The Syncovery scheduler will now restart automatically in the rare event that the real-time monitoring thread runs into an exception (or crash)

Syncovery 10.5.5 (64-bit)
- “never outdate database” option to Database tab sheet
- DropBox + Box + PCloud + Sharepoint Resumable downloads (within a profile run only)
- OnVerifyTLSCertificate, OnVerifySSHServerFingerprintHook

- Fixes Azure TLS certificate verification issues

Syncovery 10.5.4 (64-bit)
- Fixes a SmartTracking database issue when using multiple destinations in a single profile

Syncovery 10.5.3 (64-bit)
- Implements moving & renaming files on Wasabi, rather than using copy+delete as is necessary with other S3 storages
- Implements resumable downloads from Google Drive (to tolerate interruptions while the profile is running – no resuming if the profile has completely stopped)
- Avoids unnecessary PCloud reauthentications
- Fixes an AV that occurred when SmartTracking wanted to rename a conflicting file on the right side and copy both versions in both directions
- Avoids showing a bogus file size of 1024 Bytes for Google Drive drawing
- Adds a checkmark to never outdate the file list cache
- Adds OnLogFileClosed PascalScript hook and SkipMoves profile setting
- Logs reason why a profile was canceled (such as cancel button clicked)

Syncovery 10.4.6 (64-bit)
- Adds support for Hitachi Vantara as S3 compatible storage

Syncovery 10.4.3 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 10.4.1 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 10.4.0 (64-bit)
- Contains an updated File System Monitoring Service to fix Windows crashing with a bluescreen since last week’s Windows updates. Only customers who were actively using the File System Monitoring Service were affected (a small percentage of Syncovery users).
- The option “Flat Right Side” has been made more flexible and now allows to keep a specified number of folder levels on the right side
- Various additional improvements

Syncovery 10.3.17 (64-bit)
- replacing files on MTP devices (especially Android phones)
- setting the timestamp for files copied to MTP devices

Syncovery 10.3.16 (64-bit)
- Fixes a few issues around Compressed Package uploading via Internet Protocols, especially related to resuming and using a temporary filename so the Remote Service doesn’t try to unpack incompletely uploaded packages
- Additional PascalScript enhancements

Syncovery 10.3.14 (64-bit)
- PascalScript enhancements
- Minor fixes

Syncovery 10.3.13 (64-bit)
- Now uses TLS 1.2 for AWS Glacier
- Minor fixes

Syncovery 10.3.12 (64-bit)
- Fixes a problem with zip files split into parts. When uploading a newer version, Syncovery would delete the older .zip and .z01 files but leave the other parts on the target storage.
- Similarly, if versioning is used and the backup files are split, the split files were not handled correctly (for example not renamed along with the main .zip part)

Syncovery 10.3.11 (64-bit)
- Improves additional destinations dialog in web GUI
- Fixes a few minor bugs

Syncovery 10.3.9 (64-bit)
- A few improvements related to combining “Flat Right Side” with “Spawn subjobs”, which will process a flat right side starting from the specified subfolder level
- SyncoveryCL can now report the number of files copied via process exit code. To enable this feature, specify the new command line parameter /REPNUMFCP.
- SecureBlackBOX SSL now works with Google Drive

Syncovery 10.3.7 (64-bit)
- Updated the web GUI with the “Additional Destinations” feature and a few more checkboxes on the Program Settings dialog
- Removed the 100 open sockets limit from the Windows version. The limit was recently introduced but it caused problems in some cases, which need to be investigated in more detail.

Syncovery 10.3.6 (64-bit)
- Updated the web GUI with some of the new Syncovery 10 features
- The “Move Files To Destination” mode option to “delete files from the source side which are excluded by masks” now works with hidden and read-only files too

Syncovery 10.3.5 (64-bit)
- Automatically decodes double-encoded characters when downloading from E-Builder via WebDAV
- Adds the new S3 storage class “Glacier Instant Retrieval” and the new “bulk” restore option
- Fixes character encoding bugs with SecureBlackBox. It should now work equally well as TGPuttyLib, including mixed UTF-8 and ANSI encodings.

