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Total Uninstall

Total Uninstall

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    Total Uninstall 7.6.1 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Gavrila Martau / External Link

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Total Uninstall is a very useful file system and OS management utility that can help you to quickly remove applications from your PC, giving you peace of mind that all the components of the app are safely and completely deleted.

This is especially important for users who have encountered malicious applications, unstable applications, apps that have forced you to install and use secondary background services, or in some cases, programs that refuse to uninstall or are causing other parts of your user experience to suffer.

With Total Uninstall, you can take control over the uninstall process, identify all the apps that are currently residing in your system and with a simple click of your mouse, remove them forever from your PC. Total Uninstall is safe & secure, tested to be virus-free. All of its files are in their original form.

It prides itself on being the one-stop solution for safe and complete removal of apps from the Windows operating system. This includes a comprehensive deep scan of your machine which will unveil to the app how each app has spread throughout your PC, including their presence in Windows Registry, integration into Windows OS, and locations of all the secondary directories they have made over your storage drives. While this deep scan can be lengthy, it is essential for providing you the service of total app removal.

Features and Highlights
  • Intuitive Interface – Take full control over the app uninstall process with few mouse clicks.
  • Power of the Complete Uninstall – Select apps, analyze their presence on your PC, and quickly remove them.
  • Remove Corrupt programs - Remove every trace of corrupt apps and stubborn files that are hidden on your hard drives.
  • Scan for Leftovers – Modern Apps bring with them secondary services and leave tons of registry entries and temporary files after regular uninstallation. The app can clean your drive from all those leftovers.
  • Manual adding of stubborn “not listed” programs – Some apps that are corrupted or have crashed during their regular uninstallation procedure can become missing from the both OS and the program listings of apps. Thankfully, you can manually add them, attempt scan, and completely remove them.
  • Regularly updated tutorials for the handling of various apps – Developers of TotalUninstall educate their users on the specific procedures for the uninstallation of many popular and difficult-to-remove apps via their official blog. Visit that online space for many tips and tricks.
  • Stats for deleted changes.
  • User-configurable scanning profiles and uninstall profiles.
  • Monitor installation changes of the registry and files system.
  • Export registry changes to install and uninstall.
  • Available to all Windows users as shareware during a Free to Try period.
Note: 30 days trial version. Limited functionality in the demo version.

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What's new in this version:

Total Uninstall 7.6.1
- Multi-monitor and multi-scaling support
- Removed legacy code (32 bit and pre-Windows 7)
- Other fixes and improvments

Total Uninstall 7.6.0
- Change log not available for this version

Total Uninstall 7.5.0
- Multi-monitor and multi-scaling support
- Removed legacy code (32 bit and pre-Windows 7)
- Other fixes and improvments

Total Uninstall 7.4.0
- Configurable colors for light/dark themes
- Other interface related improvements

Total Uninstall 7.3.1
- Change log not available for this version

Total Uninstall 7.3.0
- A more responsive user interface
- Other interface related improvements

Total Uninstall 7.2.1
- Fixes for bugs found to be introduced with the new themed interface
- The font icons are applied by default only to dark color schemes

Total Uninstall 7.2.0
- Dark/light color schemes, vector icons, automatically applied according with the Windows theme. For a similar appearance with previous versions, select Windows or a light color scheme and classic icons.

Total Uninstall 7.1.0
- Windows 11 compatibility
- Improved analysis: new locations analyzed and better decisions for shared items
- New Turkish help file (press F1 in program to open)
- Turkish and Gujarati interface translations updated

Total Uninstall 7.0.2
- Trying to backup/restore two consecutive locked files could interrupt prematurely the backup/restore process
- When is restored only the changes log, the restored log is linked to the source backup. This enable the individual file restoration from the detected changes tree context menu.
- Improved analysis

Total Uninstall 7.0.1
- Improved analysis: new locations analyzed and new system locations protected
- Forced uninstall will accept programs located outside the standard program files location even if a similar program exists in the program files
- Fixed Autoruns, some 32bit services were displayed as not found/gray on 64 bit systems
- Some translations updated, new Gujarati translation in options dialog

Total Uninstall 7.0.0
- The location of the program data has changed. Use menu File->Import to load previous version monitored programs
- Create a new empty monitored program log
- Add manually to monitored program log items as created from file system and registry
- Add manually file system and registry items to be included in analysis. Restart analysis after that
- Fixed issues after Window 10 update
- Removed obsolete agent and color schemes
- Russian help file

Total Uninstall 6.27.1
- Change log not available for this version

Total Uninstall 6.27.0
- Better follow up of the launched built-in uninstaller(s) during uninstall process
- Detected changes tree view: more from registry binary data are displayed as text based on the encoding detection
- Uninstall log entries are no longer truncated
- Added support for dedicated analysis of ClickOnce applications
- Russian, Hindi interface translation updated