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Download Viasat Browser 94.0.406.31339

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  • Latest Version:

    Viasat Browser 94.0.406.31339 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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  • Author / Product:

    Viasat, Inc. / Viasat Browser

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Viasat Browser is a modern browser based on the Chromium architecture that provides users not only with built-in security features such as blocking of ads, trackers, and unneeded and unwanted content but also a way to browse the internet faster than ever before.

Developers of this browser have taken the lesson of AI-accelerated computing to heart and produced an AI-accelerated internet browser that can in some cases dramatically improve browsing speed by analyzing user behavior and learning which pages they load most often, and what is the backend structure of those URL loads. As time goes on, this advanced browser can anticipate the needs of the user, and focus on page downloads and on-screen rendering to showcase the most important parts of the page first, before all other secondary page elements are loaded, and some invasive elements (such as ads and trackers) are even totally discarded.

This app is distributed online as an automated micro-installer, which enables users to download a just 1MB mini-installer, which will then handle downloading and installing the latest version of the Viasat Browser. This approach ensures that users can’t become mistaken and download the obsolete version of the browser. Once installed, users will quickly notice that Viasat Browser features a standard user interface and layout that is already popularized by Google Chrome and other popular browsers based on the Chromium architecture.

Users are encouraged to take full advantage of the browser features, such as maximizing their workflow with tabbed interface, bookmark manager, built-in printer manager, browsing profiles, and of course, a wide array of addons available for installation directly from the Chrome Web Store.

As for the advanced security features, Viasat Browser comes with preinstalled features such as a blocker for ads, trackers, autoplay attempts, and malicious items. These security services can be managed directly from the app's versatile Dashboard, which can be managed in regular and Advanced mode (which unlocks full access to the browser’s security-related customization).

Viasat Browser is a 100% FREE modern browser that represents strong competition to many other Chromium-based browsers on the market. It is lightweight, fast, secure, and can be run on any modern PC running Windows 7 or newer OS.

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