Syncovery 10.3.4 (64-bit)
- Using the character set “Auto” with SecureBlackBox for SSH/SFTP now defaults to Unicode (UTF-8). The Windows ANSI choice has been implemented for SecureBlackBox
- Email digests should work better, i.e. you won’t get a lot of separate emails any more as in some of the last versions
- A bug has been fixed where the watchdog mechanism may have canceled jobs while they were compressing a larger 7-zip archive because it thought the job was hanging

Syncovery 10.3.3 (64-bit)
- Remove the 129 character limit for the Versioning folder in the profiles
- Fixes possible hangs in FTP library 1 and crashes in FTP library 2. Neither of these are frequently used, the default library is 3.
- Improves the ability to access folders and files with special Unicode characters which are not encoded in the default character set encoding. An example would be ANSI characters on an FTP storage that normally uses UTF-8. Such folders and files can be accessed via SFTP as well as FTP library 4.

Syncovery 10.3.2 (64-bit)
- Fixes a bug causing inability to start jobs with additional destinations in the background

Syncovery 10.3.1 (64-bit)
- Profiles with priority level 0 are now exempted from any priority limitations. The new priority mechanism will only affect profiles with a priority level of 1 and higher.
- Added a detailed error message where it would previously only say “Not started – please try again in a short while”

Syncovery 10.3.0 (64-bit)
- Profiles can now be given a priority. The scheduler can avoid starting lower priority jobs when higher priority jobs are running, or they can be paused if a higher priority job starts later. Alternatively, lower priority jobs can be limited to a single copying thread while a higher priority job is running. The new feature needs to be enabled on the “More” tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog. After that, each profile has a new field in Advanced Mode. You will find the priority field in the top right of the profile editor. We recommend using priority numbers between 1 and 100, but you can go as high as 1000000 or even higher. A higher number means a higher priority.

Syncovery 10.2.7 (64-bit)
- B2 upload improvements (especially for large files with multi-threaded uploads), including a more efficient socket usage and an automatic limit of max. 100 open sockets. The maximum number will automatically be shared between the threads, so that each thread gets a chance (although a thread sometimes has to wait until a socket slot becomes free).
- E-mail notifications now include the headers Message-Id and MIME-Version to avoid being detected as spam

Syncovery 10.2.6 (64-bit)
- Additional destinations can now be subfolders of the main destination, although this is not recommended

Syncovery 10.2.5 (64-bit)
- Fixes two cases of subfolders not being created on the destination side before copying a file

Syncovery 10.2.4 (64-bit)
- Fixes a problem where it could take multiple passes to delete folder hierarchies in Exact Mirror mode if “Folder Timestamps” was chosen under Comparison->More

Syncovery 10.2.3 (64-bit)
- Adds the new PascalScript callback functions FileRename and FileDelete
- Testing Internet connectivity for local IP addresses now works with only exclusions (and inclusions empty)

Syncovery 10.2.2 (64-bit)
- The Internet connectivity check feature can now just test for local IP addresses rather than the connection name
- Fixes binary verification of files with encrypted S3 buckets

Syncovery 10.2.1 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 10.2.0 (64-bit)
- Speeds up processing of folders in real-time folder based mode
- Real-time folder based mode honors exclusions better now so that subfolders are not scanned if their name is in the Exclusions
- Fixes a bug where the same SmartTracking database was used for additional destinations in the profile

Syncovery 10.1.16 (64-bit)
- Fixes errors with Amazon S3 by implementing an improved detection of S3 buckets requiring AWS Signature Version 4

Syncovery 10.1.14 (64-bit)
- Fixes a possible/rare application hang

Syncovery 10.1.13 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 10.1.12 (64-bit)
- Makes it possible to list a large number of users, groups, or sites and drives via the Microsoft Graph API

Syncovery 10.1.10 (64-bit)
- Minor fix: after a failed upload, when Syncovery tries to delete the incompletely uploaded file, it now takes filename encryption into account

Syncovery 10.1.9 (64-bit)
- In attended mode, Syncovery will now always give you a chance to make room or replace the destination drive if it becomes full during the copying phase
- Now correctly saves the Ultra compression level for 7-zip files
- No longer specifies any storage class for S3 uploads of empty files or emulated folder items
- Additional fixes

