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TeraBox is a cloud storage platform that focuses on delivering PC users from all around the world the means to not only host large data sets, but also manage extremely large filesizes, stream videos, easily share files with friends, and set up advanced security measures.

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  • Cloud Storage: You can get free cloud storage 1TB offered by TeraBox, to store 400,000 photos or 51,200 1-minute videos.
  • Cloud Backup: You can auto-backup photos and videos in this App.
  • Upload Files: You can upload and send large files up to 20GB.
Downloaded more than 65 million times on all of its supported platforms (PC, iOS, and Android), itenables everyone to supercharge their productivity, online file-sharing workflow, and file backup techniques by providing everyone with large storage space that nobody can compromise.

TeraBox is distributed on PC in two ways – via a standalone automated installer that can be easily deployed on any PC running Windows 7 or newer operating system, and a modern Windows Store app that can be easily installed on any internet-connected Windows 10/11 desktop or laptop PC.

Once the app is up and running on a PC, users can access its streamlined dashboard and start uploading and downloading files to their cloud account with ease. The app supports fast upload and download speeds, with support for large file sizes and easy sharing. One of the most common use case scenarios for TeraBox is to move large files between PC and mobile devices.

In addition to native PC and mobile apps, italso provides web browser access for both registered and unregistered users, enabling anyone to quickly upload and share files both at home, school, work, and on the go.

The free version of this program allows everyone to freely manage their 1TB of cloud storage, without any advanced service that premium users can use to dramatically optimize their daily file management workflow.

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Key Features

Massive Space: Enjoy 1TB of free data storage permanently with the app.

File Preview: View images and videos in all common formats directly on this software without needing to download them to your device.

Remote Upload: It supports remote uploading, allowing you to add video links, magnet links, or BitTorrent files. The server parses these links and stores the files in your TeraBox.

Video Playback: Play videos online in all mainstream formats with this app. You can choose different picture definitions and playback speeds based on your preferences and network connection.

File Sharing: Share files easily by entering email addresses or copying links. You can set each link to expire after 7 days, 30 days, or keep it permanent.

Automatic Backup: It offers automatic backup for your folders, ensuring your data is always safe.

Safe Space: Store private or important files securely in the Safe Space, where you can set a password for added security.

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Basic Free Plan
  • 1024 GB of cloud storage
Premium Plan - $3.49/m
  • 2048 GB of cloud storage
  • Automatic video backup
  • Cloud decompression
  • Uploading of large files up to 20 GB
  • Encrypted space
Privileges for Premium Users
  • 2TB large cloud storage
  • Play video & audio with multi-speed
  • Choose video clarity (HD 1080P)
  • Auto backup video & folder
  • Online decompression
  • Download files in batch, with high-speed
  • Locked box for private storage
  • No ads
  • Recycle bin 30 days for deleted files
  • Backup large files
Some of the most attractive premium features that TeraBox Desktop offers are automatic video backup, cloud decompression, the ability to manage files that are up to 20GB in size, fully encrypted online storage, batch downloader, a special locked box for private storage, 30-day Recycle bin for deleted files, multi-speed audio and video streaming player, video quality selector (up to 1080p resolution), removal of all ads, and increase of online storage to 2TB of data.


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  • Large Storage Capacity: Offers up to 1TB of free cloud storage.
  • Automatic Backup: Easy backup for files, photos, and videos.
  • Cross-Platform Sync: Syncs data across multiple devices.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive design.
  • Secure Storage: Provides file encryption for added security.
  • Performance Issues: Occasionally slow upload and download speeds.
  • Ads in Free Version: Contains ads unless you upgrade to the premium version.
  • Privacy Concerns: Unclear data privacy policies.
  • Customer Support: Limited support options for free users.

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