Syncovery 10.1.8 (64-bit)
- Can now access folders listed in the “Computers” section of Google Drive. Just type the computer name in the Container field on the Internet Protocol Settigs dialog.
- Fixes a rare error about a critical section hang when larger cloud hierarchies are scanned with multiple threads

Syncovery 10.1.7 (64-bit)
- Fixes stability issues with FTP library 1

Syncovery 10.1.6 (64-bit)
- Improved handling of rare S3 error related to the system time being too different from the S3 server time
- AcceptAllSSLCertificates=1 can now also be used to accept unknown email server certificates used in the “Email” protocol
- The Redundancy Master setting is now saved in Status.ini rather than Syncovery.ini, so that the main INI file can be copied to a redundancy slave without making it another master

Syncovery 10.1.5 (64-bit)
- More efficient real-time event queue, to fix an occasional error “Critical Section Hang”
- Fixes button positioning in the French profile editor dialog with screen resolutions that use lower than 200% magnification

Syncovery 10.1.4 (64-bit)
- Folders shared from Google Team Drives are now included when browsing the “Shared with me” folders
- Fixes an error creating folders via WebDAV, especially when using the checkmark “On the right side, create a new folder each time”
- Implements retries when closing and appending the log file, possibly fixing rare issues where then main copying phase was missing from the profile run’s log file

Syncovery 10.1.3 (64-bit)
- Fixes a bug causing the scheduler to not start any profiles with some special settings, especially if the “Max. simultaneous jobs to run in a single execution process” is set to 1

Syncovery 10.1.2 (64-bit)
- Fixes email notifications being sent almost always, ignoring the actual notification settings

Syncovery 10.1.1 (64-bit)
- Adds some internal double-checks to ensure that permissions are never modified on the source side in one-way sync profiles
- Fixes a few minor bugs

Syncovery 10.1.0 (64-bit)
- Fixes profile groups not being shown in the profile selection list in Wizard Mode
- Fixes “execute after” command lines prefixed with ++ being executed despite “nothing to do” when using the new sub-job spawning feature

Syncovery 10.0.10 (64-bit)
- profile groups not being shown in the profile selection list in Wizard Mode
- “execute after” command lines prefixed with ++ being executed despite “nothing to do” when using the new sub-job spawning feature

Syncovery 10.0.9 (64-bit)
- Adds s checkmark on the Options tab sheet of the SmartTracking dialog: “Ignore File Creation Timestamps When Detecting Deleted Files”. This can help if you find that SmartTracking does not always detect deleted files, and the log file contains a line similar to: “File on right side created after last run completed”.
- On the Real-Time Settings dialog, tab sheet “Advanced”, the option to “switch to a normal, full sync if more than X real-time events are to be processed” can now also be used for the default mode “Process Complete folders”.

Syncovery 10.0.6 (64-bit)
- Improves SmartTracking detection of deleted files
- The feature “delete nothing to do logs” now works with logs for additional destinations

Syncovery 10.0.5 (64-bit)
- Fixes additional destinations from a profile being preconfigured as default for a new profile. New profiles will now correctly start empty with no additional destinations.

Syncovery 10.0.3 (64-bit)
- Enables all the new SSH algorithms in the updated SecureBlackBox library so it’s really compatible with all current SFTP servers. The Advanced SSH Settings dialog has been updated to include the new algorithms.
- Includes the new Syncovery Remote Service v10.00 to support the new “block level copying + versioning” feature where the Remote Service is used to make a versioned copy of the destination file, which can then be updated on a block level basis.

Syncovery 10.0.2 (64-bit)
- Fixes a Range Check Error when logging Windows Events in the 64 bit edition, which could also prevent the scheduler from starting

Syncovery 10.0.1 (64-bit)
- Sync with multiple destinations in a single profile
- Free grouping of profiles – independent from profile names
- Adds support for the 7-Zip format (Windows only)
- Includes an updated SecureBlackBox library for SSH/SFTP
- Support for empty folders via S3 and Azure BLOB Storage protocols
- Adds the ability to combine versioning and block level copying
- Can spawn separate sub-jobs for each subfolder
- Adds miscellaneous smaller features
- New visual themes
- The upgrade is free for licenses issued since September 2020
- For older licenses, please click here to order your upgrade now!

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